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  • 1. Alex Clare

2. To promote a new movie there are many different elements that can be used. Elements such as TV shows, Websites and radio shows. These promotions are used to inform a wide variety of people for the new film. However the promotions aren't shown on every channel, only certain channels such as BBC1and E4, they have done this to appeal to the correct target audience. 3. Appearing on a TV show is the most effective way of gaining an audience because the viewers can not only hear what is being said but they can visually be seen as well. With Aaron Paul appearing on Top Gear, a huge car program would help promote the movie greatly, this is because everyone who watches the show is obviously a huge car enthusiast and basically both TV show and Movie have the same target audience, furthermoreWhen appearing on Top Gear he did a small interview about the film where they also showed a short trailer of the film. After doing this he did a challenge where he had to drive a car around a track in the quickest time. This is something that the target audience would be interested in and it also relates back to the film as he is a race car driver in it. Aaron also appeared on the Graham Norton show on a Friday night. Because of the show gaining a different target audience to Top Gear it helped the marketing of the film reach out further. 4. Another way the film makers promoted Need For Speed was for Aaron Paul to give a speech at the E3 convention where the new Need For Speed game was released. This will appeal to the gamers who play the game. The speech was filmed at the convention so people who didnt even go to it can still watch it online, this is creating an even bigger target audience for the movie whilst promoting the game aswell. 5. Aaron Paul was chosen to play the lead protagonist in the movie because of star theory at the moment. Aaron Pau;l is very popular at the moment because of his role on the hit TV show Breaking Bad. Whilst the gaming side of the movie will bring in people, using Aaron will bring in loads of people who watch Breaking Bad and dont nessasarly like cars will watch Need For Speed just to see him star in something else.