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<ul><li><p>HQ in "operufion" </p><p>New Headquarters building progress </p><p>Congress has been over for several months, but it still seems appropriate to thank all of you who helped make the meeting such an outstanding success. </p><p>Many of you participated in the program presentation, and many more of you par- ticipated as members of a very enthusiastic and interested audience. The Congress speakers have said kind words about the attentiveness of the audience and asked that their appreciation be expressed to you. </p><p>I was sorry to miss most of the Chicago Congress because of illness, but I did man- age to attend the last two days. I always look forward to Congress as an opportunity to say hello to many of you personally. I do appreciate your many expressions of concern. </p><p>AORN's progress continues, as exempli- fied by the record-breaking Congress at- tendance, by the current 16,400 membership roster and by the excellent attendance at the educational seminars and workshops. </p><p>AORN's progress is further evidenced by the photographs of the new Headquarters building on the following page. Construction </p><p>started in January and, despite inclement weather this winter, is progressing on schedule. </p><p>The Headquarters building is located on 3.6 acres near Buckingham Square, one of the fast growing shopping centers in Denver. The building, lawn and parking area will occupy less than one-third of the land and the remaining parcel will be kept for future investment. The two-story building, designed to meet projected needs of the Association, has 13,168 square feet of space, about twice that of our current rented office. The distinctive building i s constructed of moss rock and stucco with a shake roof and sky- light. </p><p>We still anticipate an August completion date and are eager to move in. </p><p>We hope many of you will have an op- portunity to visit Denver and tour the new Headquarters in the near future. Have a good summer. 0 </p><p>Jerry G Peers, RN Execufive direcfor </p><p>32 AORN Journal, July 1973, Vol 18, N o 1 </p></li><li><p>These photos, taken in April, show various stages in the construction of AORN's new Headquarters building a t Mississippi and Galena Streets, Denver, Colo. Completion is planned for August. </p><p>AORN Journal, July 1973, Vol 18, N o 1 33 </p></li></ul>