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Our June 2015 update includes a list of our paid members, an update on our grant application for a tornado siren and much more!


<ul><li><p>Atlanta Volunteer </p><p>Fire Department </p><p> June 2015 </p><p>B Y T H E N U M B E R S </p><p>160 Number of members in 2014. </p><p>232 Number of members in 2015. </p><p>$1,500 Quarterly from City of Atlanta. </p><p>$3,600 Dues from new members. </p><p>$18,000 Estimated income in 2016. </p><p>$0 Current debt. </p><p>Volunteers Needed </p><p>Firefighters protect property and our community </p><p>We are currently looking for new volunteers to help </p><p>serve the Atlanta area as a firefighter. If you are </p><p>interested, contact Aaron Baker at 660-281-7777 or </p><p> </p><p>Thank you for your dues </p><p>If your name is listed on page 2 or 3, please consider </p><p>this document your receipt for fire dues for Calendar </p><p>Year 2015. Properties within the city limits of Atlanta </p><p>are covered by the city of Atlanta and we thank them </p><p>for their partnership. If you have any questions or </p><p>corrections, please let us know. Our records indicate </p><p>we only have four members that have not paid in 2015. </p><p>New this year: churches are now provided free </p><p>membership. </p><p>Billing Cycle </p><p>In the last year, we have moved our members to an </p><p>annual billing cycle. For this reason, most of our </p><p>previous members received billings that were pro-</p><p>rated. We have now worked through that entire process </p><p>and our annual 2016 invoices will be sent in January </p><p>for all of our members. We appreciate your patience! </p><p>Board Members </p><p>Serving two year terms </p><p>Tony Askew, President Wade Baker, Vice President Aaron Baker, Secretary Michelle Hyde, Treasurer Cindy Maher, Member Vacancy, Atlanta Rural </p><p>Volunteers </p><p>Please thank them for their service! </p><p>800 Jake Miller, Chief 806 Holt Landorf, Asst. Chief 807 Dan Gaughan (First Responder only) 810 Katie Miller, Lieutenant 814 Okel Sizemore 816 Nicole Sizemore 817 Stephen Weisenborn, Captain 819 Josh Farmer 820 Tony Askew 823 Augusta Walls 825 Darin Baumgartner </p><p>Tornado Siren Grant </p><p>The department is currently working with the USDA on a grant / low-interest-loan application for a new tornado siren. This equipment upgrade would provide more protection for our rural areas and inside of our local school. The estimated cost of a siren is $20,000, but a grant award would cover half of that cost. Our department and community would be responsible for the other $10,000. Your feedback is welcome as we work through this process. </p><p>Controlled Burns </p><p>In April, our volunteers completed a prescribed controlled burn for a landowner within our boundaries as part of a public private partnership with the USDA. A donation was received for the department to help cover the costs. If you are interested in this type of activity in the future, please contact us for further details. </p></li><li><p>Our 2015 Membership Roster </p><p>Please contact Aaron Baker at 660-281-7777 with questions or corrections: </p><p>Ahern, Chris &amp; Jeanne Alvarado, Josh Atlanta Saddle Club Augustus, Bret &amp; Micki Auriene, Matthew Bader, Ava Baker, Aaron &amp; Erica Baker, Bob &amp; Cathy Baker, David &amp; Erica Baker, Martha Baker, Robert &amp; Alma Baker, Wade Baker, Wanda Bakke, Pamela Bark, Charlie Barr, Shermann Bartholomew, Patricia Bealmer, Darrel &amp; Sheila Beeson, Wayne Belt, Drew &amp; Becky Belt, Gary &amp; Linda Belt, Wilson &amp; Pat Belt Farms LLC Beske, Bruce Bittick, Robert &amp; Inez Blaise, Terry Blomberg, Chris &amp; Geralyn Boulton, Jane Bowen, Amanda Brown, Patricia Bugard, Sam &amp; Carri Burgess, Calvin &amp; Wanda Carnahan, Jackie &amp; Donna Carriker, Harold &amp; Louise Carter, Richard &amp; Carol Chapin, Ansil &amp; Kate Christophel, Steven &amp; Faith Christy, David Cleaver-Barton, Victoria Clelland, Jim Coleman, Ben &amp; Nancy Dahlquist, John Daniels, Jason Darby, Donald Davis, Dennis Davis, James &amp; Vicki Davis, Larry </p><p>Davis, Lucian &amp; Roberta Davis, Richard Davison, Jack &amp; Phillis Dawson, Robert &amp; Cathy Deeds, Greg &amp; Tabitha Deskin, Robert Dierling, Judy Dille, John Dille, Kim &amp; Nancy Dowell, Gary &amp; Joyce Dunn, Jennifer &amp; Josh Durham, William &amp; Shirley Farmer, Becky Ford, John Forquer, Suzanne &amp; Allen Fountain, Danny Frye, James &amp; Shirley Gaughan, Dan &amp; Lisa Gentner, Martin Gerald &amp; Linda, Swinney Gladhill, Lloyd Glosemeyer, Kenneth Graham, Eugene Graham, Rhoda Green, Lawrence Grillo, Arthur Grim, George &amp; Sue Grubbs, Clifford &amp; Virginia Grubbs, Norma Gunnels, Stephen &amp; Sarah Halley, Matt &amp; Twila Harpster, Delores Harpster, Kiley Harpster, Rodney &amp; Cindi Harrington, Duke &amp; Bev Harrington, Josh &amp; Lori Harvey, Blaine &amp; Judy Hinrichs, Terry &amp; Debbie Hubeney, Gertrude Hull, Edward &amp; Yvonne Jackson, Willadean Janes, Eldon Jett, David &amp; Jennifer Jones, Lyman Jones, Pat &amp; Jerry Kabien Investments, LLC Kemp, Richard &amp; Sharri </p><p>Kerns, Jon &amp; Marisa Klamert, Michael &amp; Chastity Klocke, Dale Klusman, Ralph &amp; Martha Kuhlmann, Marvin Landorf, Scott Lent, Mary Litzinger, Guy Livingston, Deron Long, Dorothy Long, Tanya Lost Eighty LLC Lowenberg, Linda Magruder, Herb Marsh, Richard Martens, George &amp; Vaune McClanahan Farms McEwen, Margaret McEwen, Shawn &amp; Jeremy McLin, Larry &amp; Pam McMichael Heirs McMurry, John &amp; Bonnie McVay, Jesse &amp; Sue Menefee, Jeff Mense, Robert Mettes, John Miller, Brenda Miller, Eugene &amp; Eugene Miller, Justin Missouri Lamb Co. Mitts, Glenn &amp; Joie Moots, Lee &amp; Linda Moss, Jody &amp; Gary Moyer, Leland Mt. Tabor Baptist Church Mt. Zion Methodist Church Musgrave, Dennis &amp; Judy Nay, Michael &amp; Mary Nelson, Dan &amp; Rhonda Nelson, Jim &amp; Melodee Nelson, Justin Nilsson, Marsha O'Haver, James Ott, Francis &amp; Teresa Palmer, William Peavler, Barbara Pennington, Duane </p></li><li><p>Peterson, William &amp; Jane Petre, Shawn &amp; Tabetha Pfister, Kelly Phillips, Jason Phillips, Linda Phillips, Michael &amp; Kelly Pippin, Robert Pleus, Ron Porter, Ronda Reedy Creek Estate Remole, Nathan &amp; Karlee Rhoads, Derrik Rhoads, Donald Richardson, Darrell &amp; Becky Riley, Donald &amp; Gladys Riley, John Mark Riley, Melvin Roberts, Stephen Root, Tony Roseberry, Frank &amp; Wanda Ross, Cosson &amp; Betty Ross, Donald Ross, Kevin &amp; Julie Sagaser, Merrill Salsman, Kenneth Sampson, Chad Sanders, John &amp; Debbie Schaefer, Henry Schaefer, John Schneider, Jeremy &amp; Mindy Schroeder, Glenda Schroer, Elmer Schulte, Benjamin &amp; Kelly Schwieter, Rodney Sears, Richard &amp; Susan Seiler, Ted Shaver, Larry Shoemaker, Luke Shorten, Craig &amp; Gina Smith, Harold &amp; Virginia Smoot, Danny Smoot, Ruth Spearman, Gerald Spearman, Sharon Spencer, Billy &amp; Marion Stacy, Andrew &amp; Sandra Standish, Bill Sterling, Eda Stull, Pat &amp; Laverne Swadley, Adam </p><p>Szafranski, Dan &amp; Debbie Telephone, Chariton Valley Teter, Scott &amp; Cindy Teter, Steve &amp; Cindy Thompson, Chad Thurman, Dillon &amp; Falena Thurman, Terry Toenges, Carl Walker, Kemper Waterhouse, Donald Waters, Larry Watson, Andy &amp; Sarah Watson, Beverly Watson, Charley Watson Farms Weber, Dale Weber, Marion &amp; Shirley Weber, Stanley Weber, Warren Weene, Michael and Mary Wehner, Jeff &amp; Linda Weldon, Brad &amp; Deidre West, John Wheeler, Robert Wideman, Robert Wiggans, Gene Greg Geryl Wilcox, Patricia Williams, Ted &amp; Rich Willis, James Willis, Jeffrey Willis, Jerry &amp; Tamara Wilson, Dale Wood, Felicia Young, Nathan &amp; Christina Young, Richard Young, Todd Dues are $45 for primary property and $25 for each additional non-adjoining property paid for each calendar year. Properties within city limits are covered by the city of Atlanta. </p><p>Welcome, New </p><p>Members! </p><p>While many local rural fire departments are opting to become a tax district, our board has worked to ensure all landowners in the area have been asked to pay voluntary dues. This means landowners pay dues instead of taxes on everything they own. Earlier this year, we sent 168 prospect letters to non-member landowners within our boundaries that had never been asked to join. The response was incredible. We have added more than 70 new members this year (44% growth), grossing around $3,600 in new income. These are funds we can use for equipment, utilities, etc. In 2014, our membership dues totaled around $7,700; we have increased our budget for dues for next year by almost 50%. Estimated revenue for 2016 is now $18,000 and includes $1,500 quarterly payments from the city of Atlanta. We continue to have a great relationship with the city of Atlanta and appreciate their financial support. Your membership dues are important to us. In the last year, we made our final payment on our newest truck, making the department debt free. We look forward to working to provide even better protection to you and your property in the years to come. </p><p>. </p></li><li><p>Atlanta Volunteer Fire Dept. </p><p> </p><p>PO Box 415 | Atlanta, MO 63530 </p><p>JUNE 26th</p><p> 28th, 2015 </p><p>FOOD, FUN &amp; FREE </p><p>FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT </p><p>full Schedule: </p></li></ul>