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  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority EGYPT THIS MONTHJanuary 2012 Issue 31 EXPLORE THE ANCIENT WORLD IN LUXURY Cruising the Nile is a dream on the agenda of mosttourists from around the world. It has been the destination a SpeCIal ChrISTmaS Live Colors Egyptfor dignitaries, movie stars and celebrities for many years. CelebraTIon In The CaThedralProbably, and since Agatha Christies famous novel, Deathon the Nile, Nile cruises have become even more popular. el- Samaeyeen In Sharm el SheIkh Nile cruises are a classic escape for Pharaonic era The Egyptian Travel Agencies Association in Southenthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike. Visitors to this Sinai will be organizing a religious celebration and apart of the world, will also be introduced to the countrys special Greek Orthodox mass which will be held by anatural beauty and extensive open-air museums. priest from Russia on January 7th, 2012 to celebrate Christmas in the Cathedral El- Samaeyeen in Sharm Typically, travelers will fly, or take the overnight train down El Sheikhto a location such as Luxor or Aswan, and then board Foreign tourists, especially Russians in Sharm el-their cruise boat from there. Cruises may last anywhere Sheikh have been invited to attend the ceremony.from three days to eight days, depending on the travel January . 2012 1
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Lake Cruises from Aswan to Cond naST Traveler readerS rank Four SeaSonS Abu Simbel and Vice Versa reSorT Sharm el SheIkh # 1 Abu Simbel is home to the Great Temple of Rameses II reSorT In The World a world heritage site and the Small Temple of Nefertari. Before you set sail, you will be taken by motor launch from Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh has been your boat across the south face of the High Dam to New voted the top ranked resort in the world in the annual Kalabasha on the far side of the lake. When you arrive at Cond Nast Traveler Readers Choice Awards. the west bank you will see the Temple of Wadi el Sebua The Resort was ranked #1 in Africa and the Middle which is also referred to as avenue of lion-bodied sphinxes East, and is #3 among all hotels and resorts in the that leads up to the outer courts of the temple. You will world in the Top 100. also see the Temple of Dakka, dedicated to Thoth and the With an outstanding score of 98.6, travelers who Temple of Maharraqa. From Qar Ibrim to abu Simbel the have visited Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh in voyage is 60km and here the lake becomes very broad the past year have rewarded the seaside resorts high again. Abu Simbel contains four colossal statues of Ramses standards of service and performance. II and they are among the most stupendous monument of Rare among international sun and beach destina- ancient Egypt. The temples produce a very grand effect tions, Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh offers a desert and by moonlight or at sunrise. sea hideaway, combining the Sinai deserts year round sunshine with the Red Seas world-class diving. Within an oasis of lush greenery and fountains, Four Seasons is a self-contained world with multiple options for dining, glamorous swimming pools, a pri- vate beach, kids activities and indoor-outdoor Spa, where authentic Egyptian traditions come to life with thoughtfully personalized Four Seasons care. arrangements made to visit Upper Egyptian cities such as the help of donkeys and water buffalos. Witnessing this Luxor, Aswan, Edfu and Dendera. Other cruise boat tours tends to have a very novel and soothing effect on travelers, are available for Lake Nasser, offering different programs. since the calm environment sits in sharp contrast to the Sun FeSTIval aT abu SImbel claustrophobic nature of larger urban cities. 22 February 2012 The benefits of a Nile cruise are not only that they offer a unique mode of travel to experience Pharaonic antiquities, but that they provide a glimpse into the traditional rural Cruises from Luxor to Aswan lifestyle of the communities that live along the banks of the Nile. The way of life is practiced much the way it was or Vice Versa thousands of years ago, with villages composed primarily of mud brick homes and farmers tending to their crops with Traditionally, the most popular cruise packages involve or sailing from Luxor to Aswan or vice versa. There are also The 10Th InTernaTIonal packages that include extra cities of interest such as Edfu, Kom Ombo and Esna, which are all located near Luxor and CyClIng raCe Aswan.Esna, which is 54km from Luxor, is where you will see the Temple of Khnum, the god who fashioned man on his On January 14th, the 10th International cycling potters wheel. On the west bank of the Nile, Edfu is spread race will take place in Egypt under the auspices of upon the mound of an ancient city, where the temple of the Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA) in