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Native vs Hybrid Mobile app development. Challenges. Advantages Cross platform evolution


<ul><li> Native VS Hybrid Mobile Apps Senthil Kumar </li> <li> About me Mobile App Developer @ Indix Working on iOS &amp; Android apps. Ex- Ness employee Bangalore. Worked on EPL football apps &amp; ATP Tennis mobile apps. </li> <li> Agenda Magic Quadrant for Mobile Native Platforms Advantages &amp; Disadvantages of Native Approach Hybrid Apps HTML5 Approaches &amp; Key Players HTML5 Myth VS Reality Adobe PhoneGap Mobile @ Scale Case Studies LinkedIn, Facebook &amp; Dropbox Conclusion </li> <li> Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms </li> <li> Android vs iOS </li> <li> Native Apps User prefers native apps - 80 % of time is spent on apps and 20 % on browsers(Flurry report) High User Engagement &amp; Smoother Experience Faster adoption to support new OS Versions Offline support and Hardware access Monetization </li> <li> Languages &amp; Environment </li> <li> What Stops from using Native? Platform dependent code cant be reused Multi skill set and tool requirement Higher TCO (Total cost of ownership) </li> <li> Hybrid Apps Its a bridge between Native and Web Apps Cross platform reach is more Instant products update Data guides them on future decisions (A/B testing) </li> <li> HTML5 routes to Market </li> <li> Issues with Hybrid Apps Performance issues Lack of multithreaded strategy Problem with DOM manipulation and layout Memory Management Lack of debugging tools </li> <li> Adobe PhoneGap Cross platform reach is more Supports jQuery mobile, Backbone.js, Bootstrap from twitter, Angular.js and so on </li> <li> Mix up Native &amp; HTML </li> <li> A good cross-platform application looks at home on whatever platform it is used on. A bad cross-platform tries to look identical everywhere </li> <li> Myth VS Reality </li> <li> Swap?? </li> <li> Mobile @ Scale Focus on Speed Experimentation for all Measurement Scaling teams Scaling Applications Motion Design </li> <li> LinkedIn Why they dumped HTML5? Lack of debugging and performance tools Lack of runtime diagnostics information High crash rates due to memory exhaustion Animations and spinners smoothness are not great </li> <li> Facebook Initially FB built mobile app using HTML5 and javascript in a native wrapper, a hybrid solution. Why FB went Native? - Better touch tracking support, especially on Android. - Smoother animations are always an asset. - Better caching. - AppCache is soooooo busted we stopped using it </li> <li> Dropbox Share client side code across platforms Client code was written in C++ Mostly data layer, sync, cache etc. Build a library use it for Android and iOS </li> <li> Questions? </li> <li> Thanks! </li> </ul>