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<p> 1. Riley Adamson User Experience Designer 2. Fall 2014 Josh Coates, CEO of Instructure Jesse Stay, Social Media Guru Sam Bernards from Peak Ventures Paul Ahlstrom from Alta Ventures Nate Quigley CEO of Chatbooks Scott Peterson, Director of the BYU Entrepreneurship Program Mitch and Jameson, Co-founders of Swop Dr. Taylor Halverson, Professor at BYU Dr. Mark Keith, Professor at BYU Nick Walter, Developer and Kickstarter Winter 2015 Will West, former CEO of Control4 CEO of SilverVue Sam Bernards from Peak Ventures Cecilia Yiu Chan, CEO of FreshStart Jared Allgood, CEO of Juxta Labs Nate Quigley CEO of Chatbooks Derek Hall, Founder/CEO of Torcedores Scott Petty, Managing Director at Signal Peak Ventures Kreg Peeler, Founder/CEO of SpinGo William Lam, Co-Founder of Dark Energy Joseph Reni, UX Designer for HireVue David Anspaugh, UX designer for Domo 3. KEY TAKE-AWAYs Commandeer clubs and events to network Commandeer projects to network This gives you a genuine reason to talk to specific people Often, things are as difficult as you make them. (planning events, networking, etc.) In general, people are easy to get in contact with </p>