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Funny computer related jokes


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2. Top JokesWhich way did theprogrammer go? 3. Joke LOLHe went DATA way! 4. Top Jokes How does Bill Gates enter his house? 5. Joke LOLHe uses "windows" 6. Top Jokes Why do computer teachersnever get sick? 7. Top LOL Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away. 8. Top Jokes Why did the duck stick hisleg into a computer? 9. JOKE LOLHe wanted to havewebbed feet. 10. Top Jokes Why did the computer actcrazy? 11. JOKE LOLIt had a screw loose. 12. Top JokesWould you like to buy a second-hand computer? 13. JOKE LOL Im afraid not. Im only able to type with one handas it is. 14. Top Jokes Where does an elephantcarry its laptop? 15. JOKE LOL In its trunk. 16. Top JokesWhat do you get if you take your computer to an ice rink? 17. JOKE LOL A slipped disk. 18. Top Jokes Whats the difference between your finger and ahammer? 19. JOKE LOL I dont know! Well, youre not using my computer keyboard then! 20. Thanks for watching, dont forget to commentfavorite Subscribe Visit www gameysite.comMobile Games Site Play Free