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  • 1. By: Alex Martin, Rebekah Van Eerden, and James Wong

2. What is Network Projecting?

  • A network projector is a shared resource that you can access from your mobile PC
    • similar to using a printer on a network.
  • Many projectors are equipped to be used on a network
    • It must have a networking card
      • Wired/Wireless
  • Some network projectors allow you to view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files without a computer
    • Use an SD card

3. 4. 5. 6. What are the benefits of Network Projecting?

  • Information can be stored in the projector
    • Pictures and documents
  • Part of Network
    • Can be controlled for computer-not dependant on remote
    • Access to internet
  • Can control a group of projectors
    • Useful in large corporations

7. Tech Support

  • Projector can be accessed remotely
    • Saves time
  • Run diagnostics from far away
  • A can email notifications for maintenance
    • Forbulb and filter changes
  • Notified when projector is disconnected

8. Costs and Security

  • Economical
    • Automatic shutdown
    • Easier to manage
  • Restricted to Network users
    • Security can be locked
    • Password

9. How are network projectors useful to the entrepreneur? 10. 1. Reduce cost of managing projector resources. 11. 2. Improve efficiency in collaborative meetings 12. 3. Empower presenters with remote tech support. 13. 4. Added security with disconnection email alerts and password protection. 14. In Summation

  • Network projectors are a wonderful asset to the up and coming entrepreneur due to its ability to enhance convenience, convey a powerful message, communicate effectively and securely,improves quality of meetings of all sorts,transfers documents and spreadsheetsin a quick, protected, efficient manner and ultimately saves the entrepreneur unnecessary expenses.