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  • 8/2/2019 Newsletter Prime Sense Feb2012


    Feb 2012


    Titan is an international branding and design company that provides clients with the full spectrumof branding and creative design services.


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    Natural Interaction for

    a changed paradigm inconsumer lifestyle

    E n a b l i n g

    A NewSmartTV Experience

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    The GAP

    Bridging the gap is

    the key to consumer


    The GAP

    Bridging the gap is

    the key to consumer


    PrimeSense is best known for its technology, which allows to perceive the world in 3D,

    learn and understand it based on sight. The companys devices can see, track and react

    to the users movements outside the computer, without the need for special, wearable


    One of PrimeSenses goals is revolutionizing the way people use digital devices. The

    company, however, is not all about throwing away the remote control and being able to

    command digital devices with our hands, body or voice. Instead, it focuses on bringing life

    into livingrooms around the world with a completely immersive experience.

    Throughout the branding process, PrimeSense

    attempted to convey its main concept of Natural

    Interaction. The concept also consisted of the

    ideas of a unique user experience, dynamic

    movement and interaction. In order to achieve

    that, we've created 3-dimensional shapeswhich convey the sense element experience.

    Additionally, We chose to use the red color,

    which symbolizes passion, intensity and strength.

    The white and grey colors granted the whole

    project a neat and clean look, which suited the

    lifestyle element of the concept. The wave-like

    strokes were chosen in order to reect the feel

    of movement and dynamism combined with a

    creative consumer-like photography concept.

    Last but not least, weve created an info-graphical and iconic language which was invented

    through the marketing communication materials and through a special poster at the CES

    2012. The poster was made in order to position PrimeSense as a leader in its area of

    operation and included a brief history of television and a sense technology evolution. The

    graphical language was further implemented online, through the companys website and

    mini sites, and ofine, through business cards, presentations, brochures, CES booth and


    Immerse Yourself in

    Natural Interaction

    The PrimeSense 3D Awareness Sensor

    PrimeSense is completely revolutionizing the way you interact with your digital devices by

    giving them the gift of sight. We call it Natural Interaction. You command your digital devices

    directly with your hands, body movements or voice, and theyll respond accordingly. Natural

    Interaction means you can totally immerse yourself in a game, discover new content on your TV,

    surf the web, and much more using the most natural communication device around yourself.

    And because PrimeSense makes your digital devices aware, theyll do so much more than just

    follow your command, things will get personal.






    USB 2.0

















    - Mandatory

    - Optional

    Heres how it works

    The PrimeSense Sensor has the ability to observe

    a scene (you and your surroundings), in all three

    dimensions. It then translates these observations

    into synchronized images just like we humans do.

    The sensor then takes that depth image and translates

    it into information: where people are; which objects

    are furniture; where the walls and oor are; and of

    course, what movements you and those around you

    are making. We call this depth sensing.

    Depth sensing is what makes a totally immersive,

    interactive, full-body gaming experience possible,

    and also creates a better, friendlier, more precise

    experience for TV content discovery. And its what

    makes PrimeSense solutions so unique.

    ANY lighting conditions - precise, unique &

    immune to ambient light day or night

    ANY environment and ANY background

    ANY motion in all 3 dimensions


    to virtual shopping

    Key Benets

    Thinhost naturalinterface

    Massconsumermarket productprice point

    Provenmass-marketscalabilitySimpleand cleanapplication-layer APIs

    Supportsa uniqueend-to-endsolution noneed

    forthe applicationlayer tohave depth-processing


    Key Features

    Large, VGA-sizedepth imageMultiplesensingcapabilities: depthimage, color(RGB)

    imageand audiostreams

    BestMinimum ObjectSizeavailableinthe market

    Realtimeat30or 60FPSStandardoff-the-shelf components

    Uniqueregistrationmechanism thatoverlays thedepth

    imagewithacolorimage, enablingthematchingof


    Low-powerembeddeddevice, USB poweredIEC 60825-1Class-1laser product

    Depth sensing makes Natura l Inte ract ion possible wi th a

    robust, immersive and user-fr iendly experience

    And here are the advantagesSensor Benefts & Features

    Natural Interaction is made possible through a combination of cutting edge technologies,that provide the ability to perceive a given environment, such as your living room,in 3D. Its the depth that comes from 3D real sensing that makes the PrimeSense Experiencefeel natural. And its actually the only way to get a real and immersive experience.

    A History of Television