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<ul><li> 1. 17 NOV 2009 </li></ul> <p> 2. WHAT NAVY DOES 2 3. ARTICULATE NAVYS MISSIONTHE MISSION OF THE NAVY IS TO MAINTAIN, TRAIN AND EQUIP COMBAT-READY NAVALFORCES CAPABLE OFWINNING WARS, 3 4. MARITIME STRATEGY CORE CAPABILITIES -Forward Presence -Deterrence -Sea Control -Power Projection -Maritime Security -Humanitarian Assistance &amp; Disaster Response4 5. NAVY BRAND POSITIONINGAMERICAS NAVY IS THE GLOBAL FORCE THATPROTECTS THE WORLD BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY 24/7 5 6. THE AUDIENCES Motivating for the Fleet and VeteransGreat forUnderstood by recruiting todaysthe American youthPeopleStrong forMulticultural Audiences6 7. OUR NAVY BRAND COMMUNICATIONS Make the eet and veterans rise up and cheer by the way we show America how critical Navys mission is to our lives in the 21st Century Create reverence and unmitigated admiration for the institution and the men and women who comprise our NavyElevate Navy to the status of employer of choice7 8. ARTICULATING THE NAVY BRAND CAMPBELL-EWALD | GLOBALHUE | GOLINHARRIS | ACCENTMARKETING 8 9. 9 10. GLOBAL GRAPHIC NEED TO CHANGE COLOR OF STARS10 11. FORWARD PRESENCE11 12. DETERRENCE 14 13. SEA CONTROL16 14. Sea Control 15. POWER PROJECTION19 16. Power Projection 17. MARITIME SECURITY 22 18. HUMANITARIAN &amp; DISASTER RELIEF 25 19. RECRUITING TO FIT 28 20. CREATIVE RESEARCH CAMPBELL-EWALD | GLOBALHUE | GOLINHARRIS | ACCENTMARKETING 34 21. QUALITATIVE RESEARCH RESULTS-General Public, Inuencers, and Veterans The desire to serve is something that comes from inside. If my child has the calling, I will support them. It makes me proud to be an American. It shows tradition, honor and duty served by past-Recruiting Prospects It makes you feel like youre part of a brotherhood. It grabs you and makes you want to be part of the Navy. The opportunity to help is quite appealing. It shows humanitarian efforts throughout the world. I 35 22. QUANTITATIVE TELEVISION TESTING -TV Testing Across General Market Lifeline90% of Moms found it very or extremely likeableAmong those who have had a change in their feelings about their child joining the Navy, 89% feel somewhat more positive or a lot more positive The Calling70% of Dads found it very or extremely engagingAmong those who have had a change in their feelings about their child joining the Navy, 85% feel somewhat more positive or a lot more positive36 23. PRE &amp; POST TRACKING RESEARCH-Gauge key awareness measures and attitudestoward Navy both prior and then immediatelyfollowing a 2 week media burst -Unaided Ad awareness for Navy better thandoubled (8% to 17%) -Total Ad awareness increased 25% (22% to 27%) -Increases were noted across all age and gendersubgroups 37 24. THANK YOU CAMPBELL-EWALD | GLOBALHUE | GOLINHARRIS | ACCENTMARKETING 38 </p>