nederlandse vereniging voor ruimtevaart

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Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ruimtevaart ALV 30 juni 2014 ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk NVR Member Survey 2014 Results

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Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ruimtevaart. NVR Member Survey 2014 Results . ALV 30 juni 2014 ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk. Contents. Introduction Results General Magazine ‘ Ruimtevaart ’ Events Social media Website Newsletter Conclusion. Introduction. Purpose - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


NVR member survey 2014 results

Nederlandse Vereniging voor RuimtevaartALV30 juni 2014ESA-ESTEC, NoordwijkNVR Member Survey 2014 Results


ResultsGeneralMagazine RuimtevaartEventsSocial mediaWebsiteNewsletter


Introduction3PurposeThe NVR member survey consisted of:Part 1 to complete the NVR member records in the administration databasePart 2 - to understand the extent to which the current NVR activities in various areas are in line with the wishes of the members

ResultsSurvey sent to all (756) individual membersRespondents part 1: 302 (~ 40%)Respondents part 2: 229 (~ 30%)



5Some statistics from part 1:Respondents in English and Dutch: 7% and 93%;Membership student and individual (paying): 11% and 89%;Administration database has 118 student members register (15%, dd. 31-dec-2013)Gender (female/male): 8 % / 92 %;Administration database has 63 female members register (8%, dd. 31-dec-2013)44 % of the respondents are, or have been, professionally involved with Space (55% when including students).


60.5%15%8%General Satisfaction

Magazine Ruimtevaart

7Editors:Peter Buist (editor in chief)Michel van Pelt and Frank Wokke (Executive Editors)Peter BatenburgPeter van DiepenEd KuijpersMarco van der ListSummary:In general the members are very satisfied with the magazine Ruimtevaart.

Magazine scores (out of 1-5 scale):Overall satisfaction4.2Satisfaction topics 4.1Satisfaction depth4.0Satisfaction regular articles4.0

Kees van der PolsBerry Sanders

8Magazine Ruimtevaart

More than 90% find the length of the articles good (6% too long);10% have no interest in specials, 36% for special occasions, 44% once a year;47% are neutral about coverage of events in the magazine, 15% have no interest, 36% interest; 55% are neutral on additional references, 31% would like more references and 15% have no need; Preference for language in the long term, 58% a mix of English and Dutch, 25% Dutch, 16% English. 9Magazine Ruimtevaart

About digital publicationsSatisfaction availability digital versions: 3.724% of people regularly read articles on PC / tablet, but at least 75% are interested in an enhanced digital edition.

FutureCollection binders

10Committee members:Len van der Wal (chair)Sybren de JongGerard Blaauw

Summary:60% of the respondents has visited one or more events per year;Subjects considered actual and useful by 84%!;Event scores (out of 1-5 scale):General satisfaction 3.9Satisfaction subjects3.8Satisfaction frequency 3.7Satisfaction use of English 3.7Satisfaction locations3.4 actionpoint!Satisfaction announcements of events3.8Satisfaction time of events3.7Ron LindeBert-Johan VollmullerPaul WesseliusEvents

11Action points:

More events planning in / around Utrecht;Combining events with NVR company member visits;Improve timely announcement of events;Consider possibility of foreign excursions, e.g. Baikonur;More cheese cubes!



Committee members:Tanja Masson-Zwaan @tanjamassonRemco Timmermans @timmermansrSusanne Pieterse @Susivic

Stats (1-6-2014)Twitter @NVR_RuimtevaartFollowers: 1705 (1000 on 20-6-2013)FacebookFans: 350 ( 200 on 20-6-2013)LinkedIn groupMembers: 198 ( 200 on 20-6-2013)

NVR Klout score (online influence): 53


Social Media

Results survey

75% dont use social media

The other 25% asks for:Announcements for events of NVR and othersNewsReports of eventsWebinars like NASAShow who sends the tweetShare more pictures of space craftPost important messages immediately on website


Social Media

Ik heb de indruk dat er actief gewerkt wordt aan NVR's aanwezigheid op social media.Ik wist niet dat de NVR actief was op de Social Media dus vanaf nu is het gewoon volgen!u mag er alles op zetten, als ik de informatie maar per mail of per post krijg ik maak gn gebruik van Social Media.


ActionsPost news on website automatically on social mediaUse FB events tool to promote NVR eventsSend more tweets to promote events of NVR and sister organizationsShow initials of the sender of the tweet, like ^SP

Goals for 2014Twitter: 2000 followersFacebook: 500+ fansLinkedIn: connect all NVR members


Social Media

6% finds the social media most valuable aspect of the NVR membership.31% finds the networking opportunities the most valuable. Social media can play a facilitating role in networking. This is the reason we will keep going on with social media.15Committee members:Barbara ten BergeMartijn Hartman-MaatmanLieuwe Boersma

The web-committee invites members to supply visit-reports and photos of attended events.

You can send these to: [email protected]


Survey results

About 50% of respondents were satisfied with the NVR website

Areas for improvement:

Improved traceability of informationSearchability magazine RuimtevaartWebsite agenda link to electronic agenda (e.g. smartphone, tablet).




Upgrade of the website

Modern lookImproved calendar functionSearchability of the site



19Score (1-5): 3.8 Score (1-5): 3.8 Score (1-5): 3.8 Newsletter

20Conclusion and suggestions:

Keep it up;Despite satisfaction on frequency there is a wish for more (max. 1x per month) time problem to realize;Looking back and forth on events is highly appreciated;Give attention to Dutch space activities no, it concerns news about the NVR itself;Attention to article chairman / board in magazine Ruimtevaart no, this is precisely intended with the Newsletter;HTML content directly into the email and not in separate PDF started with as of 2014!


2021Between 30 - 40 % of NVR members have participated in the survey, of which:More than half is/was professionally involved with SpaceAbout 70% is older than 40 years 92% is male

In general our members are very satisfied with the magazine Ruimtevaart and the events

The NVR website can be improved and NVR Social media is mostly followed by our younger members

Several very valuable suggestions have been provided for future activities



Thank you!