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  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007



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    (2007&08 SESSION)

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007


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  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007




    PUDUCHERRY- 605006.

    (Directorate General of Health Services)PROSPECTUS FOR ADMISSION TO M.B.B.S. COURSE


    1.1 The Institute is financed and administered by the Ministry of Health andFamily Welfare, Government of India through the Directorate General ofHealth Services, New Delhi.

    1.2 The Institute is affiliated to the Pondicherry University and provides instruction

    for the M.B.B.S. course.


    2.1 The duration of the course is 4 years and 6 months followed by Compulsory RotatoryInternship of one year.

    2.2 Number of Seats: Seventy-five seats are available for admission for the session2007-08 to the First Year M.B.B.S. course. These seats are distributed as under,which is subject to approval by Director General of Health Services / Ministry ofHealth and Family Welfare, New Delhi. All candidates will be considered under the

    Open General category.

    (a) Open General (OG) 12

    (b) Open Scheduled Caste (OSC) 8

    (c) Open Scheduled Tribe (OST) 6

    (d) Puducherry General (PG) 17

    (e) Puducherry Scheduled Caste (PSC) 3

    (f) Seats to be filled on the basis ofCommon All India Entrance Test by CBSE


    (g) Government of India nominationsubject to fulfillment of basic requirements laiddown, vide Para 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3


    Total 75

    The distribution is subject to change based on Government policy regardingreservation of seats to OBC category and outcome of court cases if any.

    2.3 Reservation for Physically Handicapped: 2 seats are reserved for PhysicallyHandicapped candidates on horizontal reservation basis. Those who have locomotordisability of lower limbs between 50% and 70% are only eligible to apply under this

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007


    Category. Candidates should submit an attested copy of the Medical Certificate insupport of disability as mentioned above at the time of application and if selected,they will have to produce the Original Medical Certificate at the time of Counseling,and he/she also should appear before a Medical Board of this Institute and obtain avalid Disability Certificate prior to admission. The reservation for PhysicallyHandicapped is according to the availability of eligible candidates.

    2.4 Definition of Puducherry Union Territory Residents: The 20 Seats reserved forPuducherry General and Puducherry Scheduled Caste are open to applicants whoare Puducherry Residents provided he/she is an Indian National and satisfies eitherof the following criteria:

    (a) Those candidates / their parents residing continuously in the Union Territory ofPuducherry for at least five years immediately preceding the date of application.

    (b) Children of Central/State Government Servants, including employees of Public Sectorundertaking under the Central/ State Government posted and serving in the UnionTerritory of Puducherry for at least a minimum period of ONE year prior to the last datefor submission of application.

    (c) Scheduled Tribe candidates residing at Puducherry will also be considered for OpenScheduled Tribe and Puducherry General Category.

    NOTE: Residence Certificate must be produced in the prescribed form at the time ofadmission.


    3.1 Nationality: The applicant for admission should be a Resident Indian National andshould have studied in schools located in India in the preceding two (2) years exceptfor those admitted against the seats reserved for foreign students who are nomineesof the Government of India.

    3.2 Age: Candidates should have completed the age of 17 years on or before 31st

    December, 2007 i.e. they should have been born on or before 1ST JANUARY 1991.This age limit will also apply to the candidates nominated by the Government ofIndia. Request for relaxation from the prescribed age limit will not be considered.

    3.3 Educational Qualifications: Candidates for admission to the M.B.,B.S. courseshould have passed the qualifying examination as under:

    (a)The Higher Secondary Examination (or) the Indian School Certificate Examinationwhich is equivalent to 10+2 Higher Secondary Examination after a period of 12year study, the last 2 years of study comprising of Physics, Chemistry, Biology /Botany & Zoology with English at a level not less than the core course forEnglish as prescribed by the National Council for Education Research andTraining after the introduction of 10+2+3 years educational structure asrecommended by the National Committee on Education and must have passed

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007


    in the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology / Botany & Zoology and Englishindividually and must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks taken together inPhysics, Chemistry and Biology / Botany & Zoology at the qualifyingexamination.

