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Nedap AEOS. Security Scenarios. Vitani primary business area. Non-propritary, customized and scalable security systems Integrated systems covering alarm and event management lifecycle ID management intrusion and access control video management biometric security systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • NEDAP AEOSSecurity Scenarios

    Vitani A/S, 2007

    Vitani primary business areaNon-propritary, customized and scalable security systemsIntegrated systems coveringalarm and event managementlifecycle ID managementintrusion and access controlvideo managementbiometric security systemsSCADA Supervision Control And Data Aquisition

    Vitani A/S, 2007

    Technology partnersWorldwide award winning, market leadersNedapRockwell SoftwareHID CorporationBioscryptPanasonicBoschcieffeSupremaIDESCOZvetco

    Vitani A/S, 2007

    Flexibility Security on DemandScenario based securityEver changing regulations and rules from governments, customers, suppliersShorter response/reaction timeChanges in security based on business structureEasy and modular expansion

  • The true value of AEOS is providing customized solutions using standard building blocks.

    Vitani A/S, 2007

    Case: Corridor monitoringFunctional SpecsTechnical Solution

    Case: Airport gateFunctional SpecsTechnical Solution

    Case: Locker vaultFunctional SpecsTechnical SolutionLive demo Locker vault

  • Camera is aimed at the corridor

    Interlock on all doors

    Only one way trafficCase: Corridor monitoring

  • Access card is presented to reader

    Camera turns to doorCase: Corridor monitoring

  • 3. Door only opens when camera turn is completeCase: Corridor monitoring

  • 4. With door closed camera returns to starting position

    5. Other doors are released and can be openedCase: Corridor monitoring

  • 6. Camera records corridor when door is openedCase: Corridor monitoring

    Vitani A/S, 2007

    Konfiguration Corridor MonitoringKonfiguration foretages grafisk i Nedap konfigurationsvrktjTid: Ca. 10 minutter!!!!

  • Case: Airport gate

  • Case: Airport gateDoor is locked

    Motion detector inactive

  • Case: Airport gateAccess card is presented to reader

    Double doors can be pushed open (manually

  • Case: Airport gate3. Magnets are activated after 5 seconds

    4. Doors are pushed onto magnets and held in place

  • Case: Airport gate5. After 7 minutes the motion detector is activated

    6. Motion detector takes over control of magnet locks

  • Case: Airport gate5. No motion detected for 3 minutes the doors are released

    6. At all times magnet hold can be overridden by pushbutton

    Vitani A/S, 2007

    Konfiguration Airport GateKonfiguration foretages grafisk i Nedap konfigurationsvrktjTid: Ca. 5 minutter!!!!

  • Case: Locker vaultStatus light is green (vault available for use)

    Entrance door is unlocked

  • Case: Locker vault1. Access card is presented to reader

    2. Entrance door is locked and status light turns red

  • Case: Locker vault3. Weight platform is activated and weight is verified (single occupation is checked)

  • Case: Locker vault4. After weight verification the finger verification is activated

  • Case: Locker vault5. Depending on authorization Locker 1 or 2 is unlocked

  • Case: Locker vault6. When entrance door is opened the vault is reset

    7. Status light turns green

    Vitani A/S, 2007

    Software - administrationCorporate Security Policiesmonitoring compliancySimple and intuitive user interfaceswebbasedrolebasedPortal technologiesbuilding the personalized security operator screen

    Vitani A/S, 2007

    Software Security ManagementSingle point of alarm and event managementIntegration with 3rd party sub-systemsNo vendor specific development = vendors are likely to support with APIIntuitive user interfaces reduces alarm handling costReduces errors