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New F aculty Orientation Fall 2014. Nancy H. Marcus Dean, The Graduate School Westcott 314 – 644-3501. Pre-eminent University. Doctoral Research Extensive. The Graduate School - Mission. To advance the quality and integrity of graduate education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


New Faculty Orientation Fall 2013

New Faculty OrientationFall 2015Nancy H. MarcusDean, The Graduate SchoolWestcott 314 644-35011

Pre-eminentUniversityDoctoralResearch Extensive2The Graduate School - MissionTo advance the quality and integrity of graduate and postdoctoral educationAssist graduate students in academic mattersProvide broad oversight and ensure implementation of policies pertaining to graduate educationCollaborate with other campus unitsCollaborate with national organizations

Assist postdoctoral scholars in resource location, career development, job networking, and grant developmentProvide oversight across departments with regards to postdoctoral policies and trainingMembership in the national postdoctoral associationPostdoctoral Fall Symposium and Spring Career Workshop3Graduate School Dr. Nancy Marcus, Dean Brian Barton, Assistant Dean for Business OperationsDavid Beck, Academic Program Specialist, WaiversJames Beck, Academic Program Specialist, Graduate Policy CommitteePamela Brown, Academic Program Specialist, Manuscript ClearanceChristine Collins, Administrative Support AssistantDr. Judith Devine, Senior Associate DeanDr. Debi Fadool, Associate Dean, Office of Postdoctoral AffairsMelissa Hardison, Coordinator of EventsUte Horn-Hoeflich, Office AdministratorDr. Patrick Kennell, Director, Center for Intensive English StudiesChris LaRocque, Training SpecialistDr. Lisa Liseno, Assistant Dean, Fellows Society and Program for Instructional ExcellenceDr. Jeff Norcini, Assistant, Manuscript ClearanceBrittany Rickman, Marketing RepresentativeDr. Adrienne Stephenson, Assistant Dean, Office of Graduate Fellowships & Awards

4A Unique Combination of the Arts and Sciences

5Doctoral Very High Research Activity

Educate and train graduate studentsEmphasis on doctoral educationFSU70+ doctoral programs~400+ doctorates/yearMasters educationFSU120+ masters programs>2,000 masters year

6 Graduate Enrollment: 7,972 (19%)

7Demographics-Fall 2014Graduate StudentsGenderFemale 55% Male 45% Race/ethnicityWhite 61% Black 9% Hispanic 10% Asian 15%Am. Ind.