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    pop up menu

    $95++ per person

    t-3 3 texture salad, like a typhoon for your taste buds

    pumpkin, mix leaf, poached quail egg, charred heirloom tomato, grilled fennel, crispy glass noodle and wanton skin, almond, nikkei dressing

    la causa beetroot causa, prawn tartar, rocoto mayo, prawn tempura, charred avocado

    yellowtail tiradito raw yellowtail, passion fruit tigers milk, tobiko, crispy sweet potato

    tuna & watermelon tartar raw tuna, fresh watermelon, soy citrus sauce, sweet potato chips

    octopus stick grilled octopus, black olive tapenade, carrot pure, capers

    lomo saltado “el taco” peruvian stir- fry served in tacos

    stir-fried beef & vegetables, soy sauce, coriander chimichurri, crispy gyoza paste

    beef short ribs in red miso-panca sauce slow cooked beef short ribs, red miso – panca sauce, purple sweet potato pure

    tacu tacu traditional peruvian rice and beans

    stir-fried snow beans, onions, red and yellow bell pepper, soy sauce, chimichurri

    oye papi chocolate cookies, chocolate 58% mousse, chocolate sauce,

    caramelized almond, coconut sorbet

    Note: menu is designed for sharing, some items will beserved by piece and other a just one dish to share.