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NIC Codes of FEMA Ready ReckonerSECTION 0 - AGRICULTURE , HUNTING, FORESTRY AND FISHING NIC code Description 0.10 Growing of cereal crops - high yielding or improved varieties 0.20 Growing of cereal crops -other than high yielding or improved varieties 1.00 Growing of Pulses (arhar, gram,moong,urd, etc.) 2.00 Growing of Cotton 2.10 Growing of Cotton - long staple varieties 2.20 Growing of Cotton - other than long staple varieties 3.00 Growing of Jute,Mesta,sann hemp or other kindred fibres 3.10 Growing of Jute or Mesta 3.20 Growing of sann hemp or other kindred fibres 4.00 Growing of oilseeds 4.10 Growing of groundnuts - high yielding varieties 4.20 Growing of groundnuts - other than high yielding varieties 4.30 Growing of mustard or rapeseed 4.40 Growing of linseed or castor-seed 4.90 Growing of other oilseeds. n.e.c. 5.00 Growing of sugarcane of sugarbeet 6.00 Growing of roots and tubers, vegetables,singhara,chillies and other spices (other than pepper and cardamom)

6.10 Growing of potatoes 6.20 Growing of roots and tubers other than potatoes 6.30 Growing of vegetables, singhara, chillies and spices (other than pepper and cardamom) 7.00 Floriculture and horticulture including tree nurseries 8.00 Growing of fodder crops 9.00 Agricultural production n.e.c. 9.10 Growing of medicinal plants 9.90 Other agricultural production n.e.c. 10.00 Plantation of tea 11.00 Plantation of coffee 12.00 Plantation of rubber 13.00 Plantation of tobacco 13.10 Plantation of tobacco - high narcotic and tar content 13.20 Plantation of tobacco - other than narcotic and tar content 14.00 Plantation of pepper and cardamom

14.10 Plantation of pepper 14.20 Plantation of cardamom 15.00 Plantation of coconut and arecanut 15.10 Plantation of coconut 15.20 Plantation of arecanut 16.00 Plantation of edible nuts (excluding coconut and groundnut) 16.10 Plantation of cashewnut 16.20 Plantation of walnut 16.30 Plantation of almond 16.90 Plantation of other edible nuts n.e.c. 17.00 Growing of fruits 17.10 Growing of apples 17.20 Growing of bananas 17.30 Growing of grapes 17.40 Growing of mangoes 17.50 Growing of oranges 17.60 Growing of pears 17.90 Growing of other fruits n.e.c. 18.00 Growing of ganja, cinchona and opium etc. 19.00 Plantations not elsewhere classified 19.10 Plantation of betel leaves (Pan) 19.20 Plantation of cocoa 19.90 Other plantations n.e.c. 20.00 Cattle breeding, rearing and ranching etc.; production of milk 21.00 Goat breeding, rearing, ranching etc.; production of milk 22.00 Rearing of sheep and production of shorn wool 23.00 Rearing of horses, mules, camels and other pack animals 24.00 Rearing of pigs and other animals not elsewhere classified 25.00 Rearing of ducks,hens and other birds;production of eggs. 26.00 Rearing of bees, production of honey and wax [Collection of honey is classified in group 054] 27.00 Rearing of silk-worms, production of cocoons and raw silk 29.00 Rearing of livestock and production of livestock products, not elsewhere classified 30.00 Pest destroying, spraying and pruning of infected stems, etc. 31.00 Operation of irrigation systems 32.00 Animal shearing and livestock services n.e.c. (other than veterinary services) 33.00 Grading of agricultural products and livestock 34.00 Horticulture and nursery services 35.00 Soil conservation services 36.00 Scientific services like soil testing 37.00 Soil desalination services 39.00 Agricultural services not elsewhere classified (like harvesting and threshing, land clearing and

land draining services 39.10 Harvesting and threshing services 39.90 Other agricultural services n.e.c. 40.00 Hunting, trapping and game propagation other than for sports. 50.00 Planting,replanting and conservation of forests 50.10 Planting,replanting and conservation of forests on government land 50.20 Planting,replanting and conservation of forests on community land 50.30 Planting,replanting and conservation of forests on private land (farm forestry) 51.00 Logging - felling and cutting of trees and preparation of rough, round, hewn or riven logs (including incidental hauling

52.00 Production of firewood/ fuel wood (including charcoal by burning) by exploitation of forests 53.00 Gathering of fodder by exploitation of forests 54.00 Gathering of uncultivated materials such as gums, resins, lac, barks, munjh, herbs, honey,wild fruits, leaves, etc. by exploitation of forests.

