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  • 7/30/2019 NBN: Connecting Classrooms Fund


    NBN: Connecting Classrooms Fund

    A re-elected Rudd Labor Government will create a new $20 million NBN: Connecting Classroomsfund to help schools across the country take full advantage of the National Broadband Network(NBN).

    A clever country needs a world-class education system that offers first-rate learning opportunities toevery Australian student, no matter where they live.

    That means we need world-class infrastructure to deliver fast, reliable and affordable broadband toevery Australian home and school.

    Connecting Classrooms will assist at least 1,000 schools to get the equipment they need to take fulladvantage of the NBN, such as video conferencing equipment to create virtual classrooms.

    Schools will be able to apply for grants of up to $20,000 to help them make these importantinvestments and open up a world of new education opportunities including connecting to other classesand lessons in Australia or overseas.

    Australian and international experience has shown that virtual classes are an effective mechanism forexpanding and enriching the options available to students, especially students in regional and remoteareas. It can also open up new opportunities for students with disability through online interactivelearning tools.

    It does not matter where you live in Brisbane or Bega, through Federal Labors NBN you will haveaccess to world class broadband in your school and in your home.

    Under the National Broadband Network-Enabled Education and Skills Services Program, the RuddLabor Government is currently funding a number of trials that demonstrate how rich interactivevirtual classrooms are expanding the reach of existing education and training services.

    By bolstering the digital capacity of schools across the country, we will allow students right across thecountry to realise the benefits of the NBN.

    We are also taking NBN fibre all the way to the home because we know that learning does not stop atthe school gate.

    The NBN is a game changer for Australia and it is critical that our education system is geared towardstaking full advantage of Australias new digital future.

    The NBN is a central element of Federal Labors positive plans to create economic growth and jobs

    for the future.

    Federal Labors Connecting Classrooms fund comes on top of:

    The biggest ever infrastructure investment in Australias future, the National Broadband


    National Broadband Network-Enabled Education and Skills Services Program.

    Delivering more than 967,000 computers across Australian schools, one for every student inYears 9-12.

    By 2021, all Australian schools will be connected to the National Broadband Network.

    Funding for this initiative is already included in the budget.