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NATO Fusion Middleware Playbook. NATO FMW Playbook. People/Organizations. Technology. Business Opportunities. Systems & Tools. NATO FMW Playbook. Technology. E2.0, SOALogic, TurboGrid, App Attack. Multiple Campaigns That: Target our current customer base - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • NATO FMW Playbook People/OrganizationsTechnologyBusiness OpportunitiesSystems & Tools

  • TechnologyNATO FMW Playbook

  • E2.0, SOALogic, TurboGrid, App Attack

    Multiple Campaigns That:Target our current customer baseUpgrade to WebCenter Suite and Unify Content InfrastructureUp sell SOA to WebLogic CustomersUp sell WebLogic Suite to WebLogic customersSell the Management Packs and Governance to our customer baseSell Technology to our Application customersDeliver Targeted Quick Hit PlaysAbility to close business within quarterHighly business value for tightest budgetsStreamlined communicationAlignment with Sales, SCs, Product Management, Product Marketing, ESG, Consulting all working on same campaignCampaign Dashboard - single source of information for campaigns

  • SOALogic & App Attack Plays

    Naked SOASell Governance and Management Packs SOA for WLSSell SOA SuiteTarget of WLS customers, and SOA component ownersIntegration, consolidation, business process automationComposite Application PlatformApp Attack Target customers with WLS and at least 1 Oracle ApplicationEntry Point from each applicationSAP storyLower cost of application upgradesWho better to integrate Oracle Apps then Oracle?

  • TurboGrid Plays

    iAS to WL SuiteTarget iAS Up-sell to WL SuiteImprove performance, scalability and stability of their mission critical applicationsTotal WebLogic ManagementConvert to EE and Suite, Up sell Management Pack for WebLogicLess then 7% attach rateTurbo Charge your EnvironmentTarget WebLogic Ex, SE, EE and premium, Portal install base Sell WebLogic Suite, possible upgrade to Coherence Grid edition Customers looking to improve performance, scalability and stability of their mission critical applications

  • Next Generation PortalsWebCenter for Next Generation Portals Build intranets, extranets and public sites on the powerful WebCenter 11g platformWebCenter Spaces for Collaborative Team Sites Drive employee productivity and customer connections with WebCenter Spaces 11g E2.0 Portal Plays

    Attach & UpsellPortal Consolidation Lower TCO and simplify web user experiences through website consolidationMigrate WCI and WLP to WebCenter Suite Fully leverage the Oracle platform and application integrationBusiness Process Portals via SOA and Apps Improve cycle time and provide a single user experience with process portal apps

  • ECM InfrastructureUnified Content Infrastructure Simply and Unify Content Infrastructure for lower TCO E2.0 ECM PlaysInstall Base & UpsellECM for Portal Customers Extend the value of your WLP, WCI or Oracle portal investment with robust ECMECM for Applications Customers Deliver true ECM from within your Siebel, EBS or PeopleSoft application

  • TurboGrid/SOALogic/App Attack Leveraging our Base WebLogicOracle ApplicationsOracle Application ServerTotal WL MgtSOA SuiteApp AttackiAS to WLSNaked SOASOA for WLSTurboCharge

  • SOALogic, TurboGrid Products (list prices)Weblogic GridRequiresRequires

  • Business Opportunities NATO FMW Playbook

  • Business OpportunitiesWhy did we create this? Standard Sales Play decks are technology focused. Add depth & business context to NATO SOALogic, TurboGrid, E2.0 plays Provide lead-in into the NATO Campaigns based on business pain We created something that targeted actual business problems and some unique opportunities that you can focus on that may or may not be apparent from the technical sales plays Each business opportunity slide is intended to be a cheat sheet. We intend to grow this repository. Each cheat sheet contains Specific observations (pain points) of the customer A set of potential recommendations to address these pain points Perceived benefits of implementing the recommendations How to find such opportunities Oracle Fusion Middleware components that comprise the solutionEffect of Implementing our recommendationBusiness Impact of implementing our recommendation

  • Business OpportunitiesApplications CustomersNATO Campaign: AppAttack

  • Cap future application upgrade costsReduce risk and complexity of ERP/CRM application upgradesExpected BenefitsFuture application upgrade/migration costs linked to external interfaces and customizations are capped.Lower risk for support of the application.Improved path to Fusion Applications.Reap benefits of SOA: business agility, reuse of business functions & better visibility into business processes.ObservationsApplications heavily customized to deliver specific organizational functions.Customizations in applications, sometimes just to support external interfaces.Locked-in into existing application versions and customizations due to huge cost of upgrade.Tough to stay on existing version, due to high maintenance costs and no accessibility to newer desirable functionality.RecommendationsRe-implement vanilla application in its latest version by unwinding all old spaghetti integration.Alternately implement any new application modules separately in the latest version, but keep them vanilla.Externalize any required customizations in Oracle Fusion Middleware. Achieve better user experience by building any new rich UI using Oracle Fusion MiddlewareStandardize the representation of business entities like Order, Customer, Employee throughout the organization.HighMediumHighHow to find opportunities? (Apps Customers)Any budgeted application upgrade/migration.Any new application modules being considered for purchase by customers.Executives complaining about prohibitive costs for app upgrades or customizations to support modern UI.Relevant OFM ComponentsOracle SOA suite, AIA Foundation Pack, Webcenter suite, Management PacksAssociated NATO Campaign: App Attack, GCM Code: NA_NATO Field SOA Logic_RepGen_FY10_Follow UpCustomer Successes : ZEBRA Technologies