    For Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe candidates, the minimum marks in thequalifying examination will be 40%.

    Annexure-I contains examinations recognized by Pondicherry University.

    (b) The candidates who have passed the qualifying examination other than thosementioned in the list appended in Annexure-I will have to submit an eligibilitycertificate from the Pondicherry University before admission is finalized.

    3.4 Candidates who have appeared or will be appearing in the qualifying examination inMarch/April 2007 and whose results have not yet been declared can also apply foradmission, if they are otherwise eligible. They will, however, be admitted to theInstitute only if they satisfy the requirement at Para 3.1., 3.2 and 3.3 above.

    3.5 It is the responsibility of the candidates to ascertain whether they possess therequisite qualifications for admission. Having been called for written test / counselingdoes not necessarily mean acceptance of the eligibility. Eligibility for admissions indoubtful cases will be decided in consultation with the Pondicherry University.

    4. APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION4.1. How to Apply:

    The last date and time for receipt of duly filled in applications in the enclosed prescribedform in all respects is 28th March 2007 (4.30 PM) Wednesday.

    Candidates can also download the Prospectus and submit the application ONLINE.However, they should take a print out in A4 Size Paper and affix his/her Photographand sign the application and send the same alongwith the Demand Draft (Rs.350/-for General Candidates and Rs.250/- for SC/ST Candidates drawn in favour of theACCOUNTS OFFICER, JIPMER, PUDUCHERRY, the Demand Draft should bedrawn on any Nationalized Bank) payable at Puducherry (Pondicherry) and attestedcopy of Community Certificate in case of SC/ST candidates and Medical Certificate in

    case of Physically Handicapped (if applicable), so as to reach this office on or before28th March 2007 (4.30 PM) Wednesday.

    Before sending the application to this Institute, the applicants are advised tocheck the D.D., whether it contains the number, date, value, FavourersDesignation & address, Authoritys Signature and Drawees Branch with codenumber. If it is found defective in any manner, the same will not be consideredand Admit Card will not be sent. Name, address and application number shouldbe written on the reverse of the demand draft.

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007


    Those candidates who are applying in the pre-printed application formsobtained from this Institute through post or in person have to send the filled inapplication form along with Acknowledgement Card duly filling their address soas to reach this office on or before 28th March 2007 (4.30 PM) (Wednesday).

    The following certificates (if applicable) should be enclosed (should not be stapled

    with application):-a) Attested copy of Community Certificate in case of S.C/S.T. candidates.

    b) Attested copy of Medical Certificate in case of Physically Handicappedcandidates with locomotor disability of lower limb between 50% and 70%.

    The Application Number should be written at the top in the copy of SC/ST andMedical Certificate. Candidates who have submitted SC/ST or PH Certificates will beconsidered for the concerned category otherwise they will be considered for GeneralCategory. The name of the caste should have been listed in the list of ScheduledCastes and Scheduled Tribes published by Government of India otherwise they willbe considered in the General Category. The Physically Handicapped certificateshould have been obtained on or after 01-01-20076 from a Medical Board comprisingof atleast one Expert / Specialist from the Sspeciality of Orthopaaedics of aGovernment Hospital.

    (i) (i) Admission for the seats of (a) to (e) of categories mentioned underDistribution of seats will be filled by the Entrance Examination conducted by thisInstitute for which application is attached with this Prospectus.

    (ii) For admission to the seats to be filled on the basis of common All India EntranceTest i.e. for the category (f) the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) willconduct the examination, evaluate the answer script, prepare the merit list /waiting list and also declare the result. After declaration of the result, the CBSEwill forward the merit/waiting list to the Directorate General of Health Services,Government of India, New Delhi, who will, in turn, allocate the candidates to the

    respective Medical Colleges/Institutions on the basis of merit-cum-preference.Applications for this category have to be obtained from the CBSE and to besubmitted to them directly.

    (iii) Nominations: Selection of candidates for admission against the seatsallocated for Government of India nominees, i.e. for the category (g) will bemade by the authorities, as indicated in Annexure-II and not by this Institute.Hence, the candidates are advised to apply directly to the authorities

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007


    concerned for nomination against those seats in the prescribed form availablewith them and not in the application form issued from this Institute.

