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Real Estate

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Lobby presentation for commercial real estate company.


  • 1. Part of the CBRE affiliate network.

2. CorporateRESPONSIBILITY CBREs mission is to deliver superior results for stakeholders by: Putting the client first a lwa y s Thinking innovatively, but acting practically Collaborating across markets and service lines Providing a rewarding work environmentmission and 3. VILLAGE BANK HQ AT WATKINS CTR :: FOR SALE 4. PHILIP MORRIS OPERATIONS CTR :: FOR SALE 5. CBRE Cares strives to create real benefit for individuals in need 6. CHRYSALIS BUILDING :: FOR SALE 7. NORTH RUN :: FOR LEASE 8. Triumph Services 9. ONE MONUMENT AVENUE :: PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 10. EASTSHORE I, II & lll :: FOR LEASE 11. REYNOLDS CROSSING :: FOR LEASE 12. I wanted to pass to you ourMartinsburg, WV 13. AIRPORT DISTRIBUTION :: FOR LEASE 14. LOGISTICS CENTRAL :: FOR LEASE 15. SCC BUILDING :: PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 16. WATKINS CENTRE :: FOR LEASE 17. be attributed to Melissa'sof the Government process. Realty Specialist, 3PRSR. 18. I dont believeresponsive or cooperativeRehab Management, Inc 19. Vision for Future Conference Center Historic RetreatHoly Family Retreat House Hamptonproject management 20. USCG NATIONAL MARITIME CENTER :: PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 21. Senior Vice PresidentFirst Tennessee Corporate Banking 22. BANK OF AMERICA CENTER :: FOR LEASE & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 23. Immigration Services 24. HANOVER BUSINESS CENTER :: FOR LEASE 25. PERIMETER CENTER :: PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 26. WESTMARK I :: FOR LEASE 27. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Martha Jefferson ::Adaptive Reuse 28. Adaptive ReuseMartha Jeffersonproject management 29. US BORDER PATROL BUILDING :: PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 30. PATRIOT TOWER :: FOR LEASE AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 31. FOREST MEDICAL PLAZA :: PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 32. American Spirit Institute 33. SEVEN HILLS SCHOOL :: BUILDING MAINTENANCE & MANAGEMENT 34. NEW KENT WINERY :: FOR SALE 35. to addvalue 36. ONE HOLLAND :: FOR LEASE AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 37. 1400 WILSON BLVD :: PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 38. SHOPPES AT INNSBROOK :: FOR LEASE AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 39. Part of the CBRE affiliate network.