  • Common high value business processes

    Note: There are several other industry specific processes that you could focus on depending on your customer. There are several industry standard processes in the Communications, Utilities, Retail, Insurance, Health Sciences and other verticals

    Business Process NameBusiness Process FunctionTypical Applications involvedOrder to CashTake orders via different sales channels (like email, internet, sales personnel, fax, EDI), then fulfilling the order (shipping, logistics), invoice the customer, collect payment and receipt.ERP (EBS, JDE), CRM. B2BDesign to ReleaseEnable seamless synchronization of your enterprise product record across your supply chain and extended product network. Support enterprise processes that connect the Enterprise PLM Product Record in Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management with your ERP.Agile with an ERP application like eBusiness Suite, SAPLead to OrderConsolidate your customer and product information, synchronize customer and product data in near real-time, detect and capture customer and product updates, deliver a true 360 degree view of your customersCRM and ERP (Siebel and eBusiness Suite)Procure to PayIndividuals or orgs creating a requisition for goods, release of order to vendor for manufacturing, shipping, invoicing and payments that happen thereafter.ERP(EBS, JDE, Peoplesoft), B2BForecast To PlanCollecting historical sales and shipments data, sales opportunity forecasts, and customer order forecasts and generating a statistical forecast. Release of production schedule to work areas and procurementDemantra, ERP, Inventory management

  • Common high value business processes

    Note: There are several other industry specific processes that you could focus on depending on your customer. There are several industry standard processes in the Communications, Utilities, Retail, Insurance, Health Sciences and other verticals

    Business Process NameBusiness Process FunctionTypical Applications involvedReceive to distributeCapture, book orders, release for picking. Create deliveries, assign carriers automatically, freight and logistics follow.Glog(OTM), ERP(EBS, SAP, JDE), CRMHire to ExitRecruiting, hiring of employees/contractors, provisioning accounts, training, compensation. The entire process a hire has to go through during their entire tenure with an organization.Peoplesoft HCM and other appsCampaign to CashProcess to measure market activity and developing plans for marketing and sales programs, campaigns and events which result in generating leads for telesales to cold call and run sales cycle which culminate with orders that are booked. CRM, ERP, Web/E2.0Demand to DeliveryThis business process starts at sales & operations planning, demand planning which leads to procurement of materials and production planning; materials & Inbound logistics are monitored which helps with manufacturing of the product and its shipment and deliveryCRM, Demantra, ERP (EBS,JDE,SAP), OTM

  • Automate high value business processes Order to Cash, Hire to Exit, Financials-Supply ChainExpected BenefitsImproved process efficienciesBetter customer serviceVisibility into the business providing for process analysis and improvementFewer resources required to implement and maintain business processesProtection from costly application upgradesObservationsBusiness processes require manual or paper based coordinationProcess mistakes due to missed or inaccurate informationDifficult to track orders, products, or customer interactionsSlow or poor customer serviceUnable to leverage customer or process data due to duplicate or incomplete informationLack of visibility across processes

    RecommendationsAutomate manual, error prone business processesImplement a best practices architecture in line with Oracles application strategyAvoid application specific customizationsUtilize the AIA Foundation Pack and SOA Suite to build all processes using well defined, common objects and servicesProvide real time access to business data through BAM dashboards and alerts

    HighMediumMediumHow to find opportunities (Apps Customers)Customers with multiple packaged applications (Oracle & non Oracle)Customers going through mergers or acquisitionsCustomers with manual processes around their applicationsRelevant OFM ComponentsOracle SOA suite, AIA Foundation Pack, Management PackAssociated NATO Campaign: App Attack, GCM Code: NA_NATO Field SOA Logic_RepGen_FY10_Follow UpCustomer Successes: Dell, NetApp

  • Expected BenefitsProvides the same tech stack as Fusion apps and aligns customers when they are ready to upgradeMobile access to applicationsRich, end-user centric UI: more adoption & reduce costsCustomer Service Reps are more productive and able to provide better customer serviceProvides a common look and feel for diverse applicationsObservationsCustomer Service Reps can not quickly answer customers questionsOrder entry processes require access to multiple systemsUser interfaces are difficult and cumbersome to useInternal communication and collaboration difficult or limitedApplication interfaces are heavily customized

    RecommendationsAlign UI strategy with Oracles application strategyAdopt WebCenter and ADF for Web application development and application interface customizationsProvide unified access to applications through WebCenter spacesProvide a collaborative environment for employees with WebCenter spacesUtilize SOA Suite to implement integrated business processes

    MediumMediumMediumHow to find opportunities (Apps Customers)CRM customers with diverse back end applicationsCustomers customizing applications or application interfacesCustomers growing their Web presence

    Relevant OFM ComponentsWebCenter Suite, ADF, SOA Suite, IDM, Management PacksProvide seamless access to diverse applications Provide rich UI with a common look and feelAssociated NATO Campaign: App Attack, GCM Code: NA_NATO Field SOA Logic_RepGen_FY10_Follow UpCustomer Successes : Qualcomm

  • Edge Applications and product function

    Edge AppProduct FunctionTypical IntegrationDemantraDemantra Demand Management solution lets you sense, plan for, and proactively respond to demand by sharing a one-number plan that aligns your organization across departments and users.