59.00 Forestry services n.e.c. 60.00 Ocean ,sea, and coastal fishing 61.00 Inland water fishing 62.00 Pisciculture - rearing of fish, including fish hatcheries 63.00 Collection of pearls, conches, shells, sponges and other sea products. 64.00 Cultivation of oysters for pearls 69.00 Other allied activities and services incidental to fishing n.e.c. 100.00 Mining and agglomeration of coal 100.10 Underground mining 100.20 Open cuts(strips) mining 101.00 Mining and agglomeration of lignite 102.00 Extraction and agglomeration of peat 110.00 extraction of crude petroleum 110.10 Off-shore 110.20 On-shore 111.00 Production of natural gas 111.10 Off-shore 111.20 On-shore 120.00 Mining of iron ore 130.00 Mining of manganese ore 131.00 Mining of chromite 132.00 Mining of Bauxite 133.00 Mining of precious/ semi-precious metal ores 134.00 Mining of copper ore 135.00 Mining of lead and zinc ores 136.00 Mining of ilmenite, rutile, zircon and zirconium bearing ores 136.10 Mining of ilmenite and rutile

136.20 Mining of zircon and zirconium bearing ores 137.00 Mining of wolfram and other tungsten bearing ores 138.00 Mining of tin bearing ores 139.00 Mining of metal ores other than iron ore or uranium group ores n.e.c. 140.00 Mining of uranium and thorium ores 140.10 Mining of uranium ores 140.20 Mining of monazite and thorium ores 150.00 Mining and quarrying of rock aggregates, sand and clays 150.10 Mining/quarrying of marble 150.20 Mining/quarrying of granite 150.30 Mining/quarrying of slate-stone 150.40 151.00 Mining/quarrying of sand-stone and other building/construction materials of mineral/rock origin, n.e.c. Mining/quarrying of minerals for construction other than rock aggregates,sand and clays(classified in group150)

151.10 Mining/quarrying of limestone,limeshell,'kankar' and other calcareous materials 151.20 Mining of asbestos 151.30 Mining of gypsum including salenite 151.40 Mining of vermiculite 151.50 Mining of yellow and red ochre and red oxides 151.90 Mining of other minerals for construction, n.e.c. 152.00 Mining of fertilizer and chemicals minerals 152.10 Mining of apatite and natural phosphate minerals 152.20 Mining of flourspar(flourite) 152.30 Mining of iron pyrites 152.40 Mining of potash bearing minerals/salts 152.50 Mining of sulphur 152.90 Mining of other fertilizer and chemical minerals ,n.e.c. 153.00 Mining of ceramic, refractory and glass minerals 153.10 Mining of chinaclay (kaolin) and ballclay 153.20 Mining of fireclay 153.30 Mining of sillimanite, kyanite and andalusite 153.40 Mining of diaspore 153.50 Mining of magnesite 153.60 Mining of dolomite 153.70 Mining of graphite 153.80 Mining of Felspar and silica minerals (quartz, silica sand, quartzite, etc.) 153.90 Mining of calcite (including chalk), wollastonite and other ceramic, refractory and glass minerals, n.e.c.

154.00 Salt mining/quarrying and screening, etc. 154.10 Salt mining/quarrying and screening, etc. 154.20 Production of salt by evaporating in pans

155.00 Mining of mica 156.00 Mining of precious/semi-precious stones 156.10 Mining of agate 156.20 Mining of diamond 156.30 Mining of emerald 156.40 Mining of ruby 156.50 Mining of sapphire 156.90 Mining of other precious/semi-precious stones n.e.c. 159.00 Mining of other non-metallic minerals not elsewhere classified 159.10 Mining of barytes 159.20 Mining of steatite and pyrophyllite 159.30 mining of diatomite and diatomaceous earths 159.40 Mining of bentonite and fullers earth 159.50 Mining of garnet 159.60 Mining of corundum 159.90 Mining of other non-metallic minerals not elsewhere classified 190.00 Oil and gas field services, except exploration services [exploration services are classified in group 894]

191.00 Services incidental to mining such as drilling, shafting,reclamation of mines , etc. 199.00 Other mining services not elsewhere classified

MANUFACTURING nic_code 200.10 Mutton-slaughtering, preparation 200.20 Beef-slaughtering, preparation 200.30 Pork-slaughtering, preparation 200.40 Poultry and other slaughtering, preparation 200.50 Preservation of meats except by canning 200.60 Processing and canning of meat 201.00 Manufacture of dairy products 201.10 Manufacture of milk powder, ice-cream powder and condensed milk except baby milk foods 201.20 Manufacture of baby milk foods 201.30 Manufacture of butter, cream, ghee, cheese, and khoya etc. 201.40 Manufacture of pasteurised milk whether or not in bottles/ polythene packs etc. (pain or flavoured) 201.50 Manufacture of ice-cream and kulfi etc. 201.90 Manufacture of other dairy products n.e.c. 202.00 Canning and preservation of fruits and vegetables 202.10 Sun-drying of fruits and vegetables 202.20 Artificial dehydration of fruits and vegetables 202.30 Radiation preservation of fruits and vegetables description 200.00 Slaughtering, preparation and preservation of meat

202.40 Manufacture of fruits/ vegetables juices and their concentrates, squashes and powders 202.50 Manufacture of sauces, jams, jellies, and marmalades, etc. 202.60 Manufacture of pickles, chutneys, murabbas etc. 202.70 Canning of fruits and vegetables 202.90 Fruits and vegetable preservation n.e.c. 203.00 Processing, canning, and preservation of fish, crustacea and similar foods 203.10 Sun-drying of fish 203.20 Radiation preservation of fish and similar foods 203.40 Processing and canning of fish 203.50 Manufacture of fish meal 203.60 Processing and canning of froglegs 203.90 Processing and preserving of fish crustacea and similar foods n.e.c. 204.00 Grain milling 204.10 Flour m