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Next Steps. Apply for Security Roles Where to get more Info Summer/Winter Hires. Security Roles you may need. How to become an Advantage Account Signer. To request an Advantage id and complete the online request form. 1. Log-in using your ASURITE user ID and password - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Next StepsApply for Security RolesWhere to get more InfoSummer/Winter Hires

  • Security Roles you may need

    RoleDescriptionPTR OriginatorThis role originates PTR transactions.PTR ApproverThis role applies department (agency/org) approval to PTR transactions. NOTE: Approver and Originator cannot be the same person on each individual transaction. ***Approvers also must be Advantage Account Signers.***PTR Dean/VPThis role applies Dean/VP-level approval to PTR transactions.PTR Provost/EVPThis role applies Provost/EVP-level approval to PTR transactions.

  • How to become an Advantage Account SignerTo request an Advantage id and complete the online request form. 1. Log-in using your ASURITE user ID and password2. Select the third bullet: Administrative Access Requests (HRMS, Advantage, Cashiering, SAAR, DARSweb.)3. Select number three: Request for Advantage Financial System AccessAdvantage Profiles:View a list of profiles and the training required for each one.Org Managers and/or Authorized Signers on an account also must complete an Advantage Form A for each applicable account.

  • How to Apply For Security RolesAnyone who processes job transactions must apply for a new security role to originate/approve transactions NOTE: Users may request more than one role however, a person cannot be the Originator and Approveron the same transaction.To request access, visit the security website (ep.

  • SecurityApply for Security Roles- PTR Originator

  • SecurityApply for Security Role PTR Approver (if applicable)

  • ResourcesA website has been developed to keep the community informed of things that are going on with the PTR. Check this website regularly for PTR updates.This website will also have several different training materials for you to refer back to after you leave todays training

  • Summer Hires (FSW/GRD)It is recommended to always use online renewal for the first renewal of the summer sessionOnline Renewal will be open soon.Any proceeding renewals (for the same position number) will need to be processed through the PTR with the action of Return from Work Break

  • Summer Hires (FSW/GRD)Transactions with a future effective date will be staged until that effective date is met.

    All summer jobs must fall within the summer term dates.

  • Summer Hires Workflow- FSWIf you are using online renewal you will need to obtain these approvals by paper.

  • Documentation New Hire Packets must be faxed to Data Management for all hires and rehires to ensure continuation of employee pay. While the automated PTR process will update job, the employee record may be terminated if the packet is missing when payroll completes the I-9 verification.

  • DocumentationOffer letters will still need to be written for all employees. Offer letters for Classified Staff and Service Professional will still need to be sent to data management.New Process: Staffing will now be changing the offer to accepted status when they have received the offer letter.Also Applicant list and wavier forms for faculty positions should still be sent to data management.

  • DocumentationApproval documentation is now kept at the department level and does not need to be sent to data management unless you are filling out a paper form instead of the PTR.

  • Position Management Documentation The only action that you will need to send paper documentation approvals for is the Position Reclassification (change in title)This is an intermittent solution to make sure that there is consistency between the PTR Workflow approvals.It is recommended that all title changes be done via PTR by creating a new position number and moving the employee into that new position number

  • Questions?

  • Thank you for attending the training! Please proceed in Blackboard to take the content quiz and short survey.

    *********Other points:EZAppt works in any browser.If your Available Time isnt displaying for students, its likely because you didnt check the Client Accessible box during the scheduling process. Unfortunately there isnt a means of double checking that during the scheduling process in EZAppt. Have to check student view.