    Demantra Real-time Sales & Operations Planning gives planners and managers the information and planning tools they need to take command of day-to-day planning processes.

    Predictive Trade Planning provides a comprehensive sales and account planning environment that allows account managers to manage all routine sales forecasting and account planning activities from a single screen.ERP (EBS, JDE,), CRM Integration for Supply Chain business processesOTM (GLog)Used for transportation planning and execution capabilities for shippers and third party logistics providers. It integrates and streamlines transportation planning, execution, freight payment, and business process automation on a single application across all modes of transportation, from full truckload to complex multileg air, ocean, and rail shipments.Oracle E-Business suite, Oracle Order Management, JD Edwards Enterprise One, Siebel CRM and Oracle Warehouse Management.PrimaveraHelps manage entire project portfolio lifecycle, portfolio management decisions, evaluate the risks and rewards associated with projects, determine whether there are sufficient resources with the right skills to accomplish the workERP (EBS, JDE) into financials, projects etcRetek (Oracle Retail)Oracle Retail helps retailers manage in-store operations ,corporate strategy, supply chain and logisticsERP (EBS, JDE) Financials , Order management etc.Communications BRM (Portal)Communication industry billing application. Typical integration is around usage and billing data.Financials, CRM, OSSOracle MetasolvCommunication industry Operation Support System (OSS) application. Platform to automate network service activation. Typical integration is with CRM and Order Management.ERP, CRM, BRMIBM MaximoAssets lifecycle and maintenance management. Typically found in the utilities, oil and gas, and transportation industries.ERP, HRM, Payroll, Financials, Projects

  • Integrate Edge Apps for proactive decision making Complete Information and reduction of costs Expected BenefitsAbility to make quicker decisions based on complete InformationIncreased Operational EfficiencyReduced Administrative Costs Integration eliminates the need for someone to manually enter important information into different systemsReap all the benefits of SOA: business agility, reuse of business functions & better visibility into business processes.ObservationsThe Edge applications which depend on critical information from core ERP applications or other edge applications are working off stale data, making their calculations/functions inaccurateIncorrect information for the business & executives results in issues such as reduced forecast accuracy, higher safety stock in inventory, cost over runs for projects and ultimately higher operational costsEdge Applications are not integrated with core ERP, and/or CRM apps. The integration if any is batch orientedRecommendationsAutomate manual aspects of the business process Minimize risk by using industry business process templates from AIA Foundation Pack or evaluate PIPs if availableKeep applications vanillaEstablish a common object model and services using AIA foundation packsLeverage real time activity monitoringHow to find opportunities? (Apps Customers)Customers who run (Demantra, Primavera, OTM etc).Executives complaining about availability of complete data for proactive decision making.

    Relevant OFM ComponentsSOA Suite, ODI, AIA Foundation Pack, Management PacksAssociated NATO Campaign: App Attack, GCM Code: NA_NATO Field SOA Logic_RepGen_FY10_Follow UpCustomer Successes : Ross Stores

  • Integrate with SAAS vendors Reduce risk and complexityExpected BenefitsReduced time to deploymentConfigure vs. Code the Integration pointsSimplified development and maintenanceReduced TCOIncreased IT/Business VisibilityObservationsSAAS capabilities are not integrated with other systems. They require double data-entry or juggling between browser windows.Customer is adopting SAAS and looking at quickly integrating business processes and self-hosted applications.Customer has multiple systems or partners providing similar capability for different lines of business, looking at standardizing processes

    RecommendationsDiscuss Oracle On-demand solution and the business benefitDiscuss Amazon cloud computing modelAdopt SOA and a declarative approach to integration.Discuss the value of rationalizing Enterprise Business Objects and Services with the AIA Foundation Pack.Decouple vendor-specific APIs through AIA

    HighMediumHighHow to find opportunities? (Apps Customers)Customers having strong time pressure to adopt new capabilitiesOracle OnDemand CustomersNetsuite,, AWS Customers Relevant OFM ComponentsOracle FMW Stack, AIA FPAssociated NATO Campaign: App Attack, GCM Code: NA_NATO Field SOA Logic_RepGen_FY10_Follow UpCustomer Successes : Netsuite, Intuit

