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  • 1. New Jersey CyberKnife at the J. Phillip Ci6a Regional Cancer Center is a service of Community Medical Center. 99 Route 37 West Toms River, NJ 08755 (732) 557-3120
  • 2. What is CyberKnife?The worlds only roboDc radiosurgery system, CyberKnife treats paDents with a procedure called stereotac(c radiosurgery. StereotacDc radiosurgery is a noninvasive method of treaDng tumors with high-dose radiaDon precisely aimed from dierent angles. How does CyberKnife work? CyberKnife does not require surgery and there is no cu7ng or anesthesia required. Comprised of a compact linear accelerator - a machine that generates a radiaDon beam - aRached to a highly maneuverable roboDc arm. The machines roboDc arm moves around you, aiming and ring targeted radiaDon beams from numerous angles. The imaging and tracking system conDnually updates the tumor locaDon throughout the treatment procedure, compensaDng for paDent movements like breathing. Treatment sessions typically last 30-90 minutes. 99 Route 37 West Toms River, NJ 08755 (732) 557-3120
  • 3. 99 Route 37 West Toms River, NJ 08755 (732) 557-3120
  • 4. Why Choose CyberKnife? CyberKnife Conven(onal Linac Proton Therapy Stereotac(c Radia(on Stereotac(c Radiosurgery Therapy Radiosurgery Daily dose 5.0-2.0 1.8-3.0 5.0-20 1.8-2.0 Gy per fracDon Gy per fracDon Gy per fracDon Gy per fracDon Number of 3-5 days 6-7 weeks 3-5 days 6-7 weeks treatments Accuracy ((ssue 20-30 20-30 1.5 millimeters 1-5 millimeters margin) millimeters millimeters Number of radia(on beams 100-200+ beams 2-7 beams 5-15 beams 2-3 beams Con(nuous correc(on for breathing and YES NO NO NO movement Treats paDents in as few as one to ve visits Reaches most tumors from virtually unlimited Pain free and requires no anesthesia direcDons with roboDc mobility Minimal side eects Minimizes radiaDon exposures to surrounding healthy OutpaDent procedure Dssue Constantly corrects for tumor or paDent movement Lesions previously treated with maximum allowed throughout procedures radiaDon doses may be treated 99 Route 37 West Toms River, NJ 08755 (732) 557-3120
  • 5. What does CyberKnife treat? Arteriovenous malformaDon Bone metastases Brain tumors AcousDc neuroma Brain metastases Gliomas Astrocytoma Glioblastoma mulDforme Glioma oligodendroglioma Meningioma