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<ul><li> 1. This document is for the purpose of making comparisons among some of the commonly used lighting systems and some of the very highly advanced ones available in the market from the best manufacturers in the world with the new invention Brite LED tubes.</li></ul> <p> 2. Welcome to the future of Lighting 3. The parmeters :LumensEfficiency (Lumens/watt)WattagePrice (in USD $)* Price ($)* :- Calculated as the lowest available price from various departmental stores and online stores. 4. Introducing an Invention which has already won recognition on a national level 5. The Idea! Alternative for CFL and Fluorescent TubesEasy for handlingBetter design.Better Luminosity.Dire necessity to save power and energy.Cost effective. 6. Goals To use LEDs as Common lighting sourceTo replace CFLsTo reduce the cost compared to the present LED Tubes/ BulbTo bring it to the common peoples affordability. 7. USP Cut down the cost drastically.Easy to implementSimple user-friendly design.Removing drawbacks of the present used LED tubes and bulbs. 8. Feasibility of the Product Single Lab production cost $ 2.5-3Industrial production cost to be much less (&lt; $ 1.5 )Can be modified both as a bulb and tubeImplementable with existing facilities at homes 9. The lighting systems compared Commonly used: CFL 23 Watts Fluorescent tube 40 WattsAdvanced LED lighting Systems: GE Energy Smart Philips Master LED 12 WToshiba E-CoreOsram Sylvania Ultra LED Philips Master LED 17 W Brite LED tubes (The new powerful invention). 10. Comparison of Products 11. Comparison of Products 12. Comparison of ProductsMin 30W CFL = 40W Fluorescent Tube 13. Comparison of Products Reference: uminaires_Ready_Reckoner_Part_2.pdf 0list%20May%2009.pdf 14. Some important results from UL report The Product has been sent to the coveted : CFL 23 WattsFollowing are some noteworthy points: 2403 Lumens (Greater than 40 Watt Tube ). No UV radiation.CRI of 75.1 (&gt; 75% similar to natural light, CFL- 50-60, Tube- 40-50)Correlated Colour Temperature: 6272 K 15. Some more important aspects of Brite The Product has been tested to be highly resilient against voltage fluctuations (where CFLs &amp; Tubes give up). The product can light up (with full potential) under conditions of very low voltage which can be used up to light up the myriads of villages in India where CFLs &amp; Tubes Dont / wont work. Can be given warranty of at least 2 years (highest in the market). 16. Parts of a CFL and its harmful contentsSource:- Toxics In That Glow 17. Annual manufacturing trends in IndiaSource:- Toxics In That Glow 18. Growth trends in IndiaLegend:CFL- Compact Fluorescent Lamps ICL- Incandescent Lamps (Bulbs) FL- Fluorescent Lamps (Tubes) 19. The opportunity:The Indian market for LED lighting is expected to grow to $400 million by 2015 (at a rate of 53 per cent per annum), making it one of the fastest-growing sectors.According to Electric Lamp &amp; Component Manufacturers Association of India (ELCOMA), the entirelighting industry production in India in 2009 was worth about $ 1.3 billion, of which the share of LED lighting was only $ 30 million. The market will be driven by such factors as government support for promoting investments in energy-efficient lighting, development of national standards for testing and performance evaluation, transfer and improvements in existing technology for new applications, global mandate to address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and decline in average prices of LED.Source:- Electronics for you magazine. 20. Is India ready? No industry can be driven unless it has the right set of skilled people. In India, since there has not been much focus on lighting education, the industry is in dire need of lighting professionals.Most of the Indian lighting industry is still dependent on foreign MNCs for any innovation. One simple reason is that there is no technical institute at the moment which teaches lighting as a subject and its association with electronics. Our electronics hardware manufacturing sector to a large extent doesnt even know what lighting electronics is, saysPraveen Kumar Sood, chairman, Regnant Group.Source:- Electronics for you magazine. 21. Survey ResultSmall survey conducted among my office colleagues. 22. Dont You want it that bright and efficient.</p>