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Nestle Purina Improvements on existing and new products

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Nestle purina presentation


  • Nestle PurinaImprovements on existing and new products

  • Cans, Pouches, foils

    Existing Products:

  • 8 Sided Tray: Wave Lip

  • 8 Sided Tray: Paw Lip

  • Omega Paws Ripple Board:Scratchn Massage Bed A 3-in-1 product that offers sleeping scratching and massaging. Made out of durable open flute which massages and relieves muscle pain.

  • Cat Massager:& Open Flute can trayRe-usable Tray

  • Feloo:Corrugated cat house

  • Can multi-pack:Corrugated cat houseFill multi-pack tray.Add hood and sell as one.Customer can re-use tray and hood as cat house.

  • Corrugated:Cat Scratcher

  • Corrugated:Cat Scratcher from waste corrugated

  • surface of cat-on is made of sturdy corrugated cardboard and offers an ideal environment for the daily care of your cat claws and therefore it effectively protects your interior decoration.Each of our products are assembled by hand and offer incredible stability and strength. Cardboard is also irresistible to every cat! cat-on

  • Customised:Cat Scratcher

  • Felix Rewards:Collect for cat scratcher

  • Cats on the go:Ready Bowls for quickness

  • Cats on the go:Consumer Pack

  • Felix Advert:Black and white

  • Pouches:Black and White

  • Felix existing products that I have looked at improving.Existing tray swap of colours and added a wave (Show wave tray)

    1col2col2colThe tray highlighting the shape of the paw, simple changes to make it more eyecatching from the rest on shelfStill looking at the can tray but with a re-usable aspect seen on amazon, Omega paw make corrugated cat massager/scratcher with open flute.A can tray could double up as a corrugated cat massager once emptied would have to be x30 case.Cats love cardboard boxes to hide in, feloo is an online business that specialises in corrugated cat housesMaybe using a similar idea for the can tray that can be re-used as a cat house.Prices ranging from 4.00 from pet supermarket to 119 for a customised design from Cat-on

    Add corrugated cat products to felix rewards. Show box with tokens

    QR code links to felix rewards website reason why to keep on buying felix. Making it easier for customers to interact with site and know that its there.Felix adverts are all black and white but only the food is coloured. Adding this theme to the pouches pack would strengthen the brand.

    Black and white pouches with selective colour would stand out from the other multi colour glossy brands.