    The eligibility criteria for admission, mentioned in Para 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 arealso applicable to the candidates nominated by CBSE and Government ofIndia.

    4.2. Filling Application Form: All columns in the application form should be filledcarefully and legibly in candidates own handwriting. Along with this prospectus, ICRapplication form is enclosed in a separate cover. The application will be verifiedand checked by computer scanner. Hence, the candidates are advised to fill up theapplication form legibly, only in CAPITAL LETTERS by BLACK BALL POINT PEN.There should not be any correction / smudges in the application form. Therefore,they are further advised first to fill the model copy of the applicationavailable inthis prospectus (last page) and after confirmation, the original form available in aseparate covermay be filled carefully. They should enter only true particulars in theapplication form.

    The ICR application should be sent in the envelope provided with the prospectuswithout folding it. Filled in Application Form should be sent to the REGISTRAR(ACADEMIC), JIPMER, PUDUCHERRY-605006 so as to reach him on or before28th March 2007, 4.30 P.M.

    NOTE: Application form may be submitted even though the Higher Secondary (+2) orequivalent qualifying examination results are not known, before the due date indicatedabove.

    4.3. Candidates should specify in the application form in Sl. No. 2 as to which categoryhe/she is applying viz. Open General / Open Scheduled Caste / Open Scheduled

    Tribe / Puducherry General / Puducherry Scheduled Caste. In addition, if he / she ishaving locomotor disability of 50% to 70% at lower limb, it should be mentioned inColumn 2(a).

    4.4. On receipt of duly filled in application, each application form will be assigned a RollNumber and this will be intimated to the candidate in the Admit Card. This RollNumber should only be quoted in all future correspondence invariably and theProspectus/Application number should not be quoted.

    4.5. Incomplete applications (viz. without affixing photograph, not signing at the

    appropriate places, not enclosing the Community Certificates and MedicalCertificates claiming seats under SC/ST/PH Quotas and not enclosing DD towardsfees etc.) will be summarily rejected and no communication will be entertained. ThisInstitute will not take any responsibility for delay in the receipt or loss of application inpostal transit except in the case of natural calamity and civic strife.

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007



    5.1. All the candidates who have applied for admission and are found eligible will berequired to take the Entrance Examination at their own cost. The examination will beconducted at the following Centres viz. 1.PUDUCHERRY, 2.CHENNAI,3.HYDERABAD, 4.DELHI, 5.KOLKATA and 6.THIRUVANANTHAPURAM on

    SUNDAY the 27th

    May 2007. The Examination Centre, once opted by theapplicant will not be changed by correspondence, after the receipt of theapplication.


    The examination shall be conducted in ENGLISH medium only.

    6.1. The Entrance Examination will be of multiple choice type questions totaling 200 in thesubjects of English, Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Each answer withcorrect response shall be awarded one mark. Zero Mark will be given for the

    question not answered. More than one answer indicated against a question, will bedeemed as incorrect response and no mark will be given. There is no NEGATIVEMARKING. The model of the question of the Entrance Examination is given inAnnexure-III.

    The correct answer in the answer sheet should be blackened with Black Ball PointPen.

    NOTE: General standard of the Entrance Examination will be that of CBSE standard or anyother equivalent examination of an Indian University/Board. No specific syllabus forthe examination has been prescribed by this Institute.


    7.1 The Admit Card will be sent only to those candidates whose application is completein all respects, such as Nationality / Age / Educational Qualification / Residence asindicated in Para 3.1., 3.2., 3.3., and 2.4. No candidate will be allowed to appear inthe Entrance Examination unless he/she holds the Admit Card issued by thisInstitute.

    7.1.1 Admit Cards will not be sent to the ineligible candidates. No representation in thisregard will be entertained either in correspondence or at the Examination Centre.

    7.1.2 The institute bears no responsibility for non-receipt of Admit Card dueto loss in transit or on any other ground.


  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007


    8.1. All General candidates securing less than 50% marks and Scheduled Caste/Tribecandidates securing less than 40% marks in aggregate in the subjects of Physics,Chemistry and Biology taken together in the Entrance Examination will not beconsidered for admission to the Institute and their names will not be included in themerit list.