  • Business OpportunitiesNATO Campaign:SOA Logic

  • Manage growing and changing partner networks Retail, Semi Conductor, Manufacturing, HealthcareExpected BenefitsAbility to adapt quickly to changing partners needsQuickly onboard new partnersImproved partner and customer relationshipsSimplified infrastructure, development/management easeEnd to end view of partner communications and processesObservationsCustomers have a large network of partners that is rapidly growing or changingDifficultly making changes or to onboard new partnersPartner Integrations are difficult and time consumingLost partnership opportunitiesPoor customer serviceLack of visibility into partner interactionsRecommendationsUse Oracle B2B to centrally define, configure, manage, and monitor trading partner networksUtilize EDIFECS Document Editor to process various document types using standards such as EDI, RosettaNet, ebXML, and Healthcare Implement Oracle SOA Suite to provide standards-based interfaces Develop business processes with Oracle SOA SuiteHighMediumMediumHow to find opportunities (Apps Customers)Customers with a large partner network (suppliers, distributers, etc.)Customers with a growing or changing partner landscapeCustomer requiring communications using industry standards (i.e. HIPPA/HL7, Rosettanet)Relevant OFM ComponentsSOA 11g, 11g B2B, EM Management PackAssociated NATO Campaign: SOA Logic (SOA for WLS or SOA for services infrastructure in general)GCM Code: NA_NATO Field SOA Logic_RepGen_FY10_Follow UpCustomer Successes : Google, SPS Commerce

  • Automate File based workflow & process orders Transform, expedite archaic order processingExpected BenefitsTrue automation: Start orders processing as soon they arrive, involve human personnel only when manual intervention is requiredComplete end-end visibility for business & operations personnel for all orders transactionsReuse existing order fulfillment functions and create brand new channels for accepting new ordersStreamline file based workflow and satisfy SLAsObservationsReceipt of orders through files/batch interface due to legacy applicationsWorkflows manually orchestrated, intervention necessary for incomplete orders and status lookupPoor customer service because of lack of end to end visibility into order processingLimited scalability in handling orders because of fixed number of analysts/personnel processing ordersPoor lead time in adding new channels for order processing or on-boarding new customers (adding brand new interface)RecommendationsRationalize the file interfaces and the human touch points between various processing stepsAutomate file based workflow to involve a human touch only during exception conditions to be delivered as a task listProvide dashboard based visibility for the business and tools to track each single order for operations personnelReuse existing order fulfillment functionsLow-MediumLowHighHow to find opportunities (possible green field)Any prospect receiving batch based orders from their customers/partners (not necessarily EDI)Any file based workflow automation initiativeMainframe or other COTS application (including Oracle Apps) users doing file based integrationRelevant OFM ComponentsOracle SOA suite, Management Packs,Customer Successes : Charles Schwab, Beckman CoulterAssociated NATO Campaign: SOA Logic (SOA for WLS or SOA for services infrastructure in general)GCM Code: NA_NATO Field SOA Logic_RepGen_FY10_Follow Up

  • Operational Dashboards: real time visibilityReal time information to make business decisions & take corrective actionsExpected BenefitsStreamline operations by gaining real-time visibility into critical business processes through push-based dashboards and alertsEnhance productivity by providing the ability to create, customize dashboards, alerts and reports by a non-technical business userEnsure awareness of SLA and KPI performanceEliminate system monitoring silos while obtaining true end to end business to system process monitoringObservationsLack of dashboards illustrating the state of the businessBusiness is re-active vs. pro-active. Issues are detected when it is too late as they are based on information with latencyPoor visibility into complex business processesInability to correlate events and hence display real time statistics of business activities such as state of an order, shipment delays, SLA/SLO violationsDecisions being made are based on stale informationSiloed, complex, expensive system monitoring infrastructure to keep track of KPIs and SLAsRecommendationsCorrelate event streams into an open browser based dashboard to display KPIs, SLAs in real-timeBuild interactive, real-time dashboards and proactive alerts for monitoring business processes and services.Low-MediumLowHighHow to find opportunities (possible green field)Requirements for an operations consolesExecutive dashboard requirements and display of KPIsRequirements for non-technical business personnel to create dashboards

    Relevant OFM ComponentsOracle BAM, Oracle Business Rules (components of Oracle SOA suite)Customer Successes : NetApp, Ross Stores Associated NATO Campaign: SOA Logic (SOA for WLS or SOA for services infrastructure in general)GCM Code: NA_NATO Field SOA Logic_RepGen_FY10_Follow Up

  • Mature the SOA Platform & Processes Customer has adopted SOA; now move to the next stage of maturityExpected BenefitsAccelerate SOA projects, simplify impact analysisReduce development and maintenance costs with re-useImprove efficiency of the developers and architectsCatch issues before they happen in productionFaster troubleshooting through increased visibility over the entire IT eco-systemObservationsLack visibility over the SOA infrastructure (management & monitoring). Tough to pin-point the root cause in a complex SOA environment during an outageDevelopers dont re-use services, and tend to create point-to-point SOANew changes sometimes break production processesHard to find what services are used and who is using themRecommendationsAdopt a SOA Methodology based on best practicesStandardize the representation of business objects and their associated services throughout the organization.Manage the complete development lifecycle by leveraging an enterprise repository for SOA artifacts and policiesGovern SOA by centrally managing policiesPro-actively monitor the run-time and prevent issues instead of getting alerts when it is too late.MediumLowHighHow to find opportunities? (SOA Customers)Existing BPEL, SOA Suite, BEA AquaLogic customersCustomers who have adopted SOA but lack experience & are searching for best practices.Customers growing the use of SOA technologiesCustomers complaining about the lack of visibility into integration processes, composite applications, outages.Relevant OFM ComponentsAIA Foundation Pack, Enterprise Repository/Service Registry, SOA Management PackAssociated NATO Campaign: SOA Logic (Naked SOA), GCM Code: NA_NATO Field SOA Logic_RepGen_FY10_Follow UpCustomer Successes: Qualcomm, Ross Stores, SAIC

