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  • 1. Strategic Planner

2. Thai-Chinese International School High School (America Curriculum) WKWSCI, Nanyang Technological University,SingaporeExchange ProgramChulalongkorn University,Faculty of Communication Arts Bachelor DegreeEducation 3. To become successful and well known strategic planner in ThailandTo build my own brand, NIC CHAN Goals 4. To diligently work and developTo be open own skillsminded andwelcoming allTo create new ideas andcreative andknowledge of theunique strategy marketthat delightclientsTo get a strategicplanner position inwell knowncompany Objectives 5. - Teamwork- High contribution- Creativity- Daring- Languages- Sense of Humor- Have high private space- Too straight forward- Less committed to the dislikeworkStrength/Weakness 6. One of the stores in Central that offers varietyof products such as snack, skin products andclothes Period: Dec 2009 Responsibility: Customer service/present andgift basket wrapping/ product arrangement Mark & Spencer 7. Marketing Department Event Organizer Top 5 leading TV program Leading eventproduction companiesorganizer Period: June-July 2010 Period: June-July 2010 Responsibility: SWOTAnalysis for TV programs Responsibility: beingunder JSL operation/staffs for several eventsattend the meeting of such as NIKE event,future plan/ voice over inSang Som 6-Red,English for editing movie, Bea Better ManCharity concertJSL Global Media 8. A HumanKind advertising agency: creativityhas the power to transform human behavior Period: June 2011- July 2011 Responsibility: Account Executive Competitors analysis Production process Marketing research Translation workLeo Burnett, Thailand 9. HSBC Young LOreal Marketing Entrepreneur AwardPlan Challenge 2011 2009-2010 Concept: create Concept: create a creative interactive completely innovative activities to promote and green businessthe brand and develop full IMC campaignMarketing Competition 10. Speaking Teamwork Audition for Inter Game Basketball player for bothNights MC junior varsity and varsity MC for Thanks P event team Apply for MC contests: Member in studentChannel V VJ Search/ JSL committeeMeaw Mong campaign/ Leader of TeacherFisho MC Search 2Talentless Show show Address speech in electionrunning for treasurer Attending several seminars Summer school in Chinaat Stock Exchange of Exchange program inThailand Singapore Seminar on ChinaInvestment Seminar on Leader Youthand Entertainment Business General Knowledge Aboard ExperienceExtra Activities 11. IT: Fair skill in Microsoft Office and AdobePhotoshop and Illustrator Language: Native Thai, Advanced in Englishand Intermediate level in Chinese Mandarin Other: Basic level in drawingSkills 12. Coca Cola Storyboard 13. CP Sausage new storyboard: 30 sec. 14. BECAUSE:1. I have clear goals and objectives.2. I always open and listen to the new ideas and put my best effort in every work.3. I am NIC CHANWhy? 15. 1787/4-5 Teparak Rd.A.Mung Samutprakarn 10270(+66) 8555 3913paradox_nic@hotmail.comThank