    8.2. A combined merit list of all the categories of candidates will be drawn on the basis oftheir performance in the Entrance Examination.

    8.2.1 The candidates selected against the Physically Handicapped quota will be placed inthe appropriate category in which he/she belongs (i.e. Open General/OpenScheduled Caste/Open Scheduled Tribe/Puducherry General/Puducherry ScheduledCaste).

    8.2.2 All the candidates will be considered for selection against Open General Categoryseats. Once the Open General Category seats have been filled according to meriton the basis of performance in the Entrance Examination, the remaining seats underthe reserved categories viz. Open Scheduled Caste, Open Scheduled Tribe,Poducherry General and Puducherry Scheduled Caste will be filled up by the

    candidates as per their eligibility according to the merit on the basis of theirperformance in the Entrance Examination. Provided further that any of thePuducherry Scheduled Caste candidate comes within the INTER-SE MERIT of OpenScheduled Caste, he/she will be offered admission against the Open ScheduledCaste seats.

    8.2.3 In the case of a tie of the candidates having obtained equal marks in the EntranceExamination, the INTER-SE merit will be decided on their performance in theEntrance Examination by first eliminating English marks, and if there is still a tie byeliminating Physics marks, and if there is still a tie the Chemistry marks, and if thereis still a tie, the Botany marks. If still there is a tie, the candidate older in age will bepreferred.

    8.2.4 Individual letters will be sent to the selected candidates and to those who are placedin the waiting list. They will be required to attend Counseling and MedicalExamination at the Institute at their own cost on the notified date. At the time ofcounseling, candidates will have to produce the original Marks Sheet of the qualifyingexamination and other original documents mentioned at page 8 such as proof of age,Transfer Certificate, Character Certificate etc. Admission will not be finalised unlessthe candidates produce all the original documents and the Transfer certificate. Therewill be no allocation of marks for the counseling. Candidate found medically fit andadmitted will be required to pay the fees in full in cash immediately.

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007


    Provided if any selected candidate is unable to attend counseling and medicalexamination at the Institute on the notified date on medical grounds or due to some

    other circumstances beyond his/her control, his/her parent/guardian can come inperson on his/her behalf along with authorization/identification letter for verification ofthe original documents of the selected candidate and pay the admission fees andsubmit the original certificates to the Institute and he/she will be considered forprovisional admission. His/Her formal admission will be confirmed only after he/sheis found medically fit and fulfills other requirements. Also, if sufficient number ofcandidates, who fulfill the requirements are not available under Open ScheduledCaste/Open Scheduled Tribe Category, that vacancy will be filled by the OpenGeneral Category.

    8.2.5 To fill the vacancies arising due to the failure of appearance by the selected

    candidates, sufficient number of candidates from the waiting list will also be called forcounseling intimating their merit position in order. Such candidates will have toappear for the counseling on the notified date at their own risk and cost.

    8.2.6 Candidates who fail to attend counseling / medical examination on the notified dateand who have also not represented by his/her parent/guardian as mentioned in theabove proviso shall forfeit their claim for admission and placement in the waiting list.

    8.2.7 Marks obtained in the Entrance Examination by the candidates will be placed in theofficial website:

    8.2.8 In case, requisite numbers of candidate who fulfill the requirements are not availableto fill up the seats reserved for Scheduled Caste candidates under the PuducherryUnion Territory Quota, the vacancies will be filled up by the Open Scheduled Castecandidates, who fulfill the requirements.

    8.2.9 The admission of the candidates of other University/Board will be provisional subjectto the recognition of their qualifying examination by the Pondicherry University. Theyshould apply after admission to the Pondicherry University for recognition of thequalifying examination in the prescribed form with the pass certificate of thequalifying examination and course certificate in original along with the fee of Rs.180/-(Rs.450/- for examinations passed outside India). The candidates who have passedthe Higher Secondary Examination of Tamil Nadu, Pre-Degree of Calicut University,

    Intermediate of Andhra Pradesh and AISSCE of CBSE should pay recognition fee ofRs.75/-. In case, the Pondicherry University does not accord recognition to theadmission of the candidate on any ground, the provisional admission does not entitlethe candidate for the continuance of the course and the admission will be deemed ascancelled.

