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  1. 1. Natural Skin Care Brighten Your Skin With Facials The way we look is a direct result of what we put into our bodies. The food we eat and the beauty products we use greatly affect our outward appearance. Unfortunately, it is a fact that like our food supply most of our beauty products are full of toxins, preservatives, and even poisons. These are put in our beauty products in order to give them a longer shelf life and thus give the companies more profits. In order to be a healthy consumer, we must make conscious choices at the check-out counter by choosing organic and natural beauty products. Don't be fooled by advertising. Most of the beauty products you see on TV and in magazines are targeted towards us to make us think we need their product to look younger, sexier, and skinnier. In fact these products actually age us because of all the poisons, toxins and preservatives in the product! When we use these products on our hair, skin or nails we are putting these toxic substances directly into our bloodstream! The cosmetics industry is the least regulated industry under the jurisdiction of the FDA. This means that we have to be aware and cautious of the products we are using. Even some natural products contain hidden toxins and preservatives so it is important to read labels carefully. Go to your local health foods store and purchase products that are certified organic. Your hair, skin, and body will be on their way to being beautiful and glowing the way nature intended! Read Your Labels: If your shampoo, conditioner, soap, face wash, deodorant, make-up, shaving cream or lotions contain any of these ingredients, ditch them immediately: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Literally a poison that causes eye irritation, scalp irritation, and tangled hair. Parabens: (methyl, ethyl, propyl, and butyl): These preservatives are a group of chemicals widely used as preservatives in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries that are linked to breast cancer! The E.P.A. has found that they interfere with your body's endocrine system: your hypothalamus, your ovaries, and your thyroid Propylene/Butylene Glycol: The main ingredient in antifreeze. Need more be said? Diazolidinyl Urea, Imidazolidinyl Urea: Preservatives used in cosmetics that release formaldehyde and cause dermatitis. Synthetic Colors and Dyes: Cancer-causing toxins that often lead to skin allergies, and a whole other host of problems. Most dyes are not regulated by the government and many have been linked to allergic reactions, skin rashes, hyperactivity and asthma. Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Popular skin exfoliating acids which compromise the skins protective functions and possibly even alter the natural biorhythms of the skin with long term use. Diethanolamine/Triethanolamine: Causes dryness of hair and skin, and when mixed with certain chemicals, becomes carcinogenic. Give your Makeup A Makeover!
  2. 2. Toxins exit our bodies through our skin. Lotions and powders may soften the skin temporarily, but they actually end up inhibiting the health of our skin by weighing it down and causing it to sag and age. Anything we put on our skin is absorbed right into our body. Chemicals in your makeup not only go directly into your bloodstream but also clog your pores and cause your skin to age prematurely. Choose all-natural mineral-based makeup. Mineral-based makeup contains all natural elements from the earth broken down into tiny particles so it can be easily absorbed into our skin. These natural minerals contain skin-healing properties and give us that natural "glow.". Spare Your Hair:. Typical hair shampoos and conditioners are full of toxic chemicals and preservatives. Celebrity stylist Chaz Dean says using regular shampoos on your hair is like using laundry detergent on your hair. These harsh detergents are stripping your hair, robbing your hair and it's becoming finer, thinner and weaker. Again, read your labels. Buy only certified organic hair products and you can reclaim those lustrous locks! Beautiful Supplements:. You can also add these great supplements to your diet to improve your beauty routine:. Antioxidants: Antioxidants have numerous health and beauty benefits including diminishing cellulite, increasing metabolism, and keeping your skin youthful and hair vibrant and soft. You can get antioxidants from antioxidant rich foods such as fruits and vegetables and liquids such as teas and juices. Wheat Grass: Full of vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients, wheat grass juice is a powerful body cleanser with incredible healing properties. Wheat grass can help with skin problems such as eczema and sun damage. The chlorophyll in wheat grass rebuilds the bloodstream and cleanses and combats toxins. Spirulina: A blue-green algae with more protein than soy, more iron than beef and more vitamin A than carrots. Because of its beta-carotene content, Spirulina is the ultimate anti-aging food especially good for healthy eyes and strong vision. Borage Oil: Also known as Evening Primrose Oil, Borage Oil restores moisture to dry/damaged skin. It can provide relief for chronic skin-care problems such as eczema or acne. Vitamin C: Vitamin C boosts immunity, treats and prevents colds, protects your skin from free radicals, and aids in collagen production. Use organic face and body products with vitamin C for clear, more radiant skin. Vitamin E: A natural antioxidant Vitamin E protects the skin from environmental factors and benefits your cardiovascular system and prevents the breakdown of your body's tissue. Coenzyme Q10: A powerful supplement that fights free radicals and is anti-aging; Coenzyme Q10 stimulates tissue regeneration and reverses skin aging.
  3. 3. Just remember that everything you put in or on your body affects you- inside and out. Making informed choices will lead to a more vibrant, healthy life. Learn more:


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