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2. DOCS & SPREADSHEETS IN EDUCATION Where it is being used now:Journalism classes ESL classes English classes Social studies classes2 3. JOURNALISM AT PALO ALTO HIGH Journalism programs are using Docs and Spreadsheets. CAMPANILE (newspaper) 70 students VERDE (magazine) 35 students BEGINNING JOURNALISM: 160 students (website) 30 students3 4. Journalism website 2005 winner of two Webby Awards4 5. CAMPANILE: newspaper Columbia Crown winner, National Scholastic Press Hall of Fame 5 6. VERDE MAGAZINE National Scholastic Press PaceMaker6 7. Docs & Spreadsheets in the English classroom Suggested use of Docs in the classroom: ESSAYSVOCABULARY WORK CREATIVE WRITING POETRY PORTFOLIOSESSAY TESTSCLASSWORK7 8. Student essays Of Mice and Men essay8 9. STUDENTS CAN TAKE TESTS 9 10. ADVANTAGES OF DOCS & SPREADSHEETSWHY WOULD AN ENGLISH/JOURNALISM TEACHER USE IT?1. Makes peer collaborating and editing exciting and fun. 2. Saves automatically (no more complaints about I lost my work) 3. Easy access from any Internet computer (eliminates my computer crashed because it is always online 4. Teacher can monitor student work easily & offer comments & suggestions at any point in the assignment. Hard for students to tell those big fibs when you can see their revision history online.10 11. Reasons teachers use Docs & Spreadsheets Students love it, no more coaxing kids to do their writingassignments. They beg to go to the computer lab to work on acollaborative assignment with their partner. Easy to see which student contributed what because there is aRevisions History and you can see who contributed. Easy for students to publish their work online using Blogger.Just click! Gives students an authentic audience for their work: parents,peers, friends and blogs.11 12. REVISIONS HISTORY Teachers can see exactly what was revised, by whom, and when 12 13. GETTING STARTED Have students set up a Google Account using any email addressORHave them sign up for a Gmail AccountIf district blocks email accounts, sign up for asmany dummy email accounts as you need andlet students use them in class. Easiest way to get started is to to take students into a computer lab and guidethem through the process.13 14. Assignments for English Collaborative book reports Co-editing essays Collaborative research papers Group discussions about literary topics (4 students to a group) Vocabulary work either individual or in pairs Creative writing Poetry or writing porfolios (all saved on Docs & Spreadsheets) Class Blog: upload work to class blog (controlled viewers who areinvited) 14 15. Assignments for Beginning Journalism Personality profilesMovie reviewsRestaurant reviewsBooks reviewsProduct reviewsPeer editing built into programCollaborative work on investigative storiesEasy to publish work to webpageNews stories: students can check each other for accuracySports: peer edit and upload stories to a Sports BlogOpinion: designate topic and have students collaboratePublish student opinion on class blog or school blog 15 16. Docs & Spreadsheets in Advanced JournalismEditors can easily make comments online to reportersAll students submit articles on D & S; easy to revise.Students also submit them in hard copyEditors also edit on paper as a backupD & S helps develop online peer editing groupsEasy to spot errors in structure early and give immediate feedbackEasy to save in a variety of formatsEasy to find a students work---just use search engine in DocsEasy to rename any article 16 17. Joe Bellino and Ailish Zompa, ESL teachers at Montgomery Blair High School are using Google Docs to help English language learnersbecome critical readers and writers Montgomery Blair High School Rockville, Maryland17 18. ESLGoogle Docs Project The teachers found that Google Docs had anumber of advantages over NiceNet. Students could insertcomments into documents. Teachers could watchdocuments develop.Teachers found peer conferencing more effective when done with Google Docs. 18 19. Why the ESL teachers used Docs They wanted students to have the opportunity to easily read the writing of their classmates They wanted students to practice using language that would help their classmates improve ideas and development They wanted to encourage students to improve their own ideas and development. 