    8.2.10 Candidates who have been admitted must join their classes on the date on which theclasses commence. This date will be notified in the counseling call letter itself.

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007


    The selection/admission is liable to be cancelled if the selected candidate does notreport to join the class on the stipulated date without prior permission.


    9.1 The following original certificates should be submitted by the selected candidates atthe time of joining along with attested copies.

    1. (a) Pass certificate of the qualifying examination.

    2.(b) Statement of marks of the qualifying examination.

    3. Age certificate showing the date of birth (Birth Certificate or X Std. Certificate).

    4. Character and Conduct certificate from the Head of the Institute last studied.

    5. Residence certificate issued by Revenue Authority not below the rank of


    6. In case of Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe, a Community certificate, recently

    obtained from the competent authority a Revenue Officer not below the rank of


    7. Transfer certificate from the Head of the Institution last studied.

    8. In case of Puducherry Residents, the Residence Certificate / Employer Certificate

    as required in para 2.4 of the prospectus.

    9. Medical Certificate in case of PH Candidate.

    10. Two Passport size colourphotographs recently taken.

    11. Original Admit Card issued by this Institute

    12. Offer of Admission, sent by this Institute.

    NOTE: If any of the above original certificates is found defective, the eligibility for admissionwill be forfeited. If the certificates are found in any other language, except in English,English Translation attested by a Gazetted Officer should be produced.


    10.1. After the issue of admission order, each candidate will have to pay the following feesin cash immediately, failing which his/her admission will be cancelled and the nextcandidate in the waiting list will be admitted in his/her place. Cheques, bank draftsetc., will not be accepted.

    10.2. The fees paid shall not be refunded in any case.

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007


    10.3. The details of tuition and other fees payable are as follows:


    1. Tuition fee ... Rs. 250/-p.a. (Subject to revision)2. JIPMER Students Association fee ... Rs. 500/- p.a.(Subject to revision)3. Amenity Fee Rs.1000/- p.a.4. Caution Deposit (Institute) Rs.1000/- (Refundable)


    1. Caution Deposit Rs.2000/- (Refundable)2. Hostel Mess Deposit Rs.3000/-3. Establishment Charges Rs.3000/- p.a.


    1. University Development Fund ... Rs.1000/- (One time Fee)2. University Sports Fee ... Rs. 10/- p.a.3. University Registration Fee ... Rs. 40/- (at the time of admission)4. University Library Fee ... Rs. 10/- p.a.5. Matriculation Fee ... Rs. 18/- (at the time of admission)

    The above fees are subject to revision at the discretion of the Government of India and

    candidates are required to pay such tuition fees as may be prescribed by theGovernment of India from time to time.

    10.4. The tuition fees during the second and subsequent years will be collected from 1st to15th July every year. An extension of 15 days will be given beyond 15th July to paythe fees with penalty. In case any of the student fails to remit the tuition fee on orbefore the close of last date prescribed without proper prior permission, his/her namewill be struck off from the rolls and attendance will not be given.

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007



    11.1. Separate hostel accommodation is available for boys and girls. All studentsshould reside in the hostels except those who reside with their parents or approvedguardians.

    11.2. Application for accommodation in the hostels should be in the prescribed form alongwith the assurance by the parent or guardian for the good conduct and behaviour ofthe candidate during his/her stay in the hostel. Admission to hostel will be made bythe Warden on approval by the Director.

    11.3. The rent for hostel accommodation is Rs.193/- per month per candidate in a doubleroom and Rs.198/- per month for a single room and electricity charges at Rs.6/- permonth and Rs.7/- per month respectively.

    11.4. Each student residing in the hostel has to pay a caution deposit of Rs.2000/- which

    will be refunded after making deductions, if any, at the time the student leaves thehostel.11.5.