  • Visibility into composite apps and business transactions Management for SOA/WLS Expected BenefitsIntegrated management across hardware and software componentsAutomated monitoring & reporting on actual vs. expected Service LevelsProactive monitoring and resolution of bottlenecks and errors for composite applications .Proactive alerts and notifications of issues and bottlenecks ObservationsLack of a centralized, consistent management solution for all systems & platformsInability to trace end- to end transactions from Portal- SOA- back end databases to identify bottlenecks and error to proactively resolve them.Inability to track, maintain, and correlate hardware/software changes to incidents.Lack of operational visibility into business processes SLAsInability to manage a distributed SOA environment and composite appsAuditing and Compliance issues

    RecommendationsImplement a common operational monitoring platform using Oracle Enterprise manager grid control.Utilize Oracle SOA management Pack Plus to Composite application managementUse management pack for weblogic Server & management pack for coherence to monitor the underlying infrastructure for changes and performance bottlenecks.

    How to find opportunities? Customers who own SOA SuiteCustomers who are evaluating Oracle SOA Suite or AIA FP

    Relevant OFM ComponentsOracle Management Pack Plus, Management Pack for Weblogic Server, management Pack for CoherenceAssociated NATO Campaign: SOA Logic (Naked SOA), Turbo Grid (Total WebLogic Management)GCM Code: NA_NATO Field SOA Logic_RepGen_FY10_Follow UpCustomer Successes : SAIC

  • Business OpportunitiesNATO Campaign:E2.0/Portal

  • Content Enabling Business Applications Increasing the Agility of Applications Business ProcessExpected BenefitsReduce document storage and shipping costs by eliminating paper from high transaction processesStreamline operations and improve end user experienceEase collaboration within & beyond the enterprise: using library services, web publishing & workflowIncrease process visibility with real-time dashboard viewsObservationsContent is stored in unmanaged storage silos outside of the context of the applications from which they are needed.High printing, mailing, and storage costs of contentCannot react quickly to customer, partner and vendor inquiries resulting in potential missed opportunities, increased costs, and upset 3rd parties Manual business processes are prone to error, risk and thus a waste of valuable time.RecommendationsCentralize enterprise content and standardize on one system for managing and maintaining itClassify the content types and policies need for contentelectronically capturing high volume of incoming paper documents, improve and increase efficiency in the review and approval processes with audit trails.Leverage the Oracle Content Management solution for automationHighMediumHighHow to find opportunities? (Apps Customers)Any customer using Siebel, EBS, PeopleSoft and/or JD Edwards and have scanning, discovery, versioning and or workflow needs.See detailed cheat sheet for more detail .Relevant OFM ComponentsECM Suite or UCM Standalone, Application Adapters for ECMAssociated NATO Campaign: SOA/E20 GCM Code: NA_OD_NATO DELTA_ContentMgmt_ECM_SimplifyYourApps_RepGen_10Q2_CTCustomer Successes : Fidelity Investments, Embry Riddle

  • Next generation portals/websites, and intranets Faster Time to Development and Improved Web Presence

    Expected BenefitsHigh developer productivity (using a visual, declarative model for creating applications) fast time to market.Build common framework to leverage across customer network to improve customer experienceTrack usage & effectiveness with integrated site analyticsReduce costs in hardware, maintenance, development

    ObservationsInconsistent brand managementBusiness users relying on IT to make changes impacting productivity and accuracyHigh costs to maintain the existing Web site infrastructure and developmentDisparate tools and methods to manage Web sitesIneffective customer Web experiences limit customer satisfaction and revenue growth

    RecommendationsLeverage Leading portal framework for custom Intranet, Extranet, and Internet solutionsLeverage Leading WCM solution for multisite managementEnable In-context editing and approvals for improved time to marketEnable In-context editing and approvals for improved time to market and marketing to own content and Web presenceStreamline the content delivery process by leveraging unified content repository and multiple delivery channels.HighLowMediumHow to find opportunities? Portal install base customers for ALUI,WLP, Oracle PortalCustomer with budgeted projects for Internet/Extranet/Intranet site refreshECM install base customers looking to leverage current investments

    Relevant OFM ComponentsOracle WebCenter Suite, Oracle ECMAssociated NATO Campaign: Portal Power Plays GCM Code: NA_NATO Field Portal Power_RepGen_FY10_Follow UpCustomer Successes : Alcatel Lucent, Vodafone

