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  • 1. hoiMade by: Kimberleyand Nikita.

2. The faceBeautiful bleueyes 3. A black big one browHe is verry hairless 4. legs 5. The hand 6. The knee 7. The elbow 8. Good work ladies. I like the fact that you have many different slides anddifferent pictures. Some of them are very funny, too! Next time, check your spelling a little more. 1 point2 points3 pointsTotal Number of2-3 different4 different More than 4 3 slides slides slidesslidesBetween 10 Number of 15 differentMore than 15and 14 body3 body partsbody parts body partspartsNever uses 1SometimesOften uses 1Use of properor more uses 1 or more or more 2 adjectivesadjectiveadjective adjectiveSpelling and Spelling andSpelling andSpelling andpresentation presentationpresentation2Presentation are okare good are great!TOTAL 10Grade 7