    11.6. Mess is run by the students themselves on dividing system. A deposit of Rs.3000/-has to be paid in cash to the Warden of the hostel towards boarding charges andRs.3000/- per year towards Establishment charges.


    Three Merit Scholarships at the rate of Rs.250/- per month and Six full feeconcession at the rate of Rs.250/- per annum are awarded for Three and half years,after completion of the I M.B.B.S. University Examination if the income of theparents does not exceed Rs.30, 000/- per annum.


    13.1 All students admitted to the Institute shall maintain good conduct, pay the requisitetuition fees and other charges by due dates, attend their classes/clinics regularly andabide by regulations of the Institute. When the conduct and character of a student isnot satisfactory or is of suspicious nature, the Director reserves the right, withoutassigning any reason either to make him/her vacate the hostel or to expel him/her

    from the Institute.

    13.2 Ragging juniors in any form is forbidden. If any one is found ragging his/her juniors,he/she can be rusticated from the Institute.


    1. Application duly filled in along with enclosures should reach this office before thelast date and time.

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007


    2. All particulars in the application form must be written carefully and legibly inCAPITAL LETTERS. If any column is unfilled, the application will be summarilyrejected without any intimation.

    3. Applicants are advised to send only one application in one cover and not to sendmore than one application in a single cover.

    4. Any attempt on the part of the candidate to influence directly or indirectly will betreated as disqualification.

    5. No individual intimation will be sent to candidates NOT selected and nocorrespondence on this subject will be entertained.

    6. In the matter of selection/admission, the decision of the Director of the Institute shallbe final.

    7. The disputes, if any with regard to admission etc will be subject to the legalJurisdiction of the Union Territory of Puducherry.

    DEANPUDUCHERRY-605006 February 2007.

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007



    Name of the 12th class examination and the affiliated University/Board

    1. Central Board of Secondary Education All India Senior School Certificate Examination


    3. Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination Indian School Certificate (Year-12)Examination

    4. Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh Intermediate Examination.

    5. Assam Higher Secondary Education Council Higher Secondary (+2) Examination

    6. Bihar Intermediate Council Bihar Intermediate Examination

    7. Board of Secondary Education, Chhatisgarh Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination

    8. Goa Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Higher Secondary School CertificateExamination

    9. Gujarat Secondary Education Board, Gujarat Higher Secondary Certificate Examination (10+2

    Pattern)10. Board of School Education, Haryana Senior Secondary Certificate Examination

    11. Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education Senior Secondary (+2) Examination

    12. The Jammu & Kashmir State Board of School Education Higher Secondary Part II Examination,Jammu/Kashmir Region

    13. Jharkhand Intermediate Council, Jharkhand Intermediate Examination

    14. Board of Pre-University Examination, Karnataka Second Year Pre-University Examination

    15. Board of Higher Secondary Examination, Kerala Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination(10+2)

    16. Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination(10+2)

    17. Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Higher SecondaryCertificate Examination

    18. Council of Secondary Education, Manipur Higher Secondary Examination

    19. Meghalaya Board of School Education Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination

    20. Mizoram Board of School Education Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination

    21. Nagaland Board of School Education Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination

    22. Council of Higher Secondary Education, Orissa Higher Secondary Examination

    23. Punjab School Education Board Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (Part II)

    24. Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan Senior Secondary Examination

    25. Board of Higher Secondary Examination, Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Examination26. Tripura Board of Secondary Education Higher Secondary (+2 Stage) Examination

    27. Board of Intermediate Examination, Uttaranchal Intermediate Examination

    28. Board of Intermediate Examination, Uttar Pradesh Intermediate Examination

    29. West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Examination Higher Secondary Examination

    30. Any other examinations recognized by Pondicherry University which is equivalent to 12th Std.Examinations

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007







    Authority to whom theapplications are to be sent


    1. Students belonging to States/ UnionTerritories with no Medical/Dental College

    Health Secretary,State/Union Territory Government

    2. Wards of Defence Personnel Liaison Officer,

    Kendriya Sainik Board,Ministry of Defence, West Block-IV,Wing No.5, R.K. Puram,New Delhi - 110 066.

