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  • Definition:Negotiation is a basic means of getting what you want from others by interactive communication designed to reach an agreement

  • DictatorDifference In OpinionShare OrExchangeConflictYes but /No becauseNegotiate

  • There must be at least two or more parties involved.There is a common interest between parties.Have definite goals and objectives.Allow adequate time for the process Basics Of Negotiation

  • Major Influences on the Process ChoiceIssuesTimerelationshipAttitude

  • Positive Attitude Knowledge of the Negotiation processAn understanding of peopleA grasp of your subjectCreativity: settle on a solution before you negotiateCommunication skillsBasic Elements of Successful Negotiation

  • Relate: Building a relationshipExplore: Interests of both sidesPropose: One concrete proposal addresses all underlying interestsAgree: Compromising & create alternatives Negotiation Process REPA

  • Benefits:

    Avoid surprises

    Provide more options Planning For Negotiation

  • Process:Rational: Why we are negotiateObjectives (Yours): Goals prioritiesDifferences: Possible conflictsMode of Negotiation: Bargaining, time frame & issuesCommunications Planning For Negotiation

  • Protect your self from agreement you rejectMake the most assets to satisfy your interests. Objectives of Power Negotiation

  • Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement to produce something betterThe better your BATNA the greater your powerKnow Your BATNA

  • Learn to flinchRecognize that people often ask more than they expect to getThe person with the most information usually does betterPractice at every opportunityMaintain your walk away power Five Ways To Negotiate Effectively

  • Self confidence, patient, empathy.Know when to start, stop & your bottom lineKnow your best alternative to a negotiated settlement BATNAIf other party respects you they will try harder to agree with youAware of non-verbal communication The Negotiator Must Be:

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