  • Dynamic team sites integrated with applicationsCollaboration platform for customer, knowledge worker & partnerExpected BenefitsReduce redundant development of knowledgeConnect business users to key knowledge experts and repositoriesReduce use of e-mail to transfer/manage content by 75%Apply wisdom of crowds to access full breadth of organizational knowledgeAllow business users to access to share experiences and collaborative documentsObservationsRedundant generation of knowledge repositories Massive email overuse, creating productivity, storage and governance issuesLimited visibility to projects, key activities and domain expertsEmployee turnover threatens loss of key organizational knowledgeLimited engagement with customers in collaborative innovation, limiting potential growthRecommendationsProvide single collaboration platform for customer, knowledge worker and partnerRich Web2.0 services from within a portal framework for communication, collaboration, and content managementTrack usage and effectiveness through integrated site analytics

    HighLowMediumHow to find opportunities? Oracle Applications customers to expand collaboration.SharePoint customers and portal install base ECM install base customers looking to leverage current investmentsRelevant OFM ComponentsOracle WebCenter Suite, Oracle ECMAssociated NATO Campaign: Portal Power Plays GCM Code: NA_NATO Field Portal Power_RepGen_FY10_Follow UpCustomer Successes : University of Laval, Wind River

  • Business Opportunities NATO Campaign: Turbo Grid

  • Rationalize/Optimize App Server InfrastructureReduce complexity/cost of running multiple application serversExpected BenefitsReduced operational costs by at least 30% through standardization on WLS: Best in class for high availability, scalability, operations and monitoringGreater Agility and the ability to get applications online in hours not months with an enterprise cloud shared serviceRun on the strategic Oracle Fusion Middleware platform for Oracle applications, path to Fusion Apps & SOA.ObservationsApplication server sprawl, including multiple vendors, dedicated hardware and OS platformsSpinning up infrastructure for applications takes weeks or months which is unacceptable for businessHigh and un-scalable maintenance costs because ofPlethora of operations/management toolsTraining of operations personnelIncreased power demands on the data centerIncreasing support/license costs from multiple vendorsRecommendationsConsolidate application server infrastructure to WebLogic SuiteCreate Grid infrastructure using Platform as a Service concepts and look to creation of an enterprise cloud for java applications to reduce Deploy effective management tools (Grid Control) to get a good handle on your environmentConsider an unlimited license for WebLogic serverHighMediumLowHow to find opportunities? Existing Oracle Application server and WebLogic Server customers who have more than 20 deployed applicationsCustomers proactively seeking reduced support costs for their application server install base from multiple vendorsCustomers seeking resolution with reduced data center capacity and limited powerCustomers interested in leveraging public/private cloudsRelevant OFM ComponentsOracle VM, WebLogic Suite, EM Grid controlAssociated NATO Campaign: Turbo Grid (iAS to WL Suite, Total WebLogic Management) GCM Code: NA_NATO Field SOA Logic_RepGen_FY10_Follow UpCustomer Successes : Hewlett Packard (HP), Credit Suisse, Cengage Learning, Northern Trust, Nuon Energy

  • Manage throughput for ever increasing transaction capacity requirements Without spending a bundle on infrastructureExpected BenefitsConfidently convey to the business the ability to scale linearly for capacity requirementsLaunch new channels for accepting orders: extending the revenue streamLimit the load on the bottleneck: older mainframe systems, other applications with limited capacityHigh availability of infrastructure (possibly 99.999%)ObservationsLimited by the number of orders, transactions, requests the existing infrastructure can handleThere is a cap on the capacity of the back office applications that support transaction my I can handleNo real time feedback on orders being placed because of its asynchronous natureFrequent downtimes, maintenance windows preventing high availability and potential loss of revenue RecommendationsEstablish a fast data grid to insulate the acceptance of orders from processing of ordersExpand the capacity of existing mission critical apps/mainframes by bring the locked-in information closer to the web based consuming applicationDynamically manage capacity during peak hours/slow periods by adding /removing infrastructure components

    HighMediumMediumHow to find opportunitiesCustomers with large internet presence for accepting ordersCustomers worried about scalability & latency of their app, mainframe infrastructure for handling transactionsCustomers launching new initiatives to establish new revenue streams using existing order fulfillment functionsRelevant OFM ComponentsOracle Coherence Grid, Management Pack for Oracle CoherenceAssociated NATO Campaign: Turbo Grid (Turbo Charge your Environment)GCM Code: NA_NATO Field SOA Logic_RepGen_FY10_Follow UpCustomer Successes : GEICO, Hotwire

