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<p>Online Art Galleries: New Avenues to Explore Incredible Indian Paintings</p> <div><p>Online Art Galleries: New Avenues to Explore Incredible Indian Paintings</p></div> <div><p>History of Indian Paintings</p><p>India is known for its old heritage and different cultures. Art from India has always been praised and honored. The journey of Indian paintings started from the era of kings and queens and the heritage is going still very strong with new budding talents from India. Different dynasties have experienced vast range of sketches and sculptures. The legacy is still going strong and now Indian art has stepped in the new era of digitalization. </p></div> <div><p>Know Six Limbs of Indian Paintings</p><p>Six Limbs are popularly known as Sadanga in India. According to sources six limbs were evolved around 1st century BC till the third century AD. </p><p>Have a look on these 'Six Limbs' which have modified Indian Art all these years. </p><p>Rupabheda: It means the facial features and expressions and knowledge about different bhavas.</p><p>Pramanam: It is about the right measurement or the conception of both living and non-living things.</p><p>Bhava: It means portraying feelings on the canvas. </p><p>Lavanya Yojanam: It is about the grace and poise or the best artistic approach towards a painting. </p><p>Sadrisyam: It defines the similarities in between the real and the creation. </p><p>Varnikabhanga: It defines the proper mannerisms of using the right type of brush and various colors. It has been invented by Rabindranath Tagore. </p></div> <div><p>Incredible Indian Paintings</p><p>India is incredible and so the paintings are. The country is an example of various colors, tastes, languages, expressions and landscapes. The country is blessed with beautiful nature and unbelievable locales which justify about the country and creative aspects. </p></div> <div><p>Indian Artists Know The True Colors of Soil</p><p>Indian-ness in Indian paintings is inevitable. Artists from India know different aspects of the country and these help them to integrate the right approach towards their creation. They know the colors of soil and are aware of their roots. Thus, foreign artists also who are interested in Indian arts and paintings first learn about the country and then they try to go in-deep for the sake of their creativity.</p></div> <div><p>Availability of Indian Art Online</p><p>Indian paintings are now available online. It is a new trend which has become immensely popular among the art collector. Art lovers can opt for virtual tour of an art gallery and can select the right painting for them. The improved shipping gateways have increased the pace of delivery.</p></div> <div><p>Top 5 Online Indian Art Galleries</p><p>Have a look on Top 5 Online Art Galleries from India</p><p>Indian Art Ideas</p><p>Indian Art Collectors</p><p>Saffronart</p><p>Artflute</p><p>Sixth Sense Art</p></div> <div><p>Benefits from Online Art Galleries</p><p>There are ample of benefits one can reap from online art galleries.</p><p>Online art galleries save your precious time</p><p>The paintings are affordable unlike physical art galleries</p><p>Art lovers can opt for virtual tour anytime sitting at their home comfort</p><p>Purchased painting is been shipped at your door step</p><p>Uninterrupted services 24/7 </p><p>Advanced customer care support</p></div> <div><p></p><p></p><p></p><p>@Indianartideas</p><p>+91-9891517759, +91-9716888845</p></div>