the Pyramids Horus is on the outskirts. Southwards, beyond Edfu, you Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt area. Competitors will cover a distance of 1010 km come to the east bank around Kom Ombo, which has a The Sun Festival at Abu Simbel Temple in Aswan inside Egypt, then cross several African countries, to huge Nubian population and where the Temple of Sobek is held twice a year, during the months of February end up in South Africa after one hundred days from and Haroeris stand. and October. At the break of dawn on the birth the start of the race. anniversary and coronation of King Ramses II, shafts The race in Egypt is extended over eight stages In Luxor, there are the awe-inspiring Luxor Temple and of sunlight streams into the temple and throws light and starts on January 14, 2012 at 8:00 am from the Karnak Temples to visit, as well as the Valley of the Kings, on the statues of the king and the two sun gods, Pyramids panoramic site till Edfu in Aswan on January the Colossi of Memnon and Hatshepsuts Temple in the West Re-Horakhte and Amen-Re seated beside the Theban 23, 2012. Bank. Aswan offers up the massive High Dam, the unfinished god Ptah, the god of darkness. Eighty bikers of different nationalities will partici- Obelisque, and the beautiful Philae temple, which is The rest of the year, the temple is in absolute pate from Canada, Netherlands, Hungary, the Czech dedicated to the goddess Isis. Other typical sites and darkness. This is a rare phenomenon and on that Republic, South Africa, France, Belgium, England, activities in Aswan include sailing on feluccas and visiting occasion the event is celebrated by the locals with Ireland, Australia and Poland. the Botanical Gardens and the Agha Khan Mausoleum. dance, music and food. 2 January . 2012 January . 2012 3
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter CALENDAR Luxury Cruising CroCodIle muSeum To open In between visiting the sites, travelers are often free to In aSWan nexT monTh explore the areas where the cruise boats dock, especially January 2012 the cities of Luxor and Aswan, before heading on to the next location. There are several heritage hotels to visit such The first Museum of Crocodiles is to open this as the Winter Palace and the Old Cataract Hotels. Sunday 1st Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Main Hall, Cairo Opera House. month in front of the Temple of Kom Ombo in Aswan, Time: 10 pm Tel: (02) 2739 0132 coinciding with Aswans National Day. Nights are always spent on the cruise ships and meals Art Time: 8 pm The museum will display a collection of mummi- are often divided between local offerings in the areas El Alma del Mundo - An exhibition by Spanish Tuesday 10th fied crocodiles, and statues of the god Sobek , the being visited and meals served on the boat. The budget artist Miguel Angel Sanchez. The artist photo- Sunday 15th crocodile god, as the Ancient Egyptian worshipped of most Nile cruise boats is quite flexible, so you can choose graphed 110 residents in his studio, from musicians, Art him believing that he was the creator of the world anything from a high-end luxury cruiser, complete with painters, ministers, shoe shiners, bloggers and On Codes, Symbols & Stockholm Syndrome - Art who arose from the Dark Water. For that reason pools, clubs, restaurants and room service, to a more wallet- others. Each photo is dramatic with chiaroscuro, or Khaled Hafezs work is politically charged and in it he Art Bouquet 3 - 16 painters showing their most they built the temples in Kom Ombo, Esna, Fayoum friendly cruise boat with lesser amenities. In all cases, these a vivid contrast between light and dark. attempts to reproduce what he calls the Big Mac recent works. and in other areas. massive floating hotels are usually very well maintained Palace of Arts, Cairo Opera Grounds Through his work Hafez seeks to evoke the negative Duroub Art Gallery, 4 Latin America Street, Garden A total of forty mummified crocodiles of various with highly experienced staff. Entertainment on the cruise Tel: (02) 2736 8796 and positive of Egypts history. City sizes: from the smallest, 1.5 metres long, to the real boats is always available, and usually features nightly shows Time: Exhibition runs until January 9th Safar Khan Art Gallery giants of almost five metres of length will be exhibited. with traditional dancers and musicians. Tel: (02) 3570 2975 A,B...Cartoons - Imagined and drawn scenes are Identities - Three artists from Hamburg ask Time: until January 27th displayed by artist Shayma Kamel. The Egyptian The best times to enjoy a Nile cruise are during the period questions about forms and definitions. African touches, represented in most paintings by stretching from October to April, when the weather ranges Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art, Music the Egyptian colors, were deliberately selected. between chilly to mild. The summer months in Upper Egypt, 8 