  • Modernize Oracle Forms/Reports ApplicationsEnable Enhanced Modern Rich Internet User Experience Expected BenefitsExciting applications for the end users (with web 2.0, mash-ups and AJAX based)High developer productivity (using a visual, declarative model for creating applications) fast time to market.Mobile access to applications with ADF mobile.High scalabilityReusable components for exposing business dataObservationsPoor User Experience with legacy Forms/Reports (Boring applications)Thick clients with associated installation challengesSkill-set issue: Forms/Reports skill-set is getting old and being considered a specialized skillClient Server architecture: scalability issues with inability to virtualize access to informationRecommendationsPerform a 1-day ADF workshop to compare developer productivity as well as end user experience for forms/reportsStandardize on WebLogic Server 11g with ADF for creating Rich Enterprise Applications ( new requirements for forms/reports or modifications to existing ones, to be fulfilled by ADF/BI PublisherMove towards a services oriented architecture for better reuse, agility and loose coupling from information storesHighLowHighHow to find opportunities? Any Oracle Forms/Reports or iAS customers seekingNew development of forms or newer development methodologyModern User ExperienceScale for internet deploymentRelevant OFM ComponentsOracle WebLogic Suite, ADF, WebCenter Suite, BI PublisherAssociated NATO Campaign: Turbo Grid (iAS to WL Suite)GCM Code: NA_NATO Field SOA Logic_RepGen_FY10_Follow UpCustomer Successes : MedNet International

  • Improve End-User Experience/Business Continuity Increase site performance and availabilityExpected BenefitsImproved end user experience through fast performanceImproved business continuity and customer experience through higher uptime levelsConsistent experience across sites or brands due to shared sessions (e.g. shopping cart) ROI within 14 months, 300% ROI after 3 yearsIncreased performance, capacity & scalabilityObservations

    Site visitors loose their session data when a server failsInformation like shopping cart is lost when navigating between different sites operated by the same company.Customer is affected by downtime (close of accounting period, 24x7 revenue generating web site or capability)RecommendationsLeverage Weblogic Clustering capabilityLeverage Weblogic Side by Side deploymentsLeverage Active Cache for shared sessions between WLSLeverage the Coherence Datagrid for scalable and highly available data access across platforms (Java, .net, C++)HighLowMediumHow to find opportunities? (Apps Customers)Existing WebLogic Portal customersExisting WebLogic Server customersCustomers running multiple application servers to host different brandsCustomers selling onlineRelevant OFM ComponentsCoherence Suite, WebLogic Suite, Enterprise ManagerAssociated NATO Campaign: Turbo Grid (Turbo Charge your Environment)GCM Code: NA_NATO Field SOA Logic_RepGen_FY10_Follow UpCustomer Successes : GAP, GEICO

  • Increase Efficiency and Performance of Web Apps Scale throughput of Web Apps On DemandExpected BenefitsAllows data to be managed in-memory for consistent high performance reducing back end bottlenecks and downtimesImproved end-user experience through session preservation and increased performance Handle more concurrent users with less application servers / hardware Better performance and greater stabilityProactive monitoring and root cause analysis of problems and issues

    ObservationsHigh volume and high growth customer trafficJava/Web Application response time are slow which effect customer satisfactionThroughput reduced due to bottleneck of backend systemsRoot cause analysis of problems are time consumingRamping infrastructure to demand requires many changes and causes downtime of service which leads to loss of revenue

    RecommendationsImplement Coherence for reliable in-Memory Data Grid Proactively fetch most frequently requested information from Data Grid.Maintain information in Data Grid beyond user session such as query result sets, java objects which result in increased performanceDeploy effective management tools (EM management packs for coherence, weblogic server etc) to get a good handle on your environmentHighMediumHighHow to find opportunities?Customers who run mission critical web applications and are facing performance issues.Customers who are using Weblogic portalCustomers who run weblogic server.

    Relevant OFM ComponentsOracle weblogic suite, Oracle Coherence Suite ,Management PacksCustomer Successes : Barclays Global Investments (BGI)Associated NATO Campaign: Turbo Grid (Turbo Charge your Environment)GCM Code: NA_NATO Field SOA Logic_RepGen_FY10_Follow Up

  • Reducing TCO of custom applications while advancing SOA/Java maturityExpected BenefitsReduce development, deployment, change management costsFaster business issue resolution with end-end visibility into business transactionsHandle more concurrent users with less application servers / hardwareComplete unified Platform for Services, Events and Processes (SOA)Complete Enterprise Java platform (Java) with superior diagnostics, management and operations

    ObservationsHigh operational costs around automation, diagnostics, SLA enforcement for custom applicationsLack of end to end visibility of business transactions across your SOA applicationThe need for an enterprise wide federated Service BusJava/Web Application response time are slow which effect customer satisfactionPoor service levels HA, scalability and performanceIncreasing throughput requirements and low confidence in whether current infrastructure will satisfy themRecommendationsConsolidate application server infrastructure to WebLogic SuiteUpgrade to SOA Suite 11g running on WebLogic Suite 11gConsider an unlimited license for WebLogic Server/SuiteHighMediumHighHow to find opportunities? Existing iAS customers running java appsCustomers running SOA suite 10g, BPEL 10g on iASRelevant OFM ComponentsWebLogic Suite 11g, SOA Suite 11gAssociated NATO Campaign: Turbo Grid, GCM Code: NA_NATO Field SOA Logic_RepGen_FY10_Follow UpCustomer Successes : Wesco, US Steel, Vanderbilt University, Herbal Life

