nbc updates march 11 eng - donate | unrwa .in his speech, charlie higgins, the nbc project ... come

NBC Updates March 11 Eng - Donate | UNRWA .In his speech, Charlie Higgins, the NBC Project ... come
NBC Updates March 11 Eng - Donate | UNRWA .In his speech, Charlie Higgins, the NBC Project ... come
Download NBC Updates March 11 Eng - Donate | UNRWA .In his speech, Charlie Higgins, the NBC Project ... come

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  • March 11, 2011 Issue No. 97


    On March 10, the first group of NBC families was to visit their new homes in Block N2 of Package

    1. However families requested to postpone the site visit due to the rainy conditions. The visit

    would be the first of two planned this month. Please note that UNRWA needs to apply for permits for everyone

    who wishes to visit, so families should not change the person who will visit at the last minute. On the ground, UNRWA has requested Al Jihad to hand over Block N2 to UNRWA on March 20. Meanwhile,

    UNRWA is double-checking that the finishing works, fencing, infrastructure, pedestrian access, roads, electricity,

    and access will be completed in time. A fence will be put up around both the whole of Package 1, and block N2

    alone, to separate residents from the construction site. In Package 2, works continue in N11, N12, N6 and N7.

    Schools Package 2 Package 1

    As for A0, meetings continue with advisors in the Prime Ministers Office to try to resolve pending issues.

    UNRWA, UNRWA's consultant, Rafik el-Khoury, and the Lebanese army all attended the meeting. The army

    provided UNRWA and its consultant with a verbal approval on the proposed designs.

    Adjacent Areas:

    In coordination with UNRWA, Islamic Relief's insecticide spraying campaign - started in February- is taking place

    in the adjacent area. For more information please visit the Camp Services Office in sector B. The Army confirmed to the Popular Committee that access to the Old and New Cemeteries is open between

    5am and 8pm daily.

    Visits to the North:

    On March 09, the Directors of the Health and Education Departments in HQ Amman, Ms. Caroline Pontefract

    and Dr. Akishiro Seita, traveled to the north. The directors were briefed on UNRWA's normal and emergency

    services provided to all Palestine refugees in the north. Dr. Seita accompanied by the health staff in the north

    visited the NBC health clinics, Manara School, Plot 674, the reconstruction site and the location of the

    permanent clinic in the camp. In Beddawi, Dr. Seitas visit included Safad Hospital and the UNRWA clinic in the

    camp. On her side, Ms. Pontefract visited some of UNRWA's temporary schools in NBC and the schools under

    reconstruction in NBC. Both visits aimed at providing better information on health and education services

    provided in this area.

  • "NLA Services & Camp News" A ceremony for the donation of seven 60" plasma screens by Right To Play:

    On March 10, a ceremony was held in the Northern Management Unit to celebrate the donation of seven 60"

    plasma screens to UNRWA. In his speech, Jihad Haidar, the Director

    of the NGO, Right To Play, in Lebanon said," We are handing today

    these seven screens to UNRWA which were donated by Qatar 2022

    Bid Committee." In his speech, Charlie Higgins, the NBC Project

    Manager thanked Right To Play for their contribution and said, "Right

    To Play remains an important partner in the recreational activities

    provided to the children in the north. We hope more assistance to

    come this summer too." Mr. Higgins pointed that these screens will

    be used in the new schools and the vocational center in NBC and in

    Beddawi facilities.

    On March 9, UNRWA and Right To Play handed over responsibility for management of the Playground in Plot

    755 to the NBC Sport Committee.

    NGOs News: NGOs News: Celebration of Womens Day in NBC: On the occasion of Womens Day, Nabaa and the NBC Women Program Center organized a ceremony on March

    9 in the WPC in NBC. The ceremony was titled, "Equal Access to Training, Education, Science and Technology:

    The road to decent work for women". It was attended by NGOs representatives, UNRWA staff and women from

    the camp. In her speech, the director of the WPC, Ms. Manal AbdelAl, said that, "We as NGOs, target the woman

    through our programs to assist her to promote herself and reach higher levels of competency, work, education,

    knowledge and technology. We cannot ignore a woman's role in the development of society through her

    effective contribution and standing... A discussion was then opened and led by the director of Nabba in the

    north, Mrs. Saleha Wannas, which focused on the role of the women and importance of giving their rights. The

    ceremony was concluded a sale of food items prepared by women from NBC.

    On the same occasion in Beddawi, forty women from NBC and Beddawi, who participated in the Home Station

    Program, were honored by Nabaa in the home of one of the participants. The activity included speeches that

    focused on the role of the woman, her rights, especially her right to free expression.


    Education: Under the Learning Support Program which began in December 2010,

    ceremonies were held in some NBC schools to honor the students who

    showed improvement the mid-year exams. The Learning Support

    Program funded thanks to European Union and UNICEF targets the students of

    grades 3 and 4 and will end in May. An Open Day will be held on March 18 in

    Kawkab School. The event is jointly organized with Education Department and 7

    NGOs in the north. The schools participating in the event include Kawkab,

    Battouf, Mejjedo, Al Majdal, and Al Mazar. The event will include children

    games and distribution of awards. On March 11 and 18, Brevet classes

    (grade 9) in NBC will take a unified test in Science and Mathematics to identify

    the students' strengths and weaknesses in advance of the official exams. If there are any misprints or inaccurate statements, please go to Camp Information Office and NMU Communication Office

    This newsletter was published thanks to Brazil's generous contribution to NBC relief

    A handful of chickenpox cases have been detected in Beddawi. To avoid the spread of the virus, please be

    mindful of the following:

    If you detect a case, please refer it directly to the health clinic

    Personal hygiene is vital

    Make sure to wash your hands after contact with people

    Avoid close contact with others especially in family settings

    Parents are advised to bring infected children to seek early medical advice

    Infected children should not go to school for one week to avoid spreading the virus to other students

    Stay away from the infected people and refrain from touching their belongings

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