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  • 7/30/2019 Nepalese Kitchen Menu


    The Nepalese KitchenHere we serve the food of Nepal. In order to experience the subtle taste and variety of Nepalese food it is importantto select several dishes, which then should be shared. To share a meal is the traditional Nepalese way. It iscustomary for Nepalese food to be mild, the inclusion of achars (freshly cooked relishes), which are either hot andspicy or cool, and refreshing, highlights the flavors of the dishes.

    All prices are GST inclusive.Khaajaa Entrees

    Keema ko BaraA crispy fritter made with ground black lentils. Stuffed with either spicy chicken, lamb or egg.


    Sano BhantaChar-grilled eggplant stuffed with spicy onion. Served with papadams & a mint & yogurt achar.


    MomoHand made dumplings stuffed with either spicy chicken or vegetable or cheese and spinach.Served with a roasted tomato achar (4 per serve)


    BhuttanChicken Livers pan-fried with fresh tomato, chilli and spices


    Haku ChowelaA salad of barbequed beef marinated in fresh ginger, garlic, chilli and coriander. Traditionally servedwith churia (crispy rice) and a roasted sesame seed, cucumber and daikon achar


    Maacha PakaudaFish (ling) or Prawns marinated in chilli and lime, in a light besan (chickpea) batter. Served with ayoghurt achar. (4 per serve)


    Alu ChopPotato patties with fresh herbs and roasted spices, served with a yoghurt achar (2 per serve)


    Khaana Mains

    Boka ko Massu

    A rich curry of boneless goat meat cooked with tomato, cumin, cinnamon and bay leaf. Goat meat is atraditional Nepalese meat; this dish is a house specialty.


    Khukura ko MassuPrakashs interpretation of a Nepalese chicken curry, cooked with fragrant spices and pumpkin


    SekwaBoneless pieces of lamb marinated in our house blend of spices with a hint of chilli & ginger char-grilled.This dish has no sauce, we recommendyou combine itwith either a curry ordal.


    Kukhura PolekoChicken fillets marinated in garlic, ginger, chilli & our house blend of spices & char-grilled. This dishhasnosauce, we recommendyou combine it with a curry or dal.


    Massu ko PulaoBasmati rice infused with fragrant spices, cooked with almonds, coconut & currants. Served with yourchoice ofeither Chicken or Lamb curry & raita.


    Maacha ko TarkaariFish fillets (ling) or Prawns poached in a spicy tomato sauce with chilli, fennel & mustard seeds.


    BhantaA curry of eggplant, potatoes and cherry tomatoes sauted with cumin, garlic, ginger and chilli.


    BandakopiGreen beans and snow peas, stir fried with shallots, coconut, coriander, green chilli and spices.


    Chyau ra GolbehdaA curry of mushrooms & potatoes sauted in a spicy tomato sauce with cinnamon and black cardamom.


    KwantiA curry of nine different beans (pulses) cooked with chilli, parsley seeds and traditional spices.


    TamaA very traditional hot & sour curry of potato, pickled bamboo shoots and black-eyed beans.


  • 7/30/2019 Nepalese Kitchen Menu


    Dal Bhat TarkaariThe traditional way of eating Nepali food in the home. It consists of daal, rice, sauted spinach& tomato achaar with a curry of your choice selected from the menu. A good choice for one person.

    Meat Dal Bhat Tarkari $21.50Vegetable Dal Bhat Tarkari $18.50


    Hariyo Saag Pat $8.00SeasonalAsian greens & English spinach sauted in ghee with garlic, parsley seeds& dried chilli.Daal $6.00A soup of Chaana (yellow) & Massoor (red) lentils mildly spiced & simmered with fresh tomato & Jimbu.

    Daal ra Paalungo $7.50Roasted Moong lentils simmered with English spinach spiced with fennel, mustard & nigella seeds.

    SaladsChaana Salad $6.50Chickpeas, tomato, cucumber & Spanish onion with a cumin ,lemon & fresh coriander dressing.

    Neplai Salad $6.50Sliced tomatoes, cucumber, radish & Spanish onion with a cumin, lemon & fresh coriander dressing.Alu ko Achaar $7.00A spicy salad of potatoes & peas with roasted sesame seeds, lemon, green chilli & mustard oil.

    Achaars (relishes)Gulio Chutney $4.00A sweet & hot chutney of apricots, raisins & peaches.

    Kaankro Raita $3.00Cucumber, fresh mint, coriander & yoghurt. A cooling relish great with all curries.

    Golbehda ko Achaar $4.00Tomato simmered with ginger, garlic, chilli, timmur (Nepali pepper) & mustard oil. An essential part ofany Nepali meal.

    Til ko Achaar $4.00Roasted sesame seeds, cucumber & daikon radish with lemon, chilli, mustard oil & fenugreek.

    Khursaani Achaar $3.50Serrano & Habanera chillies oven roasted with garlic, ginger & cumin.

    Nariwal Achaar $4.00Fresh coconut, coriander, green chilli, lime, mustard seeds & curry leaves. Great with Papads.

    Somar Achaar $3.00A tragitional Sherpa achaar of yoghurt, green chilli, ginger & shallots.

    Imili Achaar $3.00A sweet, hot & spicy achaar made with tamarind & jaggery.

    Bhuja ra RotiBhat Per person $2.50Steamed Basmati Rice.

    Puloa Per Serve $5.00Basmati Rice infused with fragrant spices, cooked with almonds, currants & coconut.

    Roti $3.00A flat bread.

    Paratha $5.00Flaky pan-fried bread.Papads $3.00Pappadams.Corkage is $2.00 per person. All our food is Gluten Free with the exception of the dumplings & bread.

  • 7/30/2019 Nepalese Kitchen Menu


    Banquet MenuThe banquet menu is flexible & taken off the Al La Carte menu,You may choose your own combination of dishes or leave it up to the chef.Vegetarians are easily catered for, just discuss this with the waiter beforeordering.

    KhaajaPappadams served with Achaar (Dips).We recommend Nariwal (coconut ), Golbedha (tomato) & Raita.

    Three varieties of entre, we recommend.Momos Steamed dumplings, spicy chicken, served with a tomato achaar.

    Haku Chowela

    A barbequed beef salad, served with churia (crispy rice) & Til ko Achar.

    Alu chop, spicy potato patties, served with Somar Achaar (yoghurt).

    KhaanaFour varieties of main meal, we recommend.

    Boko ko Takaari, Goat Curry.

    Kukhura ko Maasu, Chicken Curry.

    Sekwa, marinated barbeuedlamb.

    Bhanta, a curry of sauted eggplant, potato & tomato.

    Daal, a mildly spiced soup of Channa & Massor lentils.

    Bhat (rice) & Paratha (bread).

    The banquet is $29.50 per Person.Seafood is an extra 50 cents per Person.The banquet price does not include the corkage of $2.00 per person.

  • 7/30/2019 Nepalese Kitchen Menu


  • 7/30/2019 Nepalese Kitchen Menu


  • 7/30/2019 Nepalese Kitchen Menu


  • 7/30/2019 Nepalese Kitchen Menu


  • 7/30/2019 Nepalese Kitchen Menu