  • Business Opportunities(Other)

  • Reduce MIPS on the mainframe, curtail escalating costs Mainframe modernizationExpected BenefitsIncrease business agility & capability of business applicationsPreserve their investment while reducing business riskImproved complianceIncrease ROI while reducing TCOObservationsLarge mainframe environment with escalating costs of MIPS and support costs to IBM, CA, Software AG etcCustomers complaining about mainframe skills eroding with workforce retirementIncreasing costs and huge business risksProduct sunsets on the mainframeTechnical challengesInformation isolation on the mainframe & duplicationPoor end user experience with green screensLarge inflexible file and batch based interfaces

    RecommendationsDepending on the scenario, one could recommendReplace with COTS applicationsSOA based integration for agilityRe-architect legacy applicationsOffload MIPS by caching mainframe data sources in a distributed platformRe-host application by migrating to a distributed platform and relational databasesHighHighLowHow to find opportunities (Mainframe customers)Any mainframe environment with increasing MIPSAny customers looking to sunset mainframes because of support for apps and retiring skill setsCustomers looking to expand application usage on the mainframe while keeping costs in checkCustomers facing compliance issues with mainframesRelevant OFM ComponentsOracle Tuxedo, Oracle SOA suite, Coherence, Oracle AppsAssociated NATO Campaign: Other, GCM Code:Customer Successes : Bank of America

  • Real time Actionable Business Intelligence & Situational Awareness Several mission critical business scenarios in an Event Driven WorldExpected BenefitsAffect the bottom line by co-relating events to detect opportunities or threats to the business in real timeAddress real critical business requirements for situational awareness with a database friendly approachPrevent information glut, by filtering out all but the most important information from multiple sourcesHuge savings in infrastructure costs (storage & processing)ObservationsLack of real-time visibility into its business & events affecting the businessTechnical challengesAll detected events are not in a single system that can then be queriedBusiness needs detection of extremely complex pattern of events or missing events instantaneouslyExamples: real time outage detection, intrusion/fraud detection, make smart logistical decisions, provide location specific data: all that need temporal elements for queriesRecommendationsEmploy a Real time continuous query engine that can work on multiple streams of informationUse a standards based declarative approach for creating such queries, an approach that any standard DB developer would understandAddress row-pattern matching requirements that are considered difficult to solve by a traditional databaseAvoid expensive coding heavy approachesHighLowHighHow to find opportunities (Database customers)Any Oracle DB customer needing complex temporal queriesAny customer in the financial industry, insurance claims, utilities, logistics, high volume manufacturingAny customer who has deployed RFID, GPS, GIS or other sensors that continuously send informationRelevant OFM ComponentsOracle EDA suite (subset of Oracle SOA suite)Customer Successes : TradeWeb Associated NATO Campaign: Other, GCM Code:

  • People/OrganizationsPeople/OrganizationsNATO FMW Playbook

  • Resources

    TeamAssistance ContactEngagementTSG Technical Solutions GroupPOCs, Benchmarks, some post sales work Troy HewittSOA/BPM Pillar SC -> SCM->TSGIndia Solutions Specialist Remote Assistance POCs, Prototypes, Demos, RFPs , Workshops via webcast Local coverage in India Arnie Dasgupta SOA/BPM Pillar SC -> SCM->IndiaInsight Team Determine technology solutions. Obtain deeper understanding of customers business pains to expand sales opportunity.SCM Consulting Management and/or Sales Management to approve Insight.RFP Proposal TeamRFP Management SC->SCMA Team POCs, Assesments, Post Sales Tech Support, Performance Testing Robert Patrick & Peter Farkas

    Richard Smith (E2.0) SOA/BPM Pillar SC -> SCM -> A TTeam Business Value Services Team This team can help in ROI and business plan assistance for customer engagement. They share a repository of business case deliverables, and key value-based tools and materialsJohn Foster / Sales RepEnterprise Solutions Group (ESG)Provide strategic sales programs, deal collateral, field enablement and subject matter expert services. Michael CincinatusSales/SC Management

  • Resources Cont.

    TeamAssistance ContactEngagementApps/TechThe provide support in deals involving Integration with packaged applications . They are part of the Tech SC organizationJack KingsleySOA SC/SCM ->Jack KingsleyBiz DevelopmentAssistance with E2.0 Portal and ECM campaignsRobert CrossmanE2.0 SC, Sales Rep -> Robert CrossmanBiz DevelopmentAssistance with SOALogic, App Attack, TurboGrid campaignsEric WessbeckerSOA SC, Sales Rep->Eric WessbeckerApplied TechnologyPart of the Apps SC org they augment SOA pillar SC in deals involving both APPS and Tech salesContact Apps Sales Rep to engage with ATSales Rep/SC -> Apps Sales RepPillar Partners These partners were chosen by the 11 National Sales AVPs as our go to SOA & E2.0 resellers and implementersView the nominated partners,Contact the channel manager orTara PalmieriSales Rep/SC -> Channel Manager -> Partner

    ****Russ Frahmann - In the denver office.Bob UreCommitted to help me with this campaign

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