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CANADA’S NATIONAL LABORATORY FOR PARTICLE AND NUCLEAR PHYSICS. Owned and operated as a joint venture by a consortium of Canadian universities via a contribution through the National Research Council Canada. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • CANADAS NATIONAL LABORATORY FOR PARTICLE AND NUCLEAR PHYSICSOwned and operated as a joint venture by a consortium of Canadian universities via a contribution through the National Research Council Canada LABORATOIRE NATIONAL CANADIEN POUR LA RECHERCHE EN PHYSIQUE NUCLAIRE ET EN PHYSIQUE DES PARTICULES Proprit dun consortium duniversits canadiennes, gr en co-entreprise partir dune contribution administre par le Conseil national de recherches Canada A Vision for the Next DecadeAchieving Canadas Research Goals & Leading the Knowledge-Based EconomyNigel S. Lockyer, Director/DirecteurUne Vision pour la prochaine dcennie atteindre les objectifs de recherche du Canada et paver le chemin de lconomie du savoirPET RadiotracerSuperconducting Cavity1st Made in Canada

  • 2009 March 5**Owned and Operated by a Consortium of 14 Universities7 full members & 7 associate membersMembersCarleton UniversitySimon Fraser UniversityUniversity of AlbertaUniversity of BCUniversit de MontralUniversity of TorontoUniversity of Victoria

    Associate MembersMcMaster UniversityQueens University*Saint Marys UniversityUniversity of Guelph*University of Manitoba*University of ReginaYork University*99 Year lease

  • 2009 March 5*

  • 2009 March 5**Awards and RecognitionTRIUMF team widely recognized for excellenceRyu Hayano, Japans Nishina Memorial Prize 2008 Jess Brewer, CAP Brockhouse Prize Carl Svensson, NSERC Steacie Fellowship & CAP HerzbergDugan ONeil, BC Innovation Council Young Innovator PrizeMike Barnes, on location 3 years to commission LHCPierre Savard, Exotics Physics Group Leader, ATLASTwo NSERC Synergy Awards (MDS Nordion, D-PACE)Mark Martinez, BC Lieutenant Gov. Techn. Innovation AwardIgor Sekachev, US Natl Academies, helium shortage ctteeTom Ruth, US Natl Academies, medical isotopes cttee(HEU)Vesna Sossi, Michael Smith Foundation FellowshipDavid Sinclair, Carleton U. Medal for Distinguished Research

  • 2009 March 5**TRIUMF Attracts Top Talent to CanadaLia Merminga, Head of Accelerator Division (USA)Elected Chair 10 American Physical Society Beams Division

    Vaishali Naik, VECC visiting accelerator scientist (India)Cornelia Hoehr, nuclear medicine (Germany)Oliver Stetzler, particle physics LHC (Germany)Anadi Canepa, particle physics LHC (Italy)

    ATLAS Canada graduate studentsCurrently 65 students, plan for ~1001/3 on NSERC Fellowships1/3 international40% of students at TRIUMF are international

  • 2009 March 5**Present Successes

  • 2009 March 5**Excellence in Nuclear Science A New Era in Mass MeasurementsHighest power Rare Isotope Beam (RIB) facility in worldMost intense beams of certain species in worldA dozen world-class experiments on floorSupported by NSERC through peer-review process11Li

  • Astrophysics Highlights 2008/2009June 2008: 18F(p,p)18F and 18F(p,)15O at TUDA Highest 18F intensity for this reaction so farNovember 2008: First direct measurement of 23Mg(p,)24Al at DRAGONDecember 2008: Implantation of 22Na targets at ISACDecember 2008: ISAC-II measurement of lifetime of 6.79 MeV state in 15O for 14N(p,)15O reaction rate determinationFebruary 2009: 22Na(p,)23Mg using ISAC targets at University of Washington, Seattle

    Details in presentations5-year plan has astrophysics prominent2009 March 5*

  • 2009 March 5*2008 Dec 8*Leading Rare Isotope Facilities Global investment in RIBs over next decade ~$4B (OECD)

  • 2009 March 5**ATLAS CanadaTRIUMF design built at Alstom Tracy QuebecTotal Investment by Canada ~$100MDelivered on time, on budget, working wellHadronic Endcap & Forward Calorimeter

  • 2009 March 5**Knowledge Transfer & CommercializationTRIUMF bridges commercial and academic sectorsResearch Innovation Commercialization

    Partnership with MDS Nordion is model program for the world Produces 2.5 million patient doses of medical isotopes per year~3000 patient doses of FDG to BCCA per yearMore than 125 patients ocular melanoma with protons (BCCA)NSERC Synergy Award 2003R&D partnership in value-added isotopes launched October 2008D-PACE (NSERC Synergy Award 2007)TRIUMF-designed cyclotrons in use worldwideAdvanced Applied Physics Solutions (AAPS) Inc.First-round Centre of Excellence Commercialization & Research (CECR) $2.25M partnership with physics institute in India (signed Aug 2008)Si-32 MOU with US for phytoplankton research (only source in NA)

