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Every Child Ready to Read® @ your library® (ECRR) is a parent education initiative. It stresses that early literacy begins with the primary adults in a child's life. The 2nd Edition of Every Child Ready to Read® @ your library®, released in 2011, builds on the 1st Edition, first introduced in 2004. The 2nd Edition incorporates recommendations that evolved out of an in-depth evaluation of the original initiative and an extensive literature review. Jessica Chamberlain, director of the Northeast Library System, will review the program, highlight the changes that were made in the 2nd Edition, and explain how you can incorporate early literacy education into your library's existing programs.NCompass Live - September 7, 2011.


  • 1.
    • A Workshop forLibrary Staff

Jessica Chamberlain Northeast Library System 2. In 2000, the Association for Library Service to Children and the Public Library Association responded to research studies that found a significant percentage of children were entering kindergarten without the early literacy skills needed to learn to read. 3. Teaching parents and other caregivers how to support the early literacy development of their children was the basis for the first edition of Every Child Ready to Read @ your library . ECRR 1st Editionfocused on sixearly literacy skills. 4. In 2008, a joint ALSC/PLA Task Force was created to evaluate the first edition of ECRR. In 2009, Dr. Susan B. Neuman and Dr. Donna Celano were commissioned to conduct the evaluation and make recommendations. Building on Success:Every Child Ready to Read @ your library 2nd Edition was released in 2011. 5.

  • Features of Every Child Ready to Read 2nd Edition:
  • Workshops are based on updated research.
  • The framework of five practicestalking, singing,reading, writing, and playingare used to developearly literacy skills.
  • Practices can be used with children from birth to agefive.
  • Two broad sets of skills are emphasized: decodingand comprehension.
  • The importance of a stimulating early literacy andlearning environment is highlighted.
  • Workshops are presented as PowerPointpresentations with talking points rather than a script.
  • Workshop formats are modular for greater flexibilityand customization.

ECRR 2nd Edition focuses on five early literacy practices. 6.

  • ECRR 2nd Edition is based on
  • early literacy research.
      • Prevention of Reading Difficulties
      • National Reading Panel
      • National Literacy Panel onLanguage-Minority Children and Youth
      • National Early Literacy Panel

The five early literacy practices in ECRR 2nd Edition are based on updated research. 7. Lets examine what the research says. Children develop early literacy skills beginningat birth. Children start to develop early literacy skills beginning at birth. Children who begin school with well-developed early literacy skills have greater success learning to read and generally have greater success throughout their school years. The most important skills children need to develop are decoding and comprehension skills. 8. Not all skills are equal. 9. Public libraries are wonderful places to help children learn both key literacy skills:

  • Decoding (Constrained)
  • Comprehension (Unconstrained)

Every Child Ready to Read 2nd Edition provides a framework to teach parents and caregivers how to help children develop these skills. Libraries provide important resources parents and caregivers can use to help children get ready to read. Public libraries have a long tradition of helping children get ready to read. 10. Five early literacy practices develop early literacy skills and help children get ready to read. ECRR is a parent education initiative.Turn researchinto good early literacy practices at home with simple early literacy practices thatparents and children can enjoy together. 11. This begins an overview of the Every Child Readyto Read Parent Workshop. Selected slides andthe corresponding talking points are included to familiarize you with the workshops content. ECRR 2nd Edition focuses on how parents can help their children develop early literacy skills with five simple practices. 12. ECRR 2nd Edition explains why is it important for children to get ready to readbeforethey start school. Children who start kindergarten with good pre-reading skills have an advantage. They are ready to learn to read. 13. ECRR 2nd Edition explains why parentsare so important in helping their childrenget ready to read. You are your childs first teacher.You know your child best.Children learn best by doing,and they love doing things with you. 14. F Y I To become successful readers,children need to: ECRR 2nd Edition explains what early literacy skills children need to develop in order to learn to read.

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