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<p>2015ExpressionEngine Reseller Hosting</p> <p>20152015Why are you considering becoming a reseller?More control?Easier to support your client?Extra profit?What we are going to coverChoosing a host.This is very important! We will discuss why in detail.Becoming a reseller is being the hosting provider for your client.EE installationOptimizationPerformance SecurityPerks of Reseller HostingExtra revenue.Its much easier to support a site under your control.Direct communication with the end host.You can be the host without having to be a system administrator.Client still maintains access to manage day to day operations if needed.Choosing a partnerChoosing your partner is one of the most important aspects of becoming a reseller.The right partner can make your job as a reseller easier.Client may leave you as a reseller if the end host is sub-par.Excessive downtime.Slow speeds.ReliabilityDoes the partner provide monitoring?What do they monitor?Is there redundant power and networking?SLAWhat do they guarantee?Time to replace hardware or restore service?SupportWhat level of support do you receive as a reseller?What is covered and what is not covered?Response times.The level of support your receive will directly impact your clients!Picking a package.What are your needs?How much disk space do you need?How much bandwidth do you need?How many clients do you expect to resell to?Do you get dedicated IPs?May be needed to use an SSL.Helps with mail deliverability issues.Can you expand easily if needed?Is there a limit to the amount of neighboring clients in your environment?Too many clients could cause poor performance.Does the host provide a backup solution?What do they back up?How long are these kept?Avoid unlimited packagesUnlimited neighbors?Unlimited packages are simply impossible.Hardware limitations.Read the fine print!Reselling a dedicated solution or VPS.Do you need these type of resources?Choosing a managed or unmanaged solution.What does management include?Can you manage the environment yourself?Does it make sense for your to manage the environment?Time is money!DedicatedNo neighboring clients to impact you (NOT OVERSOLD)More flexibilityYou may need software not available without a dedicated solution.Is the control panel included in the price?Do you or your clients need a control panel?Is it worth signing a term agreement or contract?You may be able to save money.Can you justify this type of commitment?Will any of your clients sell products online?Is this possible with the plan you have chosen?Can your environment achieve PCI compliance?Read Reviews!Who is reviewing?Do they haveBad support?Slow to respond.UnprofessionalUneducated, unable to help.Rude?Is the performance acceptable?Are they reliable?Frequent outages or hardware failures?Hosting environment effects performanceAll tests performed from a different data center than servers tested.They were using the same siege settings for each test.All used an EE install with the Agile Records theme.Nothing was touched within EE after installation.Tests were ran for 60 seconds using sitemap URLs.Three tests were performed for 25, 50, and 100 concurrent users.Unlimited Package at generic hostTransactions: 472 hitsAvailability: 87.73 %Elapsed time: 59.69 secsData transferred: 5.61 MBResponse time: 2.43 secsTransaction rate: 7.91 trans/secThroughput: 0.09 MB/secConcurrency: 19.24Successful transactions: 472Failed transactions: 66Longest transaction: 5.05Shortest transaction: 0.1125 Concurrent RequestsUnlimited Package at generic hostTransactions: 408 hitsAvailability: 16.13 %Elapsed time: 59.98 secsData transferred: 6.29 MBResponse time: 3.96 secsTransaction rate: 6.80 trans/secThroughput: 0.10 MB/secConcurrency: 26.95Successful transactions:408Failed transactions: 2122Longest transaction: 4.72Shortest transaction: 0.0950 Concurrent RequestsUnlimited Package at generic hostTransactions: 328 hitsAvailability: 4.65 %Elapsed time: 59.03 secsData transferred: 7.63 MBResponse time: 7.02 secsTransaction rate: 5.56 trans/secThroughput: 0.13 MB/secConcurrency: 39.02Successful transactions:328Failed transactions: 6731Longest transaction:5.65Shortest transaction: 0.09100 Concurrent RequestsWHAT HAPPENED?Were these requests throttled or artificially limited?Could the server just not handle this traffic?I am not sure and I was very disappointed!VPS with cPanelTransactions: 371 hitsAvailability: 100.00 %Elapsed time: 59.86 secsData transferred: 4.81 MBResponse time: 3.44 secsTransaction rate: 6.20 trans/secThroughput: 0.08 MB/secConcurrency: 21.32Successful transactions: 371Failed transactions: 0Longest transaction: 8.48Shortest transaction: 0.6425 Concurrent RequestsVPS with cPanelTransactions: 326 hitsAvailability: 100.00 %Elapsed time: 59.47 secsData transferred: 4.93 MBResponse time: 7.90 secsTransaction rate: 5.48 trans/secThroughput: 0.08 MB/secConcurrency: 43.32Successful transactions:326Failed transactions: 0Longest transaction: 13.68Shortest transaction: 1.3350 Concurrent RequestsVPS with cPanelTransactions: 279 hitsAvailability: 100.00 %Elapsed time: 59.76 secsData transferred: 4.13 MBResponse time: 16.61 secsTransaction rate: 4.67 trans/secThroughput: 0.07 MB/secConcurrency: 77.55Successful transactions:279Failed transactions:0Longest transaction:26.51Shortest transaction:1.97100 Concurrent RequestsThese results were much better than the unlimited plan and were on a VPS that costs less.Optimized EnvironmentTransactions: 2252 hitsAvailability: 100.00 %Elapsed time: 59.15 secsData transferred: 26.33 MBResponse time: 0.16 secsTransaction rate: 38.07 trans/secThroughput: 0.45 MB/secConcurrency: 6.19Successful transactions:2252Failed transactions:0Longest transaction:0.36Shortest transaction:0.0725 Concurrent RequestsOptimized EnvironmentTransactions:4374 hitsAvailability: 100.00 %Elapsed time:59.30 secsData transferred: 51.16 MBResponse time:0.18 secsTransaction rate: 73.76 trans/secThroughput: 0.86 MB/secConcurrency:13.28Successful transactions:4374Failed transactions:0Longest transaction:0.53Shortest transaction: 0.0750 Concurrent RequestsOptimized EnvironmentTransactions:8479 hitsAvailability: 100.00 %Elapsed time: 59.08 secsData transferred: 99.26 MBResponse time: 0.19 secsTransaction rate: 143.52 trans/secThroughput: 1.68 MB/secConcurrency: 27.13Successful transactions:8479Failed transactions:0Longest transaction: 1.54Shortest transaction: 0.04100 Concurrent RequestsnullnullBeing the HostBrand yourself as a host.Custom control panel theme.Polished welcome email.Provide all necessary login credentials.What do you support?Communicating with clients.Response times are important!Email, Telephone?If you have a large number of clients, helpdesk software may be necessary.This will help you keep track of issues as well.MY SITE IS DOWN!You need a plan for these situations, they can always happen.Know your clients.Different clients require different types of needs and varying levels of technical abilities.Are you moving existing sites to your reseller account?Provide a way for the client to test the site before the DNS is changed over.Temporary domain or editing hosts files work for this.Lets get to work.Package creation.Are you going to create individual or generic packages?What are your available resources?Ensure you are selling your resources for more than you buy them.Are you limited in the amount of domains you can resell?What is your available disk space?How much bandwidth do you get?Do your clients need email or FTP? Are the number of available accounts limited?Ever use the InterWorx control panel?Create a client account. (SiteWorx account)Use (yourchoice) as domain name.Assign an appropriate package.Create a database and database user, keep this information handy.Create an FTP/SSH account.SSH credentials can be found in your home directory.</p> <p>Lets Install EE!Download files. the files. Or wget on server if you are more comfortable.Navigate to domain.tld/admin.phpYou still have your database user and password right?Fill out install formRemove system/installer .Have you seen our white paper?Things have changed since this was published.These benchmarks were with PHP 5.3, we recommend PHP 5.4 for performance as well as a smaller memory foot print.EE 2.8+ now supports memory based caching natively.Please download the white paper to review it at the following location.</p> <p> is always a concernPlease do not use the same password for everything!Use a password management tool to achieve this.File permissions are very important especially in a shared hosted environment!Others clients could potentially read or write to your files or directories.EE makes it fairly easy to add additional security.Easy to change or move system folder.Easy to change admin URL.Permission GroupsThere are three standard permission groups Owner GroupOther (Everyone)These are most often represented as a three digit numberNumberOwnerGroupother700RWX- - - - - -770RWXRWX- - -777RWXRWXRWXA number 0-7 in each of these spots impacts each groups permissions.</p> <p>666 - Everyone can read and write BAD777 - Everyone has full control BAD000 - No one has any access File Permissions There are three basic permissionsRead (4)Write (2)Execute (1)OCTALREADWRITEEXECUTE7RWX6RW-5R-X4R--3-WX2-W-1--X0---The best permissions vary by hosting environment</p> <p>The following may not work for every server or even take down your site</p> <p>Contact your host for suggestions!Permissions HardeningYou do not want other people reading sensitive files or modifying your site files.</p> <p>Run the following commands from within your webrootDirectoriesThis will allow you full access and let others see a list of files.</p> <p>find . -type d -exec chmod 711 {} \;FilesThis will allow you to read and write, and allow the webserver and others to read your files.</p> <p>find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;PHP FilesYou may not want others reading your PHP filesThey may contain sensitive information.</p> <p>find . -type f -name *.php -exec chmod 600 {} \;Moving some things aroundRename your admin.Edit system/expressionengine/config/config.php$config['cp_url'] = http://domain.tld/yourchoice.php;Rename admin.php to chosen nameMoving your system directory.Edit the following in index.php and admin.php$system_path = ./newsecurename';Rename system/ to reflect the new name.Performance ConcernsAs we have seen and learned about with the white paper a properly configured environment is vital to a sites performance.</p> <p>There are some simple steps that can be taken to help with performance outside of the environmental aspects however.Turn on GZIP compression in EE.Ensure caches are enabled.Increase number of cacheable URIs.Use a memory based solution if available.Disable unnecessary add-ons.Turn off tracking.EE has a great feature to suspend this with heavy traffic automatically.Enable template caching.If pages are very dynamic tag caching may be more suitable.Enable dynamic channel query caching.MySQL query cache may be more effective.Enable this feature only if you do not use future entries, expiring entries, or random entries.Convert database tables to InnoDB.This can help a high traffic site significantly.Search tables cannot be converted in MySQL versions prior to 5.6.Each site is different, some changes that may help one site a great deal may have little or no impact on your particular site.</p> <p>It is best to test any optimizations to determine if they are truly beneficial to your site as well as to rule out any unintended consequences.Final ThoughtsAny further questions?Is there anything you wish was covered that wasn't?What would you like to see out of a hosting company?</p>