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<p>'MillII</p> <p>^ i1ftMHi* ~" a ^ T^r ir TI</p> <p>rMiin&gt;-Lt'i'rr'.*'^''7/'ivtr&gt;'ii;r^''^:rL^*'Tj'i*;'tr*'&gt;''ir*^'!!^L'';^r'^.'i'''*in</p> <p>CORNELLUNIVERSITY LIBRARY</p> <p>^;^,iXuniv^siy BF1701 .P26</p> <p>Library</p> <p>DATE DUEw/rr-^f</p> <p>SEP</p> <p>B</p> <p>)</p> <p>A</p> <p>g</p> <p>j^^SA^i^</p> <p>MAY</p> <p>.S</p> <p>pnoo</p> <p>cavloud!iS*W6asai*riipss*^wa:i;~,-r :::,</p> <p>PnrNTEOINU.S.A.T. .</p> <p>pose our. .</p> <p>Lord</p> <p>aiul Saviour Jesus Christ loas merely a</p> <p>new</p> <p>corner</p> <p>his doctrine</p> <p>new or strange as</p> <p>if springing</p> <p>from</p> <p>one of</p> <p>* recent origin''</p> <p>In Latch's series of volumes, entitled respectively "A Heview of the Holy Bible," "Indications of Genesis," "IndicaIndications of Exodus," the doctrine of God tions of Job," in manifested the flesh, seen of angels, known among the Gentiles, and once preached to all the world (" from Mexico to distant Ind ") is elaborately set forth from the statements of the Old and the New Testament alone, without reference to any outside sources whatever. Erom the " Review of the Holy Bible " we cite the following specimen passages " The labors of Jesus Christ in the flesh of man, as the son of man, commenced from the day of Abraham, at which time he took upon himself the seed of Abraham. From the records of the Scriptures, Melchisedek can be no other than a divinity.'':</p> <p>* Says Herbert Spencer "Are we to conclude that amid the numerous religions, varying their forms and degrees of elaboration, which have a common origin, there exists one which has a different origin ? Are we to make an exception of the religion current among ourselves ? If, in seeking an answer, we compare this supposed excep:</p> <p>tional religion with the others,genesis.</p> <p>we do not</p> <p>find it so unlike</p> <p>them</p> <p>as to</p> <p>imply an unlikeIf theevi-</p> <p>Contrariwise,</p> <p>it</p> <p>presents throughout remarkable likenesses to them.religion</p> <p>numerous parallelisms between the Christian</p> <p>and other</p> <p>religions,</p> <p>which the</p> <p>dence shows, do not prove likeness of origin and development, then the implication is that a complete simulation of the natural by the supernatural has been deliberately devised to deceive those who examine critically what they are taught. Appearances have been arranged" (between the later revealed religion and earlier unrevealed ones) " for the purpose of misleading sincere inquirers that they may be eternally damnedfor seeking the truth.</p> <p>Obviously Eusebius, Augustine, and Herbert Spencer would agree very well uponthis matter.</p> <p>MESSIAH SEEN OF ABRAHAM.</p> <p>213</p> <p>He was</p> <p>not a creature, for he bad neither father nor mother,life.</p> <p>neither beginning of days nor end of</p> <p>If</p> <p>such an one met</p> <p>Abram and</p> <p>blessed him, his mission must have been of the highest import and there seems to be no other event recorded in the Scripture which can fill out the measure of the mission of Melchisedek than the advent of Messiah the Prince. In the Bible the Lord is frequently apostrophized by the name of the tabernacle in which he walks. AVho was Elijah, that he should do so many wonderful things, and ascend up to heaven in a chariot of fire ? Elijah seems identical with Melchisedek, who came down from heaven bearing the Bread of Life which became the Seed of Abraham. The body of the Seed is substance, and the Lord must have been manifest as a bodily presence. (* Thus said Jehovah I have not dwelt in a house, but have gone from tent (Hebrew, Ohel, the brightness of the canopy of stars) to tent, and from one tabernacle to anHow goodly are thy tents, O Jacob, other (1 Chron. xvii. 5).;</p> <p>...</p> <p>'</p> <p>'</p> <p>and thy tabernacles,thatif</p> <p>O Israel</p> <p>*!</p> <p>(Num.</p> <p>xxiv.</p> <p>5).