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Toppers are used for decorating Christmas cakes. A topper can get spoilt in a number of ways. Tips for avoiding cake toppers failure


  • 1. A wedding duringChristmas is great fun

2. Christmas is a time ofgrand celebration, awedding during the festiveseason enhances the moodin the family further. A lotof effort is put in makingChristmas wedding cakesbut sometimes results in alot of problems. Failure oftoppers is one of the majorchallenges that people haveto face while making thecake. 3. Breaking of toppers, while putting them on cake orwhile handling the cake, is a common failure thatruins the mood of a wedding. To avoid such anightmare before Christmas wedding caketoppers one should to be extra careful whilehandling the toppers. Keep children away and thetask should be done by only one person- too manycooks spoil the broth, here it is cake 4. There is nothingmore annoying thanthe topper sinkinginto the cake. Thistype of failureusually happens dueto extra use of creamon the top of thecake 5. Toppers can be designed in different interestingdesigns. Not everyone is an expert in making thesedecoration pieces. If the maker is not good at thetask, you may end up with a creepy looking topper.It is advisable to buy them from a cake shopinstead of making at home