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Negotiated Agreement: 4 Main Components. Articles 12 and 25 Salary Benefits GSA MOU (Class Size) ( GSA = G rade S pan A djustment. Was called CSR=Class size Reduction). A rticles 12 & 15. Article 12: Increase the number of members who can participate in: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Negotiated Agreement: 4 Main ComponentsArticles 12 and 25SalaryBenefitsGSA MOU (Class Size)(GSA=Grade Span Adjustment. Was called CSR=Class size Reduction)1Articles 12 &amp; 15Article 12: Increase the number of members who can participate in:Reduced Work Schedule Program (RWSP) &gt; Increase from 5 participants to 8. Article 25: Preschool. A clean-up of language so that current practice of Preschool evaluations matches contract language. Salary14.25% Total, On Schedule over 3 yearsSalaryOn Schedule2013 - 2014 (this year)4.75% Retro to July 20132014 2015 (starts in July)4.75% % (from 13/14) + 4.75% = 9.5% July 20142015 2016 (next July)9.5% + 4.75% = 14.25%14.25% July 2015Benefits$1,600.00 of additional contribution to benefitsby the districtPer Member*2.25% value*Value based on average certificated salaryBenefitsBeneFlex Recommendation </p> <p>Recommended medical/Rx Increase: 18% 18% = $1,438.20 per member annually/$143.82 per month per member.Add that to what we currently pay: $74.02 (Current contribution)+ $143.82 (recommended increase)$217.22 per member per MONTHBenefitsTentative AgreementNegotiated deal$1,600.00 increase in district contribution from$9,900 to $11,500 (16% increase)</p> <p>New district contribution is about 2.25% of current average salary. No anticipated change to current member contribution of $74.02 for medical/Rx per month.Ratification ProcessEvery member has an opportunity to vote.Voting begins April 15, ends April 17.Members vote YES or NO on the entire agreement.Simple majority determines outcome.Agreement, if approved, takes effect after the school board votes to approve the agreement.</p> <p>GSA MOU - Targets2013 14 (District did not meet targets)1% Off Schedule for EVERY member2014 - 15TK-3 Target of 27.35 to 1 class size average4-6 Target of 29 to 1 class size average2015 16TK-3 Target of 25.46 to 1 class size average4-6 Target of 29 to 1 class size averageMOU: If district doesnt meet the targets0.5% off-schedule money, per target, PAID to ALL members if we do not meet targets:0.5% if we do not meet TK 3 Target0.5% if we do not meet 4 6 Target 1.0% Total possible per year off if targets not met201314: ALL members will receive 1% off schedule 2014-15: Additional 1% off if targets not met2015-16: Additional 1% off if targets not metMOU money is Off Schedule</p> <p>GSA MOUTotal Possible Value3.0% Off Schedule moneyIf targets not met.If targets are met we get smaller class sizes grades Tk-6! Whats the Take Away?By this June you will receive a lump sum payment equal to 5.75% of your current salary. (4.75% retro pay &amp; 1% for the GSA MOU = 5.75%)Starting in July, you will have a 9.5% increase to your current salary.Whats the Take Away?Instead of paying an additional $143.82 each month to benefits, there will be an on-going $1,600.00 (*2.25%) increase in district contribution this is an on-going employer contribution. *Percentage based on average certificated salaryWhats the Take Away?By July of 2015 you will receive a 14.25% pay increase to your current salary. The GSA MOU provides for additional off-schedule money if the district can not meet its targets, including the 1% you will get this year.Maximum of 1% in 2014-15 &amp; 1% in 2015-1614.25% salary increase$1,600 (2.25%) increase to benefitsPossible 3.0% off-schedule for GSA MOU or lower class sizesImprovements to articles 12 &amp; 25</p> <p>Negotiations 2013-2016 ContractTotal value of the negotiated tentative agreement:19.5%16.5% Salary &amp; Benefits1% off schedule GSA MOU 13-14Potential additional total of 2.0% GSA MOU off-schedule if class size targets are not met. </p>