</p> <p>'</p> <p>For we know</p> <p>perchance our earthly tent -dwellings be taken down, we have a building of God, a dwelling not made by hands, ageduring in the heavens. And verily herein we sigh, earnestly desiring to clothe ourselves over with our habitation which isof heaven. sigh,..</p> <p>.</p> <p>And</p> <p>verily,'</p> <p>we who</p> <p>are in the tent do'</p> <p>Right, neverbeing weighed down (2 Corin. v. 1-4). theless, I esteem it, as long as I am in this tent, to be stirring you up by a reminding, knowing that speedy is the putting off of my tent.' 2 Peter i. 13-14). " The time when the Messiah first took upon himself the form of man may be considered an open question but the mass of evidence given in the Scriptures from first to last seems to fix conclusively that he came in the day of Abraham, the Saviour himself stating that Abraham was glad that he might see my day, and he saw and did rejoice (John viii. During the days of his labors, as recorded by the Old 5, 6). Testament, he was in the form of man, and seen of angels. 'But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah out of thee shall he come forth unto me to be ruler in Israel, lohose goi7igs forth;'' . , .</p> <p>have</p> <p>hee7i</p> <p>of old from everlasting to everlasting'</p> <p>(Micali</p> <p>v.</p> <p>'214:</p> <p>NEW</p> <p>LIGHT FROM THE GEEAT PYRAMID.</p> <p>During the iDriestliood of Melcliisedek, the Messiah frequently changed his tabernacle. The great keynote of the harmony which has existed in the Scriptures from Moses down is Christ manifest in the flesh from the day that Melchisedek met Abram and blessed him. The mystery of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, who entered upon his mission as the Redeemer from the day Melchisedek met Abram returning from the slaughter of the kings, is the revelation of the apostle Paul." Of the substance of the Father of Light, from whom cometh every good and perfect gift, theology affirms only that He is a spirit, in contradistinction to what is known to our senses as matter. Of the existence of the Deity the Holy Catholic Church throughout the world, from days long before the advent of Christianity, as it is now understood, has always aftirmed that the Creator existed in Three Persons, just as light exists in a triad of primary colors, and tone in a triad of sounds. The existence of spirit, hoAvever, is not limited to the three x^ersons of the Trinity any more than the existence of light is limited to the three iDrimary colors, or tone to a triad of sounds. Below the Trinity of Persons in the Creator the ancient Revelation declared the existence of angelic hierarchies, corresponding to the secondary, tertiary, and other subordinate hues and shades of color in the spectrum of light, and the secondary aiid chromatic sounds contained in the unity and trinity of2)."^</p> <p>each musical tone.Personification, or the attributing of personalitj^ to the'</p> <p>forms in which the existence of the Creator is manifested to human sense, is the key to the catholic or universal religion of antiquity hence the rationalistic spirit, which is gradually removing from our most orthodox hymn-books and catechisms all allusion to angels and ministers of grace, is causing to true religion as great a loss as would be the elimination from Milton's Paradise Lost by iconoclastic hands of all personification of cosmic forces, and the substitution of their scientific equivalents in the form of minerals, gases, etc.;</p> <p>th- Temple of</p> <p>* Contrasted with this is Rev. my God, and he</p> <p>lit.</p> <p>12.</p> <p>" The Conqueror, I will</p> <p>shall never go out</p> <p>make him a pillar in more." (See ''Reincarnation"</p> <p>Walker.)</p> <p>mVINb]"</p> <p>MAN</p> <p>OF THE</p> <p>215</p> <p>merely a group or cluster but greatly elongated in the line of the Milky Way. Suppose one in a church Would he not, on turning and looking filled with people.