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As out of the box learning management systems become more associated with prescriptive, push-learning approaches, are they are in danger of becoming extinct? Recent years have witnessed the proliferation of mobile devices capable of running platforms for real time communication with others. Given the easy accessibility of such platforms, employees are now on the hunt for ever-quicker methods to acquire workplace learning. Arguably this trend towards social learning could be considered high-risk in a business context, given that communications can't always moderated. But in a broader sense, what does it mean for workplace learning going forward and how has it already changed things? This Slideshare presentation from Webanywhere considers some of these issues.


  • 1. How is learning changing?
    • Conor Gilligan, Webanywhere Limited

2. Traditional Instructor led training 3. Instructor led training

  • Push learning
  • Seen as forced learning to meet strategic training needs, e.g. compliance
  • Boring?.. we need to blend this with other modes
  • Less community driven/ social and more prescriptive...

4. 5. Push learning... Objectives set Information/ knowledge check 1 Information/ knowledge check 2 Assessment PUSH 6. Learning Management Systems

  • Must create engaging content
  • Must incorporate mobile accessibility
  • Must allow for social elements (Facebook / LinkedIn / Google +/ Twitter)
  • Otherwise they become like a .....

7. ...Ghost town 8. Dont create a divide... your employees using... your company 9. Pull learning.... 10. Why is pull learning becoming more relevant?

  • Learning is becoming more and more blended / social / community driven
  • Employees are constantly accessing web 2.0/ social tools
  • Learners want freedom in their learning experience
  • Learners need access anywhere/ anytime or just in time

11. Gartner Research:Smart phone, tablet & PC forecast Dec 2010 1.6 billion mobile devices by 2013 12. Thank you For more information e -[email_address]