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<p>Resume_Nandlal_IBM_6 Years</p> <p>NAYANA PRABHUEmail: 9naprabhu406@gmail.comPhone: +91-8861738828</p> <p>Professional SynopsisA technology driven professional with over 3.5 years of experience in Linux system administration, Server build and decommissioning projects. </p> <p>Personal Skills Strong Administration skills and able to work under high-pressure environments.</p> <p> Well developed interpersonal and communication skills, having dealt with diverse professionals, clients &amp; team members.</p> <p> Highly self-motivated and able to set effective priorities to achieve immediate &amp; long-term goals and meet project &amp; operational deadlines.</p> <p>Employment with IBM Pvt LtdSince Dec 2012 Till date : </p> <p>Clients Handled:Dec 2012 Till date </p> <p>Client: Ameriprise &amp; Amerisource Bergen</p> <p>System: Linux </p> <p>Role: Server Systems AdminIBM:- Roles &amp; ResponsibilitiesAssignments in IT Infrastructure/Technical Support/Decommission and Build team project with a technology driven organization of repute Build New Physical and Virtual machines of Redhat Linux and deploying patching, monitoring and backup solution for customer.</p> <p> Act according to user's request as per the tickets in ServiceNow ticketing tool such as starting and stopping of application and services, CPU usage, Disk utilization, Adding user Account etc..</p> <p> Performing the ticket analysis, and closing the relevant Incidents within SLA period</p> <p> Capable to work on change management and Incident management.</p> <p> Preparing documentation for the any new issues and configuration Creation of new virtual server's , Installation and configuration of monitoring i.e. Linux Server build process on VM using VM Template</p> <p> Creating and Updating the document of Linux issue for better understanding and problem solving.</p> <p> Server decommissioning process.</p> <p> File system administration , Managing Disk and file-systems by LVM, User administration , NTP (time sync) issue, Job scheduling on Linux.</p> <p> Participating in transition of new account.</p> <p> Moving the OS from DATA LUN to BOOT LUN which is allocated for OS.</p> <p> Installation of RHEL6.3 and 5.8 operating system through media and ISO.</p> <p> Tools installation on the Linux server and configuring NIC bonding for Customer interface and admin interface.</p> <p> Creating LVM for Tool installation.</p> <p> Stop and start the service's &amp; adding and removing the module.</p> <p> Creating filesystem on the data disk using LVM concept (PV,VG and LV)</p> <p> Creating swap memory as well as increasing and removing.</p> <p> Creating, managing and setting permission for User and group profile.</p> <p> Installing , upgrading and removing RPM's.</p> <p> Doing the final check like checkconfig service's etc. on server and generating CSV &amp; validating the Same.</p> <p> Server Hardening. </p> <p> Checking the NIC card speed and bus information for configuring network bonding.</p> <p> Registering RHN and patching through YUM Server Build :- Deployment of new Redhat servers boot from SAN Managing though RHN Satellite Network Configuration Configuring LVM Installation of tools Managing VM though Vmware Vcenter SCOA/D coordination Updating inventory database Decomission of Servers on LINUX &amp; AIX Platforms:- De-allocation of LUN'S from strorage tool. Decommissioning the servers as per the Client request Un-installation of tools Un-mounting of open file systems, Removal of file systems/ logical volumes. Removal of physical volume, Disk formatting, clearing PVID and disk removal from server.</p> <p>Linux - Skill Set :-</p> <p> Linux user, sudo access &amp; Group management and administration.</p> <p> PV, VG, LV creation, configuration and reconfiguration.</p> <p> Job scheduling using cron tab.</p> <p> Knowledge of Linux Boot Process.</p> <p> Knowledge of server monitoring.</p> <p> Troubleshooting Boot issue, Login issue and access issue.</p> <p> Network configuration Verify IP, routing table, DNS connectivity.</p> <p> RPM / YUM Package management.</p> <p> Managing runlevel using inittab and services using chkconfig.</p> <p> File permission management and applying SUID , SGID and Sticky Bit.</p> <p> Server monitoring and Process management.</p> <p> File-system management using fdisk, mkfs, fsck and mount.</p> <p> Backup administration using dd,tar,rsync,dump and restore.Certification:-</p> <p> ITIL V3 Foundation (IBM Internal).Academic Credentials BE Computer Science aggregate with 65.81%, Year of passing 2012, KCT Engineering College Gulbarga, VTU BelgaumDiploma in Computer Science Secured score 73.63%, Year of passing 2007, H.K.Es Womens polytechnic Gulbarga, and Board of Technical Education Bangalore.</p> <p>Personal Details </p> <p>Address: #</p> <p>H.NO -16,vishnuniketana, 2nd floor Anandgiri Extension 2nd cross R T Nagar post Bangalore - 560032Date of Birth: 28th Nov 1989Marital Status: SingleCommunication Proficiency: Kannada, English, Hindi,Telugu &amp; Marathi DECLARATION: I, hereby, declare that the particulars furnished are true to the best of my knowledge.</p> <p>Date:</p> <p>NAYANA PRABHU</p> <p>Place: Bangalore</p>


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