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Navy Pilots. By: Ryan Blend. Thesis. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Navy Pilots

Navy PilotsBy: Ryan BlendThesisPilots of the navy are a part of what keeps the U.S. safe. Each pilot on his or hers jet has bombs, powerful guns, and/or rockets. In the future Navy pilots must have training and understand the droid jets to fly them from a distance to better protect the us U.S. citizens.

TrainingFor training you have to go through a long and hard instruction at a certified flight school. For around 6 weeks, you will learn aerodynamics, engines, and navigation at the naval school. After the basics you will have hands on training with a jet prop. At the end of all your training you will have spent about 100 hours in flight simulators, learning night flying, and basic flight skills.

Equipment Navy pilots have a bulletproof vest and a sidearm (pistol) if they get shot down. They also have a ejector seat and parachute also if they get shot down. They have a huge survival pack full of things to survive. Those things include, water container, safety pins, tweezers, flexible saw, razor knife, fire starter and many more survival equipment.

Missions they go on.Navy pilots go on lots of missions that are extremely dangerous and life risking. When we are not at war its most likely they will be doing search and rescue simulators so when the time comes they will be ready. Most of the time they will be flying over bases to see what kind of armored vehicles they have or how many people there are and where. Sometimes they will even take some vehicles and people out if they have too. RankingsThere are lots of rankings in navy piloting. When you first start out your rank will be E-1 a.k.a. Seaman Recruit and go up the ranks. Some of the ranks in between starting aviation and staying a pilot for a long time are, E-3 (Seaman) E-4 (Petty Officer 3rd class) E-7 (Chief Petty Officer) but those are only some. Once you stay a pilot for about 7 years you will most likely be at the top rank E-9 or Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy. As found at:

Thesis and future jobIn the future a Navy fighter pilot must have the training and understand the droid jets to fly them from a distance to better protect the U.S. citizens. The Navy fighter pilot flies a droid airplane into battle to be less worried about their lives. You wont have 20/20 vision because the screen will adapt to your eyes.

Schooling and trainingTo become a fighter pilot and fly a droid you need to go to a certain collage. The collage you need to go to and get a degree from is a technical collage. You also dont need 20/20 vision because screen in which you will be flying the jet from will adapt to your eyes. It also doesnt matter if you a problems with heights and or have had transplants because you wont be in the jet.Technology changed.The technology will be different because you will be able to fly the jet from a room far away. And you will be able to shoot a lot more because the jet will be able to hold a lot more ammo without all the survival kits. The weapons will be better like a stun gun to stun enemies from the air.

ConclusionThe job has changed by its weapons, you can fly from a distance in a room remote controllably, and the amount of shots you can shoot. It benefits from the old job because dont have to worry about the risk of being shot down. Your pilot will also do better knowing he wont get shot down. Also you can stun a target from a distance without the risk of one of the men on the ground getting shot trying to stun the target.

GlossaryDroids: Slide 2: A remote controlled airplane or jet.Aerodynamics: Slide 3: The mechanics that deal with the motion of air.Aerobatics: Slide 3: Stunts preformed in the air by jets.Stun: Slide 10: Shocking nonlethally.

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