  • 2009 March 5**The 5-Year Plan

  • 2009 March 5**5-Year PlanBuilding on OpportunitiesTRIUMF is poised for a transformationOpportunities, skills, and past investments are coming together

    Future plan seizes 3 new strategic opportunitiesPlatform technology: superconducting RF (SRF) Accelerators, medical-isotope production, flue-gas scrubbingPlatform technology: nuclear medicineLead emerging revolution Playing a major role in worlds largest scientific project: LHCCanadian Physics Analysis Centre & Tier-1 Data Centre

    Requested investments $328M for 2010-2015 operations$60M for capital infrastructure (buildings)

  • 2009 March 5**Success: EF5-18F (a first in Canada)Tests for Hypoxia radiation-resistant tumours

  • 2009 March 5**Excellence in Nuclear MedicineProgram started in neurology, expanding to oncologyWorld leading Pacific Parkinsons Research Centre (PPRC) (1500 patient visits a year)Entire program depends on TRIUMFMajor discoveries: Placebo effect; Trauma originsCore competenciesPET Imaging (synergy with $43M animal care facilityrabbit line)Radiochemistry and biomarkers (18F, 11C.)Target development techniques

    This entire field of application is predicated on radiotracer creation, radiopharmaceutical preparation, radiochemistry and interpretative radiobiologyall aspects established within the practical and intellectual domain of TRIUMF. Simon B. Sutcliffe, CEO BCCA

  • 2009 March 5**Nuclear Medicine RevolutionDrives Personalized MedicineThe level of knowledge and expertise within TRIUMF and MDS Nordion gives us a unique global competitive advantageSteve West, President, MDS Nordion

    Disease metabolism subject to detailed investigation with targeted labeled molecules --- amino acid transporters, peptides etc

    Establish cancer staging (metastasis) & efficacy of treatment with quick turn around (FDG PET)Dr. Dan Worsley stated that the introduction of PET/CT scans at the BCCA resulted in changes to more than 50% of the treatments for scanned patients

    Move towards imaging and therapy isotopes for cancer treatment (alpha emitters), e.g., 211At

    Leads to mini SC cyclotron (espresso maker) in every hospital AAPS

  • 2009 March 5**Institutions Partnering w/TRIUMFUBC/TRIUMF (Lead)McMaster UniversityCross Cancer InstituteMNIOttawa Heart InstituteUniversit de Sherbrooke

    BC Cancer AgencySt Joseph's Health Care SunnybrookThunder BayUniversity Health Network (PMH)University of CalgaryDalhousie UniversityUniversity of ManitobaUniversit de MontralActive Cyclotron Based ProgramsEstablishing Cyclotron ProgramsTerry Fox Research Institute

  • 2009 March 5**CECRs Partnering w/TRIUMFAdvanced Applied Physics Solutions, Inc. (AAPS), Vancouver, BC

    Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD), Vancouver, BC

    The Prostate Centres Translational Research Initiative for Accelerated Discovery and Development (PC-TRIADD), Vancouver, BC

    Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC), Hamilton, ON

  • 2009 March 5**TRIUMF is becoming a leading SRF science and technology center. SRF at TRIUMF: past, present, future

  • 2009 March 5**World Leadership in RIBsGoal of 5-yr plan exploit SRF technologies for RIBS

    Unique moment to seize scientific discovery opportunityStudy neutron-rich nuclei important for element abundances, supernova explosions, neutron-star crusts, shell structure, theory advances, universal nuclear density functional, 3-nucleon interactions,... Great opportunity in fundamental symmetries (one of holy grails in nuclear physics) --- Prize winning science

    TRIUMF has strong fleet of experiments & eager young researchersLarge international user base wanting and waiting for varied beams Accelerator team strong & unique in Canada

    Canada: Opportunity to lead on world nuclear physics stage

  • 2009 March 5**Outlook

  • Economic Impacts of TRIUMF & Proposed ExpansionEstimated Impacts 2009 2014Five-year economic impacts:$912 million total provincial output$511 million total provincial GDP1,284 permanent FTE jobs$50 million provincial tax revenuesWorld-leading particle & nuclear physics research facility & programHeart of a growing BC advanced tech cluster (MDS, BCCA, PAVAC, etc.)Canadas leader in global big science (CERN-LHC, T2K, CSUNS, etc.)Research applications in technologies relevant to British Columbia: nuclear medicine, environment, natural resources, aerospace, electronics2009 March 5*

  • National & InternationalCommunitiesParticle Accelerator& Nuclear Medicine2009 March 5*

  • 2009 March 5**The 5-year plan is an opportunity for TRIUMF and the university community to position Canada as a lead nation in science & technology

  • 2009 March 5*4004 Wesbrook Mall Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6T 2A3 Tel: 604 222-1047 Fax: 604 222-1074www.triumf.caThank youMerci

    ***Fix Martinez*Fix VECC visitor****


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