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<ul><li> 1. A Case Study onJat powerMcKinsey &amp; Co</li></ul> <p> 2. At the age of 4, O o jaane jaanaAt the age of 24...This girl has a penchant for tall &amp; chiselled men 3. The secret of her success 4. Kya hai kisi mein dum mujhse panga lene ka ?Ab mujhe koi nahi hara sakta !!! Haryana - Inter IIT - Inter IIM 5. So far we have seen one side Time for the other angle 6. Gaurav is sensible ... But facha hai mera Gaurav is smart ... But voh committed hai This girl can be romantic... 7. Finacc tut me isi ke liye jaati thi ...Basketball again... Awestruck by his charming looksThis girl can be bubbly... 8. This girl has acquired super natural powers after innumerable wildadventures and off late leveraging these sessions to her devoteesThis girl can be super fun... McKinsey &amp; Co 9. Criteria IIT/CA Older to me Sports Enthu Salman Khan Fan Interest in Guns Money Tall &amp; SmartAfter a detailed analysis of the case The result is that she is Single McKinsey &amp; Co 10. Come and Hoosh her !!!OPEN CHALLENGE A - Base 11:59:59 PM</p>