</p> <p>What we term</p> <p>our firmament</p> <p>of stars of peculiar conligunition, narrow,</p> <p>round</p> <p>in different di-</p> <p>rections, see a</p> <p>num-</p> <p>ber of persons somehow proportionate to his distance from the e X t r e mities of the crowd or the walls of Herthe church ? schel was fired with the idea of applying this observation to the charting of the AA'^ith reheavens. gard to the size of the stars, it is not necessary that a real equality should exist, or that, in the case of anindividual orb, smallof appearance should establish magnitude of distance. Herschel felt it enough to suppose that, whatever the varying sizes of these bodies, they were yet strewn indis c r i m i -</p> <p>ness</p> <p>THE GALAXY ACCORDING TO HERSCHEL.(The location of our Solar Systempoint of observationS.)</p> <p> Herschel's</p> <p>is</p> <p>indicated bv the letter</p> <p>nately, the largetricts of</p> <p>and</p> <p>the small together, so that in reference to the different distude,</p> <p>space he might assume a common average magniand that diminution of size would indicate increase of distance in respect of masses of stars." (Nichol " Architecture</p> <p>:</p> <p>of the Heavens.'")</p> <p>216</p> <p>NEW LIGHT FROM THE GREATGalaxy extends along a</p> <p>PYRAMID.was the discoverycolumn, di-</p> <p>Thethat the</p> <p>result of Herschel's star-gaugings</p> <p>sort of vertebral</p> <p>viding at</p> <p>its base into limbs, the whole outline being strikingly similar to the</p> <p>ground-plan of the</p> <p>human form. Turnedin one direction, the</p> <p>Great Nebula in Orion, as seen through</p> <p>a twenty -foot reflector,</p> <p>shows an excelwith</p> <p>lent figure of a squirrel sitting erect,</p> <p>bushy</p> <p>tail</p> <p>raised to</p> <p>the height of its head.</p> <p>Other nebulae disclose shapes as ciirious and fantastic,</p> <p>but only in the constellation Hercules do we find another celestial reproduction of the outlinesof the</p> <p>human</p> <p>form.</p> <p>FROM THE GREAT NEBULA</p> <p>IN ORION.</p> <p>very much like the nebular hypothesis in Genesis when we read there, " In the beginning of Elohim's (plural ofIt looks</p> <p>sun or star, from the same root as II, Allah, Helios) preparing the heavens and the earth, Elohim said, Let us make man in our image." (Gen. i. 1-26.) That by the Adam Kadmon the ancients understood theEl, a</p> <p>Galaxy, or that immense body rediscovered by Herschel, of all members, is seen from the fact that they represented the Galaxy as a human form clothed with stars and bending over the earth, so that the extended hands</p> <p>which body we are</p> <p>:</p> <p>ADAM KADMON.</p> <p>217</p> <p>touched the horizon in one direction while the feet touched in the opposite one.*</p> <p>Says the ancient Qabbalah''</p> <p>Before the Ancient of the Ancient Ones, the Concealed One</p> <p>of the Concealed Ones, instituted the formations of the King,</p> <p>beginning and end existed not. stituted proportions in Himself.</p> <p>By means</p> <p>Therefore he carved out and inof those conformations</p> <p>hath he conformed Himself in that form which compr.ehendeth all forms, in that form wivich comprehendeth all names. All those sacred diadems of the King, when he is conformed in his dispositions, are calledis</p> <p>the</p> <p>all</p> <p>Adam, Man, which Form which comprehendeth things. And in that formationall</p> <p>appeareth the true perfection ofthings,</p> <p>which existeth above theLike asit it is</p> <p>Throne.</p> <p>written</p> <p>:</p> <p>'</p> <p>And</p> <p>the appearance as the likeness of</p> <p>Adam uponi.</p> <p>from above.'</p> <p> (Ezek.</p> <p>souls are</p> <p>whose drawn from that Holy Body which is called Adam, wliich includeth all things. And Jehovah said36.)</p> <p>Blessed are the</p> <p>just,</p> <p>:</p> <p>'</p> <p>I will destroy the</p> <p>Adam whom</p> <p>I</p> <p>have created fromthe supernal</p> <p>off</p> <p>the face of the</p> <p>earth/ for the counterbalancing of</p> <p>Adam." (Qabbalah: " Greater Holy Assembly " ITJ' 30,;</p> <p>31, 931, 799, 1054, 1129, 1119.)