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<ul><li><p>New NHS Trust contract The staff at CP Plus are said to be delighted with winning this prestigious new contract, one of many the company has been won over the course of the last decade. One staff member, Gavin Povey, who works as CP Pluss head of development in car park operations, commented on the achievement, stating that the contract had been won as a result of the rigorous negotiations the company had gone through with the Mental Health Trust, and that this success reflects the companys position as the leading provider of car park operational and management services for the NHS. He added that CP Plus has always maintained exceptionally high standards in terms of the delivery of top quality parking management services to the hospitals within the UK, and that Haringey, Enfield and Barnet Mental Health Trust would be receiving the same high levels of service. He finished by stating that the company were looking forward to working alongside the hospital trust members over the next three years. CP Plus staff will take turns in shifts to monitor the car parks. This will help to prevent abuse of the car park system through non-payment, and on a more general note, will ensure that both public and staff parking are regulated more efficiently. Additionally, CP Plus will be working to improve the management and control of the traffic throughout the day, so that all drivers will be able to park quickly and safely. one of the countrys leading parking management and car park operators, recently made an announcement regarding a contract they won with the Haringey, Enfield and Barnet Mental Health Trust. The contract will last for three years. As part of their agreement, CP Plus intend to implement a number of mobile patrols</p><p></p></li></ul>


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