Champollion St. Downtown. Pop/Rock/Blues - Crash Boom Bang Band Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art, InauguraTIon oF The kebaSh in particular, can often be quite hot during the day, though Tel: (02) 2578 4494 Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza 8 Champollion St. Downtown road nexT marCh For evenings are mild. So when planning a cruise during the Time: Exhibition runs until January 12th Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Tel: (02) 2578 4494. summer, make sure that the site seeing tours are conducted Time: 10 pm Time: Exhibition runs until February 9th InTernaTIonal TourISm in the early mornings. Contemporary Views IV/Figurative Practices - Pioneer artists such as Samir Rafi, Tahia Halim, and Opera ClassicMusic The Kebash Road (Avenue of the Sphinxes) will be The World Cup rally From Ragheb Ayad. La Boheme - Cairo Opera Orchestra. Pianist Ramzi Yassa - Piano Sonatas: Moonlight, partly opened for international and local tourism, Al Masar Art Gallery Main Hall, Cairo Opera House. Les Adieux, Waldstein, Appasionata. next March, hence coinciding with the international london To Cape ToWn Tel: (02) 3570 2975 Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Prince Mohamed Ali Palace, Manial ITB Berlin 2012 in Germany. In parallel, the remain- Under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and Time: January 29th Time: 8 pm Tel: (02) 2735 4234 ing part under restoration of the road, for a length of the Egyptian Tourism Authority, the World Cup Rally Time: 8 pm 150 meters will be the completed as well, decided will cross Egypt during the period from January 8th Music Wednesday 11th both the Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs and till January 10th, 2012. This is the first time that the Bikya Band - DrumNBass, Trip-hop, Folktronica Performance(MusicandDance) the Governor of Luxor. World Cup Rally runs throughout Africa crossing the Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Opera Indian Music and Dance Company - On the The Kebash road is a historical project, as this is the continent from north to south, starting from London Tel: (02) 3346 1071 La Boheme - Cairo Opera Orchestra. occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Nobel longest path linking two ancient Egyptian temples, England crossing Europe, to Cairo in Egypt and ending Time: 10 pm Main Hall, Cairo Opera House. Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. The company the Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple, over a length in Cape Town - South Africa. Tel: (02) 2739 0132 presents Rabindra Sangeet, also known as Tagore of 2,700 meters and a width of 76 meters. Statues of Starting out officially from the British Parliament on Thursday 5th Time: 8 pm songs, and a dance drama, Shyama gods and kings line up on both sides of the road in December 31st, 2011 with the presence of the British Main Hall, Cairo Opera House. the form of the Sphinx. Prime Minister the crews will leave for the first leg of Music Thursday 12th Tel: (02) 2739 0132 The development project of Kebash Road is their journey crossing France, to Italy, Greece then Gala Concert - Cairo Opera Orchestra. Time: 8 pm regarded as one of the most important religious and across the Mediterranean to Egypt, through the Main Hall, Cairo Opera House. Music archaeological monuments and sites in Luxor, and Alexandria Port, passing by the Giza Pyramids, to Ein Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Contemporary Oriental - Mariam and Abo and Tuesday 17th stands as one of the oldest religious roads in the world Al Sokhna, Safaga, Marsa Alam and finally on to Cape Time: 8 pm Wust El Balad which represents a new addition to the archaeologi- Town. Music Live Colors Egypt Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. AgouzaLive Colors Egypt cal sites that will have a positive impact on tourism The London to Cape Town World Cup Rally will see Friday 6th Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Screwdriver Band - Rock Funk and Blues in Egypt and increase significantly international tour- the participation of 1010 racers from 15 different Time: 8 & 10 pm respectively Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza ism to Egypt. Many other restoration projects are countries where they will be using different types of Music Tel: (02) 3346 1071 under development, specially the renovation work classic cars produced between 1924 and 1980 as well DJ Masters at Funk - Deep Funky House Opera Time: 10 pm of the temple of Karnak, and the temple dedicated as four-wheel drive cars for a total distance rally of Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza La Boheme - Cairo Opera Orchestra. to the moon god Khonsu. The restoration work that 15000 km. Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Main Hall, Cairo Opera House. Wednesday 18th has been so far accomplished shows the beauty The World Cup Rally is being held every four years to Time: 10 pm Tel: (02) 2739 0132 and accuracy of the temples inscriptions, as well celebrate the 1966 FIFA World Cup Englands victory. Time: 8 pm Music as the greatness of the eighteenth and nineteenth The Rally starts from England and ends up in the FIFA Sunday 8th RnB - DJ Feedo dynasties. World Cup host country, Cape Town. This is the first Friday 13th Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza time that the World Cup Rally runs throughout Egypt, Music Tel: (02) 3346 1071 which represent a great opportunity to highlight the Jazz - Eclectic Band Opera Time: 10 pm touristic sites of our country. Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza La Boheme - Cairo Opera Orchestra. 4 January . 2012 January . 2012 5