    3. Chidren of Paramilitary Personnel :(i) For CRPF/BSF, etc. Personnel

    (ii) For SSB/R&AW/SFF/ARCPersonnel

    Ministry of Home Affairs,FP-1, Section, North Block,New Delhi - 110 001

    Cabinet Secretariat, EA-II Section,Bikaner House (Annexe),Shahjahan Road,New Delhi - 110 011.

    4. Children of Indian based staff serving inIndian Missions abroad

    Ministry of External Affairs,Welfare Cell, Akbar Bhawan, Chanakyapuri,New Delhi - 110 021.

    5. For meeting diplomatic/bilateralCommitments

    Ministry of External Affairs,Students Cell, Akbar Bhawan, Chanakyapuri,New Delhi - 110 021.

    6. Tibetan Refugees Ministry of Human Resource Development(Department of Education), UT-2 Section, A-2/W-4, Curzon Road, Barracks, New Delhi -110 001.

    7. National Bravery Award Winning Children Indian Council for Child Welfare,4, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg,New Delhi - 110 002

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007



    The Entrance Examination for admission of candidate to the First M.B.B.S. Course,Session 2007-08 will consist of one paper of 2 hours and 30 minutes duration. The totalnumber of multiple choice questions will be 200, equally distributed in the subjects ofEnglish, Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. It will be held from 10.00 AM to 12.30

    PM on SUNDAY the 27th May 2007.

    Five model questions with answers are given below for guidance.


    1. EnglishThe other word for reluctant is -A) angryB) reconsiderC) dislikeD) unwilling

    A B C D

    2. PhysicsA rocket works on the principle of -

    A) conservation of massB) conservation of energyC) conservation of linear momentumD) conservation of angular momentum


    B C D

    3. ChemistryIron coated with layer of zinc is called -A) protected ironB) zinc platedC) amalgamated ironD) galvanised iron

    A B C D

    4. BotanyNumerous new leaves and shoots in plants are

    produced -A) when the old ones fall ofB) when the rainy season sets inC) when the weather cools down as in winterD) during spring

    A B C D

    5. ZoologyAnimal starch(glycogen) in mammals is stored in -A) liver and musclesB) skin and musclesC) spleen and skinD) liver and spleen

    A B C D

    The Correct answers are D,C,D,D and A respectively, Hence D,C,D,D, and A are

    blackened with BLACK BALL POINT PEN.The candidates are advised to answer all questions. Only one answer is to be marked

    for each question. No corrections/erasing are allowed.

    Candidates are required to bring their own BLACK BALL POINT PEN for theexamination.

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007




    1. Roll number should be written infigures as well as darked in theboxes.

    2. Do not make stray marks3. Example for marking the Answers:

    Correct MethodFor example if the Roll Number is 9041, itshould be written in black ball pen andcircles darked as follows with black ballpen:

    Roll Number9 0 4 1

    Incorrect Methods

    A B C D



    2 DCBA2 2 2

    A B C D3 3 3 3

    A B C D4 4 4 4

    A C D5 5 5 5

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007


    A B C D


    A B C D

    0 0000

    1 1111

    2 2 2 2 2

    3 3 3 3 3

    6 6 6 6


    8 8 8 8

    9 9 9 9

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007


  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007


    EkgRoiw.kZ frfFk;kIMPORTANT DATES

    1. Hkjs gq, vkosnu izkIr djus dhvafre frfFk

    : 28.03.2007

    Last Date for receipt of filled in application :

    2. izosk ijh{kk dh frfFk vkSj le; :

    Date and time of Entrance Examination :


    1. Application filled in all respects : Yes/No

    2. Address in Acknowledgement Card filled in : Yes/No

    3. Attested copy of Community Certificate in case ofSC/ST Candidates and Medical Certificate in caseof Physically Handicapped Candidates(ifapplicable)

    : Yes/No

  • 8/8/2019 NEW MBBS PROSPECTUS 2007


    OksclkbV/ Website :

    Note: Any communication/additional information will be published only in the JIPMERwebsite. Candidate in their own interest are advised to browse the website for

    updating information.