nc state safety moment spill kits spring 2015

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Incident & Accident Reporting

Spill Kits

Contents and Uses

Spill Kit EquipmentHDPE bucket (needed for strong corrosives)Mini polypropylene dustpan and broom Hazardous Waste LabelsAdditional PPE:gogglesforearm-covering glovesshoe coversPolypropylene bags & zip ties

Absorbents/AdsorbentsSolvents and Thiols -Activated carbonAcid -Sodium BicarbonateNOTE: Do not neutralize heavy metal-containing or oxidizing acidsBase -Citric AcidNOTE: Best b/c endothermic w/ visible endpointMercury -Zinc powder or mercury spongeReactives -Vermiculite or SandGeneral -Universal polypropylene sorbent padsNOTE: May degrade with strong corrosivesNaHCO3

Specialized Spill KitsBiohazard-Agent-specific disinfectantBiohazard waste bagsRadioactive -Radioactive waste bagsBarrier tapeSpecialized detergent such as RadConWipe testing kitScouring powder and scrub brushHydrofluoricAcid -Calcium Carbonate or specialized product such as Spilfyters Kolorsafe Kolor-LockNOTE: Conc. must be


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