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  • 1. Natural Remedies For A Cursed Hangover: The "Why-Did-I-Do-It?" Morning After That last beer or martini seemed like such a good idea! Whod have believed wed regret it so bitterly this morning? If youre searching for hangover relief, we can offer you some home remedies that just might be your special hangover cure. And we have a couple of prevention tricks that might ease your day and prevent future misery because a hangover IS misery especially because we know we did it to ourselves! Drink More! (Ugh!) No, were not talking about hair of the dog especially if you have to go to work or address the UN on world peace. One of the problems with alcohol is that it dehydrates us dramatically, andwhen our water storage tanks are low, hangover misery is the result. Thoseunfortunate folks who are stranded in the desert without water often exhibit hangover-like symptoms, and thats why.1. So, drink water but dont scarf down two gallons in five minutes. When we drinktoo much water too fast, we can lose our electrolytes. Our muscles and neurons thecells that run the nervous system and brain, among others are powered byelectrolytes. Obviously, depleting them will simply make us feel worse, not better. Theso-called experts disagree on how fast we can drink water, but two-four cups per houris reasonable.2. Lots of hungover folks prefer sports drinks for their high electrolyte content.Were not too fond of those drinks ourselves, since theyre loaded with sugar andadditives, however that is certainly an individual choice.3. When you drink your water add a couple of bananas. They are loaded withpotassium which is lost through the kidneys when drinking alcohol.Or you might prefer a smoothie with a couple of bananas and some milk. Apples,berries or other sweet fruits are acceptable if you dont have any bananas (or thethought of driving to a store makes you think about throwing up!)Use stevia or honey, though, instead of loading your drink up with sugar. Honey, forinstance, is loaded with electrolytes, and the less refined it is, the higher the power.
  • 2. About That Headache Aspirin and all its cousins can irritate and even damage the lining of the stomach.And irritating the lining of an already queasy stomach obviously isnt the best course ofaction.5. Fortunately, there is an alternative called feverfew which is found in health foodstores everywhere.6. Our herbal guides state that raw persimmon and raw cabbage are also good forheadaches, but Imnot sure how useful that advice is. I dont even know what a persimmon looks like!However, you might have a persimmon tree in your backyard and this is perfect advicefor you. To Finish Off The Hangover7. Exercise is a cure-all for hangovers. Unfortunately, for most folks just the thoughtof exercising when hungover is a total turnoff. However, as soon as youre able, go for awalk and it just might get the last vestiges of hangover out of your system. How To Prevent Hangover (Besides The Obvious!)8. Since you already know that a primary cause ofhangover is dehydration, you will not be surprisedto hear that drinking water can help to preventhangover is well. The ideal (except not drinkingtoo much) is to have a glass of water betweeneach alcoholic beverage.However, lets get real here and acknowledge thatthats not likely to happen so the second-bestalternative is drinking a couple of glasses of water before you fall into bed.9. Have a remedy on hand called Bifidus powder. Bifidus is made of friendlybacteria. These little guys destroy acetaldehyde, which is a byproduct of alcoholand one of the major causes of the agony that we face the next morning. If youput one or 2 teaspoons of Bifidus in a glass of water and drink it the night before,the odds are good that you will wake up the next morning hangover-free.
  • 3. 10. Fats and oils will also help to stop alcohol in its tracks. Depending on theculture, there are various recommendations of what fats to eat but most agreethat nuts are loaded with the correct fats. Almonds and peanut butter areconsidered especially good. Evening primrose oil is another good choice.Focusing on hangover prevention is clearly a wiser course then seeking hangoverremedies or hangover cures. But either way, there are many natural alternativesto unhealthy, man-made medicines or agonized suffering.Want more home remedies like these? Check out our FREE course which coverspainful miseries like arthritis, constipation, nausea, diarrhea, earache andheadaches; or embarrassing stuff like bad breath, yellow teeth or gas; andeven more serious problems like alcoholism, stress and high blood pressure.We even help you look more beautiful - and thats gotta be a good thing, right?