19 20. Get students to change their display name so teachers can recognize the name.20 21. IF YOU DONT CHANGE THE USER NAME This is what your inbox will look like-- 21 22. ADDING COLLABORATORS Collaborators email address must be added to each document 22 23. Revisions and how they look 23 24. Google Docs ProjectEach students editing is a different color24 25. REVISIONS TEACHERS can always see who revised the essay and at what time. It is listed under the Revisions Menu. If five students work on the same project, each studentsname will be listed under revisions and you can see thework that student did on the project.Each students revisions are in a different color--- automatically assigned by Docs Students must list each other as COLLABORATORS orthey will not be able to work together on essays.25 26. Two students collaborated on this essay 26 27. INSERTING A COMMENT Click where you want to place the comment27 28. Collaboration OptionsCollaborators can either write directly on the essayOrCollaborators can insert comments Teachers should always be listed as collaborators sothey can edit and monitor28 29. COMMENTS ARE EASY TO SEE29 30. CHANGING YOUR COMMENTS To change a comment, click on thecomment and a menu will appearallowing you to change the backgroundcolor, delete the comment, orincorporate the text into yourdocument. 30 31. WHAT HAPPENS TO COMMENTS? All comments are automatically removed from theversion of the document that you preview, publish,or post. The comments remain intact in the original Docs & Spreadsheet document, and will continue to bevisible when you view the document from the "Edit" screen. . 31 32. Students can easily post to a blog32 33. Go to Blog Site Settings Make sure that (beta version) is selected33 34. PUBLISHING YOUR DOCUMENT Students can publish so easily..Just click Publish Document, ifthey want a separate link to their document.34 35. Easy to set up a Blog 35 36. Example of student blog Topic: People are rude 36 37. THIS IS WHAT IT CAN LEAD TO! Student now Blogging for CNet37 38. TIPS FOR USING DOCS TIPS TO MAKE THE PROGRAM EASY TO USE38 39. ORGANIZING STUDENT WORK You can create a folder for each class 39 40. NAME FOLDER BY CLASS NAME Just type in the box 40 41. ADD DESCRIPTION UNDER NAME You might want to put class period 41 42. EACH ESSAY CAN HAVE A FOLDER You can save each essay folder within the class folder 42 43. SORTING FUNCTIONSThe previously available sortingfunction will return by the end ofAugust. Docs & Spreadsheetsteam members are working hard torevise it and make it more powerfuland easier for teachers 43 44. SOME TIPS Students can change spacing and font 44 45. PRINTING TRICKS To print a document, student must select print from the tool barmenu or the document will not print properly. Do not use printfrom the file menu 45 46. Groups: the way to communicate with the class 46 47. Easy to set up a Group Send students assignments, reminders, articles47 48. Example of Group Discussions Any student in class can post48 49. Gmail and Docs & SpreadsheetsNew Features for Gmail users Option to open the email attachmentas a Google Document Option to open PowerPointpresentations as a slide show 49 50. Spreadsheet ideas Ideas other than mathGrades Teachers keep track Students keep track Expenses * on a trip * for a party * weekly expenses plan a trip including places to stay & prices plan for college expenses keep track of homework assignments keep track of class assignments writers: write down ideas friends' contact information collegues contact information Track Group work info Mailing lists50 51. AN EXAMPLE OF SPREADSHEETSCheckbook exercise using Spreadsheets51 52. ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF SPREADSHEETS A WAY TO KEEP GRADES 52 53. More ideas for using Spreadsheets Real time Data Sites Weather information Energy StatisticsGlobal Warm statistics US Census DataUniform Crime ReportsCountries of the WorldWorld Geospatial Data53 54. Collaborating on a SpreadsheetCHAT IS AVAILABLE TO SPREADSHEETUSERS DISCUSS IS AVAILABLE IF MULTIPLEUSERS ARE VIEWING THE SAMESPREADSHEET54 55. Music to an English teachers ears. Please, please. can we work on our Romeo and Juliet paper today. Gracie and Maya, 9th gradersSource: 56. MAIN REASON I LIKE DOCS & SPREADSHEETS Students Love It It changes attitudes about writing!!56 57. Thanks for your attentionFor further information contact me at 57