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<ul><li><p>)istortion sorteJ </p><p>Successful drive promises to raise the pulse rate Following the launch of Alstom's successful ALSPA MV3000 inverter early last year, the company has introduced a number of useful options for the model. </p><p>Previously available with a 6-pulse rectifier as standard, the ALSPA MV3000 is now offered with an optional 12-pulse module. Particularly suited to plants located some distance from a mains substation - such as a water pumping station - the 12-pulse module reduces the harmon- ic distortion that can be generated onto the mains supply in such circumstances, giving a cleaner supply fur other users. </p><p>In addition, because users must abide by strict regula- tions regarding levels of har- monic distortion, the 12-pulse module is ideal for situations where there is a concen- trated amount of industrial activity in a small area, combining to generate higher than average distortion levels. </p><p>The 12-pulse module with a standard ALSPA MV3000 allows users to add more drives to their plants without sig- nificantly adding to supply distortion. </p><p>A regenerative module for ALSPA MV3000 has also been launched. When the motor connected to the inverter decelerates, it converts its kinetic energy into electri- cal energy. ALSPA's MV3000 AEM (Active Energy Man- agement) unit then returns this energy back into the elec- tricity supply. As a result, overall power consumption is reduced, resulting in lower energy bills. Furthermore, because the regenerative AEM module manipulates the electrical current waveform to ensure it follows the mains supply, harmonic distortion is not just reduced but virtually eliminated. </p><p>CONTACT Alstom Power Conversion Ltd, Boughton Road, Rugby, CV21 1BU, UK. Tel: +44 1788 563563. </p><p>N-Pump Phase 2 </p><p>Next generation of the next generation After the successful launch of the award winning N-pump in 1999, ITT Flygt launched the next generation of the pump at Aquatech, in Holland, this year. The new versions not only include the patented standard N-technology with its self-cleaning impeller, but also many other innovations. </p><p>Many of these innovations come from the results of surveys carried out by ITT Flygt, which revealed that customers prefer pumps that offer greater reliability, efficiency and ease of maintenance. Plus, the breakthroughs achieved by the N-pump, since its launch, have led to new standards for pump requirements in the process and wastewater industry being taken under review. </p><p>The difference in the pumps is recognisable instantly, they have a smoother and rounder exterior. Internally, both new and existing Flygt technology has been added to the pumps, such as a Plug-in"! seal unit and an internal closed cooling system. </p><p>CONTACT ITT Flygt AB, Svetsarv~gen 12, 1309, Stockholm, Sweden. Tel: +46 8475 6500; Fax: +46 8475 6900; </p><p>)il free al/ daj </p><p>Double-headed rocking piston pump Last year Charles Austen Pumps introduced its first rocking </p><p>piston pump, the RP75 SE, a single-headed unit capable of </p><p>producing up to 75 1/min free flow. Now, less than a year later the RP75 DE, a new double-headed variant has been introduced, offering a higher performance of up to 150 1/min free flow and 4 bar pressure. </p><p>The company has continued to direct significant engineering resource towards combining the operational advantages and ben- efits associated with both dia- phragm and piston pumps. The result can now be now be seen in a family of rocking piston pumps that are totally oil free and capable of continuous duty with minimal maintenance. </p><p>The RP?5 DE compact design makes it ideal for a wide range of industries including environ- mental, medical and process especially with applications calling for higher flow rates such as portable oxygen concen- trators, gas analysis and de- gassing systems. The RP75 DE also offers lower noise and vibration levels than other comparative models. </p><p>CONTACT Charles Austen Pumps Ltd, Royston Road, 8yfleet, Surrey, KT14 7NY, UK. Tel: +44 1932 355277; Fax: +44 1932 351285; E-mail:; </p><p>8 1 WORLD PUMPS November 2000 www, </p></li></ul>