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  • Next Steps for Freshman 4/16/2015

    Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day 2015  ( 1

    Next Steps for Freshmen Step into your Titan Experience

    Agenda • Important deadline information for CSUF • Brief Student Portal Overview • Placement Exams • New Student Orientation • Resources on Campus • Housing • Final Reminders

  • Next Steps for Freshman 4/16/2015

    Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day 2015  ( 2

    Spring 2015 Important Deadlines

    Refer to page 1 in Titan Senior Rally Booklet

    Accepting Admission and Pay Enrollment Deposit 5/1/2015 Last Date to take English and/or Math Placement Exams

    (ELM/EPT) 5/2/2015

    Last Date for New Student Orientation (NSO) 5/14/2015 Deadline to complete Early Start Program Smart Page (if

    needed) 6/1/2015

    Final Official High School Transcript 7/15/2015 Last Day to Register for Early Start Program English courses

    at CSUF 7/23/2015

    Last Day to Register for Early Start Program Math courses at CSUF


    Deadline to complete Early Start Program activities 8/14/2015

    CSUF Home Page (

    First time log in: CWID=Username

    and PIN=Password

    Refer to page 2 in Titan Senior Rally Booklet

  • Next Steps for Freshman 4/16/2015

    Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day 2015  ( 3

    How to use your Student Center

    Financial Aid


    To Do List

    Enrollment Dates

    *Note*: from the main page, click Titan Online  student center

    Admission Status & Early

    Start Refer to page 2 in Titan Senior Rally Booklet

    Accepting Admission & Enrollment Deposit

    All admitted new students are required to accept admission and pay an enrollment deposit of $250

    by May 1st, 2015

    Refer to page 3 in Titan Senior Rally Booklet

    Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express,

    Discover, or electronic check

    Deposit Waiver FAFSA EFC = $0

  • Next Steps for Freshman 4/16/2015

    Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day 2015  ( 4

    This page provides students with

    detailed information about admission status, ELM/EPT, & Early


    Placement Exams • ELM: Entry Level Math • EPT: English Placement Test • • $18 per test or $36 for both

    Last day to take the test

    for CSUF students

    May 2, 2015 Exemptions: •SAT – 500 or more on Critical Reading and/or 550 or more on Math •ACT – a score of 22 or above on English and/or a score of 23 or above on Math •Early Assessment Program (EAP) – “exempt” status or “conditionally exempt” status plus completion of a CSU approved math/English course in senior year •A score of 3 or above on Advance Placement exams in English, Calculus AB/BC or Statistic •Completion of a CSU transferable course in English composition and/or college level Math

    Refer to page 4 in Titan Senior Rally Booklet

  • Next Steps for Freshman 4/16/2015

    Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day 2015  ( 5

    Early Start Program @ CSUF

    ELM score less than 50 EPT score less than 147

    Students who do not demonstrate college readiness for college-level math and/or English must participate in the Early Start Program during the

    summer before beginning their first semester at CSU campus.

    Refer to page 5 in Titan Senior Rally Booklet

    New Student Orientation

    Refer to page 3 in Titan Senior Rally Booklet

  • Next Steps for Freshman 4/16/2015

    Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day 2015  ( 6

    New Student Orientation What happens at Orientation? •Meet other students with the same major

    •Meet with academic advisors and learn about General Education classes

    •Meet with your major advisor who gives you more information about classes you will take in your major

    •Register for fall classes with the help of your advisors and orientation leaders

    •Learn about campus resources

    •Parent/Family Orientation- there is a separate orientation just for your parent/family member where they learn how they can best support you

    Refer to page 3 in Titan Senior Rally Booklet

    New Student Orientation • New Student Orientation is

    MANDATORY. If you do not sign up and attend, your admissions will be rescinded

    • Register through your student portal

    • Deadline to register is May 14, 2015

    Cost to Attend Student $85

    1st Family Member $55

    2nd Family Member $25

    Remember to attend Student Life Orientation (SLO) in August.. It’s FREE!

    • Learn about being successful outside of the classroom

    • Attend interactive workshops • Learn about all the ways you

    can get involved at CSUF

    Refer to page 3 in Titan Senior Rally Booklet

  • Next Steps for Freshman 4/16/2015

    Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day 2015  ( 7


    It’s EASY!

    Fill out one application

    and apply to multiple


    High School Transcripts

     Submit FINAL High School Transcript by July 15, 2015

     Submit online (check with Counselor), via online or in person

  • Next Steps for Freshman 4/16/2015

    Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day 2015  ( 8


    What is the deadline to accept your admission AND what is the cost for the enrollment deposit?

  • Next Steps for Freshman 4/16/2015

    Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day 2015  ( 9

    What is the deadline to register for

    New Student Orientation?

    Campus Resources

    • Academic/Personal Development – Academic Advisement Center  – Writing Center – University Learning Center  – Career Center  – Diversity Initiative & Identity Based Centers

    • Safety/Health – Health Center  – Counseling and Psychological Services  – Student Recreation Center – University Police

  • Next Steps for Freshman 4/16/2015

    Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day 2015  ( 10

    Campus Resources

    • Student Life – Sporting Events   – Clubs and Organizations  – Titan Student Union  – Live Performances/Concerts – Arboretum  

    • Student Careers – Associated Students, Inc.  – On Campus Jobs – Internships  – Mentoring  – Research Opportunities 

    Student Housing 

    • Residence Halls • Apartment Style Living • Recreation Facilities • Multipurpose Room • Themed Communities The Gastronome: • Brand new dining facility • All you “care to eat”  buffet style

  • Next Steps for Freshman 4/16/2015

    Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day 2015  ( 11

    Cost of Attendance

    *2014‐2015 Full‐Time Student, enrolled in 12 units

    Fees* At Home On Campus Off‐Campus

    Tuition & Fees $6,196 $6,196 $6,196

    Miscellaneous  $1,364 $1,364 $1,364

    Books/Supplies $1,806 $1,806 $1,806

    Room & Board $4,596 $13,510 $12,924

    Transportation $1,490 $1,390 $1,490

    TOTAL $15,506 $24,320 $24,834

    Final Reminders

    Check your Student Portal and email at least once a week

    Pay attention to important deadlines

    Do well senior year! Attend New Student Orientation

    and Early Start (if necessary)

  • Next Steps for Freshman 4/16/2015

    Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day 2015  ( 12

    Any Questions?

    Thank you!