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Performance(MusicandDance) Chinese New Year Festival - Celebrating the Year and Orchestra Indian Music and Dance Company - On the occasion of the Dragon; Lion Dancing, Cultural Fashion Main Hall, Cairo Opera House. of the 150th birth anniversary of Nobel Laureate show and an authentic Asian food market. Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Rabindranath Tagore. The company presents Rabindra Community Services Association, 4 Rd 21, Maadi Time: 8 pm Sangeet, also known as Tagore songs, and a dance Time: 10 am to 4 pm drama, Shyama Friday 27th Alexandria Opera House, Alexxandria Sunday 2 2nd Tel: (03 2480 0138 Opera Time: 8 pm BookLaunch Aida - by Guissepe Verdi. Cairo Opera Company Heroes of the Past - The book contains the and Orchestra Thursday 19th biographies of popular heroes such as Juha or Abu Main Hall, Cairo Opera House. Zeid Hilali and eight other heroes. Tel: (02) 2739 0132 FilmFestival 8 Champollion St. Downtown. Time: 8 pm Asly Masri - An independent film festival in the frame Tel: (02) 2578 4494. of a EU co-funded project: Rising Stars - Itinerant Time: 7 pm Saturday 28th Cinema in Egypt, which aims to support and enhance the independent Egyptian production through documen- Music Music tary workshops and open public lectures, production Opera Children Choir - Open Air Theater, Cairo Contemporary Oriental - Cairokee Band of short documentaries to disseminate the work of Opera Grounds. Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Egyptian filmmakers Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Italian Cultural Institute, 3 El Sheikh El Marsafy St. Time: 8 pm Time: 10 pm Zamalek Tel: (02) 2735 8791 Jazz - Amro Salah Trio Sunday 29th Time: 19 - 22 January at 6 pm Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Music Music Time: 10 pm Oriental Jazz - Eftekasat Band Jazz Concert - Yehia Khalil. Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Small Hall, Cairo Opera House. Thursday 26th Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Time: 10 pm Time: 8 pm Music Acoustic Rock - Scjiela Scribner Opera Blues - Bad Mojo Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Aida - by Guissepe Verdi. Cairo Opera Company Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Tel: (02) 3346 1071 and Orchestra Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Time: 8 pm Main Hall, Cairo Opera House. Time: 10 pm Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Opera Time: 8 pm. Also on 30th and 31st Friday 20th Aida - by Guissepe Verdi. Cairo Opera Company La Bohme Music Piano Concert - Omar Khairat Main Hall, Cairo Opera House. Tel: (02) 2739 0132 10-13 January at the Cairo Opera House Time: 8 pm La Boheme is one of the most famous operas in four acts Saturday 21st by Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924), to an Italian libretto by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa. It is based on Scenes de la Vie de Boheme by Henri Murger and was rst performed in Folklore Turin on 1 February 1896 at the Teatro Regio and con-Live Colors Egypt Basheer - Modern folkloric music ducted by the well-known Arturo Toscanini. The story gives a real picture of the Paris Bohemian Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza life of four young artists, (Rodolfo; a poet, Marcel- Tel: (02) 3346 1071 lo; a painter, Schaunard; a musician and Colline, a Time: 10 pm philosopher). Rodolfo falls in love with his neigh- bor, the poor seamstress Mimi. The music presents both the humorous high Opera spirits of the four young bohemian male charac- Live Opera from the Metropolitan - The Enchanted ters, as well as the new found love between Mimi and Rodolfo, which ends miserably with her death, Island. in spite of all the trials of her friends and Rodolfo to Small Hall, Cairo Opera House. rescue her. Tel: (02) 2739 0132 The opera includes many notable arias among them: (Che gelida manina), What a Cold Little Hand (Rodolfo), Time: 8 pm Mimis gorgeous aria (Mi chiamano Mimi) They Call Me Mimi, and Musettas showpiece aria, (Quando men vo), When SpecialEvent I Go Along, a meltingly beautiful waltz, which reaches a fan- tastic climax for Musetta and all of the soloists. 6 January . 2012