</p> <p>(i.e. the Zodiacal Constellations, before the separation of Virgo-Scorpio, and the invention of Libra), " represent the</p> <p>"</p> <p>The whole ten Sephiroth "</p> <p>ten</p> <p>Heavenly Man, or Primodial"</p> <p>Being",</p> <p>ADAM KADMON, the Protogonos.Thefirst</p> <p>ADAM KADMON.</p> <p>Berashith, yields the following- specimen Qabbalistic Anagram, by Through the Son hath the Father crePicus de Mirandola ated that Head which is the beginning and the end, the fire-life</p> <p>word</p> <p>of Genesis,</p> <p>'</p> <p>:</p> <p>* See</p> <p>cut, p. 174.</p> <p>:</p> <p>218</p> <p>NEW</p> <p>LIGHT FROM THE GREAT PYRAMID.</p> <p>tlie foundation of the supernal man (Adam Ivadmon) by His righteous covenant/ " (Mathers " Qabbalah Unveiled.") Says Hawken in the TJj)a-Sastra " Creation is a man, its Divine Soul permeating every atom of the aggregate essential Deity precisely as man's soul, permeating every atom in existence of the Universal Human Form, is the aggregate Human Soul, the one unconfined, interflowing Sea of Essential Humanity. We are dealing with infinite things, things to be reverenced; the mind may well stagger in doing</p> <p>and</p> <p>:</p> <p>so. It may be said that the Divine Essence is in one place or in one atom more than in an-</p> <p>other,</p> <p>in</p> <p>this</p> <p>sense,</p> <p>that in every organism,</p> <p>whetherGREEKMACROCOSM. *</p> <p>that of the Universal Cosmos orthat of any sub -form,</p> <p>there</p> <p>is</p> <p>a higher delife</p> <p>gree ofcentral</p> <p>pervading</p> <p>planes and a gradually lower degree</p> <p>pervading planes as their position is more and more toward the circumference." And Swedenborg declares " In all the heavens there is no other idea of God than of a man. The reason is that heaven is a man in form, in whole and in part. If anyone thinks of the very Divine without the:</p> <p>* Note the wings of the land of Maro Meru = America the vesture of stars; and the planetary Pan's pipes, or symbol of the Music of the Spheres, based on the precise principle of mnsioo-mathematical harmony which actually led to the discovery of the debris of the destroyed Quan and Habel, between Mars and Jupiter.;</p> <p>^</p> <p>THE GREATEST AND DIVINE MAN</p> <p>219</p> <p>idea of a Divine Man, he thinks indeterminately, and an indeterminate idea is no idea; or he forms a conception of the</p> <p>Divine from the visible universe without end, or with an end in darkness, which conception falls into nature and so becomes no conception of God. That heaven in its whole complex resembles a man is an arcanum not yet known to the world. Heaven is the Greatest and the .Divine Man. Man Avas called a microcosm by the ancients, because he resembled the macrocosm, which is the universe in the whole complex. Tlie ancients called man a microcosm or little universe, from the knowledge of correspondence which the most ancient peoplepossessed."</p> <p>Herschel's explorations placed the solar system at the heart of the body of stars to which we belong. Any disturbance in our solar system, therefore, is a disturbance at theheart of creation. Plato spoke of a crucified divine</p> <p>man</p> <p>floating in si)ace.</p> <p>Light is thrown upon his meaning by an ancient figure of the Galaxy in the form of a man, with the axis of the poles represented by a perpendicular spear resting on the feet and issuing forth from the top of the head, while the equator is represented by another spear run horizontally through the body. This is only extending the axial and equatorial lines of the earth from our position at the centre of the Galaxy to its limits in both directions.</p> <p>Thus</p> <p>is</p> <p>the divine</p> <p>man</p> <p>crossified in space.</p> <p>liquity of the ecliptic, as the result of the disaster</p> <p>The obwhich tilted</p> <p>the earth's axis, is indicated in this ancient figure by a spear thrust diagonally upward through the side of the divine man."*"The Egyptianpriests stated toecliptic</p> <p>Herodotus</p> <p>tliat</p> <p>the terrestrial pole</p> <p>and the pole of the</p> <p>had once is</p> <p>"The</p> <p>posit...</p>