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A comic for our history project for MR Hood


  • 1. Tokyo, JapanTwo years agoSeiko Shinohara

2. Please staytogether, and payattention, easy-peasyinstructionThis invention is calledthe steamboat, andJames Watt inventedit. 3. SATURN 1.1Megan, I dontknow, but weare going tofind out 4. Tokyo, JapanTwo years laterSeiko ShinoharaSeiko! Bring mea coffee 5. SATURN 1.2 6. 1749! Thisis all yourfault!Shut up!Let methink.What are youdoing her!?Go away!Well go, butcan you tellus what dayis today?Oct.1749 7. Who are you,and why are youin my house?WheresJames? Givehim to me orIll kill her.Whereare we?InJamesWattshouse 8. Ahhh!!! 9. Im glad wereback and thatYou are here. 10. We did it! Itworked!And Seikowont botherus anymoreYea 11. we are going tostudy Hawaii. SoIll show youSeiko Shinohara what thepaleontologistsfoundSo now is believed thatJapanese people areinvolved in thepopulation of HawaiiNEXT DAY 12. Promise mewe will neverdo this again.Promise