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Negatives Prefixes

Negatives Prefixes4th Bimonthly5th Grade Spelling

invisiblenot visible

illiteratenot knowing how to read or write

irregularnot regular in form or shape

irresistibleimpossible to resist

impossiblevery difficult

informalhaving a friendly and relaxed quality

illegalnot allowed by the law

impatientnot willing to wait for something or someone

independentnot requiring or relying on others

incorrecthaving errors or mistakes

inactivenot doing things that require physical movement and energy

imperfectnot perfect

impolitenot polite,rude

immatureacting in a childish way

illogicalnot thinking about things in a reasonable or sensible way

indefinitehaving no exact limits

inappropriatenot right or suited for some purpose or situation

immobileunable to move

irresponsiblelacking a sense of responsibility

inexpensivelow in price

irrelevantnot important or relating to what is being discussed right now

irreparabletoo bad to be corrected or repaired

intolerantnot willing to allow or accept something

indisputableimpossible to question or doubt

impersonallacking emotional warmth