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New Student Quick Start Guide June 2015 Doc.20150610.1 Quick Start Guide 1

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  • New Student Quick Start Guide

    June 2015Doc.20150610.1

    Quick Start Guide 1

  • Congratulations!Welcome and congratulations on taking the first-step towards building a strong foundation and understanding of Kenya Primary Science and Mathematics through the Kengineer Preuniversity online tutoring programme. We look forward to working with you towards your academic success. This quick start guide will have have you up and running in the system within a very short time.

    First Things First Let Us LoginThe Kengineer Preuniversity eClassroom is located at This brings up the front page as shown below.Note that the layout will be different if accessing the Internet from a mobile phone or tablet, but all the features are the same. To Log In and begin, click on either of the two Log In links, circled in red.

    Quick Start Guide 2

  • The Login PageThis brings you to the login page. Enter your Username and Password. The system is case sensitive so be careful not to mix your small and capital letters. Press Log in to enter the Kengineer Preuniversity eClassroom

    OK Am InOnce successfully logged in you will come to your main classroom page. Pleasefamiliarise yourself with all the different areas. On your left are the menus that allow you to move to different parts of the system. These links are found under the MAIN MENU and NAVIGATION and ADMINISTRATION Menus. To begin, click on the Link(s) that gives the name(s) of the course(s) you are registered for. The link(s) will always be under the MY COURSES Heading. Each course has a brief description given for easy reference.

    Quick Start Guide 3

  • The Quiz PageEach course provides a quiz corresponding to each day of the week. The are numbered with the appropriate date to make it easy to know which quiz to do. Note that for the free trial, they are labelled Day 1 to Day 14 as shown below. Itis important to try and do one quiz everyday. This will ensure that you continue to get a little bit of science or mathematics knowledge everyday. To begin a quiz, simply click on its link as circled below. The first question comes up for you to answer. Take note of the features marked in the figure below, including a timer and being able to jump back and forth between questions.

    Quick Start Guide 4

  • Am Done, Now WhatAfter completing all the quiz questions, a summary page as shown below comes up. It tells you which questions you have answered and have been saved. If you want to re-look at any particular question, you can do so by directly clickingon the question numbers as shown. This teaches you good testing habits by allowing you to go through your work before submission.

    When you are confident that you are done, click on the Submit all and finish link.

    Quick Start Guide 5

  • Immediate FeedbackAfter clicking on the Submit all and finish link, your quiz is automatically gradedwith scores and answers provided. Detailed explanations are given for both right and wrong answers. If you got the answer right (or guessed), you can compare your approach with the answer that is given, in case there is anything that you missed.

    When you click on the finish review button, a summary of all the attempts you have made on this quiz is given. The system also keeps track of the highest score you have obtained so far and presents it at the bottom of the page (see figure on next page). By keeping track of your highest score, you are also able tokeep track of your progress.

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  • Quick Start Guide 7

  • What Are My Past Grades?You can look at your grades at anytime for all quizzes you have taken so far by linking to the grade book. Click on the Grades link under the .Administration Menu. Note that you must be on the quizzes page as shown in the picture below, to access the grade book. The grade book gives the highest score for each of the quizzes taken. By clickingon any of the quiz links, scores for all attempts made on that quiz are given.So that is it! Enjoy the eClassroom and Let us work together towards your academic success

    Quick Start Guide 8