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  • 1. The universe the Whats the weathernew past simplelike today? Presentverbsperfect vs. Past tenseLesson 2 Lesson1 It has never Natural rained cats and wonders dogsLesson 4 Lesson 3I saw somethingI had never disastersexperienced before disasters Past simple vs. past perfect

2. the Sunthe moon the Eartha partial eclipsea shadow an orbit a total eclipse 3. Study this sentences. Complete the explanation below.The moon passes directly between the Sun and the Earth.We use before words where there is only one around us. a. theb. the 4. a. In a solar eclipse, passes directly between and .b. in a lunar eclipse, passes into s shadow. 5. 1.What did people think an eclipse was in ancient times?2.What did the ancient Chinese believe a solar eclipse was?3.What did they do to save the Sun?4.Why were the two brothers His and Ho killed?5.How were they killed?6.What did the Jamaicans refuse to do?7.Did Columbus know there was going to be an eclipse?8.Hoe did the Sun and Moon feel in the Amazonian myth?9.How did the Sun and Moon do to the earth?10. What did the gods decide? 6. Think/ believe/ set off/ bang/ can/save/ chop off/ decide/ refuse/ dry/flood/ know. 7. - The shape of the Earth- Eclipses- The importance of the Sun- The reason for the Moon- The importance of the gods- The reason for natural disasters. 8. In the past people thought . They probably thought . They didnt know . They decided that . They could not . 9. The moonThe sun are in the universe.The Earth 10. What do you think?1. Why do British people often talk about the weather?2. What does this expression mean a, b or c?it is raining cats and dogs. a. it is raining a lot.B. it is raining a little. C. it is not raining atall. 11. Deep snowbright sundark clouds heavy raina mini tornado a strong wind a clear sky thick fog 12. 1. What was the weather like yesterday?2. What is the weather like today?3. What will the weather be like tomorrow? 13. How could this happen?Nobody is sure. Perhaps this unusual raincomes with mini tornados. They mightpass over water. And pick ip object ontheir way. 14. It was rained frogs in Scotland. Mrs. Kern saw hundreds of frogs on her car.1. is often used to announce news. a. the present perfect b. the past simple2. is used to give details. a. the present perfect b. the past simple 15. It has rained fish. 9news headline) They picked up 4 kgs of fish (news in detail) 16. 1. A hurricane is a. a huge tidal wave.2. A flood is b. dry weather with no rain.3. An earthquake is c. a storm with strong wind.4. A heat wave is d. heavy snow with strong winds and cold.5. A drought is e. a lot of water covering the land.6. A zud isf. a sudden violent movement of the earths surface.7. A tsunamig. very hot weather 17. a. The sun was shining.b. The tourists were swimming while their children were collecting sea shells.c. Then a wave crashed onto the shore.Which sentences above (a-c) ?1. Showa two actions, happening at the same time.2. Sets the scene3. Shows what happened in the middle, to interrupt these actions. 18. 1. We were having dinner outside when it (start) to rain.2. We (sleep) when an earthquake shook the house.3. The day (begin) to get hot when she (wake up)4. My mother (read) while my father (watch)the weather forecast on TV.5. Britain was having a heat wave so people 9turn off) their central heating.6. It (rain) heavily. The sky was grey and it was cold.7. The teacher (teach) while the students (study). 19. Setting the scene: The sun was shining.2 actions at a time: I was watching the elephants. They were behaving strangely.Interrupted the two actions: The first wave hit Thailand. 20. Toldhad foundshowed taken helpeddoarrived lostbought started thinks played hiddenknew read became wentstopped ran makeinfinitive Past simplePast participle(to) beWas/were been 21. .a. We found the glasses. ()b. The dog had hidden them. () Which happened first? () Which is mentioned first? () 22. 1. We generally use to talk about a completed pastactions. a. The past perfect b. the past simple2. We can use to talk about a completed past action thanhappened earlier. a. the past perfect b. the past simple3. We form the past perfect form with +past participle. a. Has/ haveb. had 23. 1. Mum us some photos (show).She earlier (take).2. We how to watch the eclipse (know). Becausewe already the instructions. (read)3. Dad a cake (eat) he earlier (make)4. My brother a stories (tell) which he atschool (write) 24. Yesterday Keith went shopping1. Do shopping 2. go jogging 3. meetfriends 25. 4. Be an Earthquake 5. telephone his parents 6. call hisfriends7. be safe and happy 26. She hadShe showed us taken thethe photos. (2)photosbefore. (1)


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